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Modul-Player: NostalgicPlayer 2.0.0 für Windows
NostalgicPlayer ist ein Programm zum Abspielen von Amiga-Musikmodulateien unter Windows, das auf dem APlayer basiert. Die Entwicklung des Abspielers hatte der Autor Thomas Neumann 1993 auf dem Amiga begonnen, später auf BeOS und nun unter Windows fortgeführt ( berichtete).

Die nun veröffentlichte Version 2.0.0 beinhaltet die folgenden Änderungen:
  • Updated to .NET 7.
  • Updated SharpCompress to version 0.33.0.
  • The different players return a list of frequencies for each note. This is used by the Piano visual to show which note is playing. Each player support different number of octaves, and before, they was centered in the middle of the piano. This has been changed, so the same note (same frequency) is shown on the same key for every players.
  • Added tool tip in the Module Information window for Module format and active player. The tool tips show the description of the format/player.
  • Fixed a bug, which made some MED modules that contains multiple octave samples fail to load.
  • Improved the AHX player to use channel mode instead of its own mixer. This makes the Piano and Spinning Square visualizers to work with these modules.
  • Made a big change on how the song position is shown and navigated. Before, the position reflects the players position list and which position in this list is currently being played. This may cause some confusion, specially with players which has position loops like SoundMon and DigiBooster. This has now been changed, so the position reflects the time into the song. Each position is a 3 seconds step. This means, when moving the slider or pushing the rewind/forward buttons, you move in time and not the position list. To not remove the old information, it has been moved into the module information window. This has also been expanded with currently playing pattern/tracks.
  • Written my own control to handle the module list in main window. This make all the operations on the list a lot faster than before, special with big lists.
  • Now there won't be created an extra process for every file you double click on in File Explorer to add them into the module list. This fix also speed up the processing of the files, so they are added faster.
  • When adding a lot of files to the module list at once, e.g. the whole modland archive, it did take a loooooong time to process. This has been speeded up a lot, so all the in-deep scanning is done in a background thread if enabled in the settings.
  • Added new option to remove files from the module list which cannot be recognized.
  • Ported mpg123 to C# to get rid of the CPU dependencies. In the process, I also added support for the Free Format (rarely used, find examples on my webpage).
  • Fixed a bug that may cause the program to hang when closing down and a double-buffering module has been loaded.
  • Restricted the module length for 15-samples mod files to prevent false positives. Unfortunally, this change make a couple of modules on modland undetectable because they have a lot of extra data at the end. I have fixed those modules on my webpage, so if you find such modules, try to see if you can find the fixed version there.
  • Added support for ARM processors.
  • Updated libsidplayfp to version 2.5.0.
  • Renamed the MED format to MED 2.10 (MMD0).
  • Added these new module formats: DigiBooster Pro 2.x (with support of echo), DigiBooster 3.x, DigiBooster 1.x (with support of "robot" effect), MED 1.12, MED 2.00, MED 2.10 (MED4), David Whittaker.
Ein Installationsarchiv findet sich im Microsoft Store. (dr)

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