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Archiv 06/2008

Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Amiga Future: Ausgaben 42 und 43 online
Pressemitteilung Nachdem die Ausgaben 42 und 43 der Amiga Future ausverkauft sind, könnt ihr die Artikel der Hefte unter dem Titellink online lesen.

Die Ausgabe 72 der Amiga Future ist vor kurzem erschienen und ist in unserem Online-Shop erhältlich. Zur Zeit arbeiten wir mit Hochdruck an der Ausgabe 73.

Wir suchen noch dringend Übersetzer für die englische Ausgabe der Amiga Future. Wenn Du bei uns mitarbeiten willst und sehr (!) gute Englisch-Kenntnisse besitzt, dann melde dich doch bitte bei (snx)

[Meldung: 11. Jun. 2008, 20:08] [Kommentare: 3 - 15. Jun. 2008, 14:02]
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E-UAE mit CAPS-Support für Intel-Macs
"Interceptor" stellt eine Version des Amiga-Emulators E-UAE zur Verfügung, die auch die IPF-Images des SPS-Projekts (früher bekannt als "CAPS") lesen kann. ( MB) (cg)

[Meldung: 11. Jun. 2008, 16:20] [Kommentare: 0]
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Alfred Faust (ANF)

Installer-Sets für BarsnPipes, SuperJAM! und The PatchMeister
Alfred Faust hat unter dem Titellink für drei Blue-Ribbon-Programme Installationssets zusammengestellt. Jedes Paket enthält einen Installer, der auf deutsch und englisch vorliegt. Bei den Paketen handelt es sich um DMS-Archive.

Bei den Programmen handelt es sich um:
  • BarsnPipes (6 Disketten)
  • SuperJAM! (3 Disketten)
  • The PatchMeister (1 Diskette)

[Meldung: 11. Jun. 2008, 14:55] [Kommentare: 2 - 13. Jun. 2008, 20:59]
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10.Jun.2008 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Drum-Machine RockBEAT 3.0
James Carroll hat ein Update seiner Drum-Machine RockBEAT zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Version 3.0 ist nach Angaben des Autors noch ein wenig fehlerhaft, weist aber die folgenden Änderungen auf:
  • Added a function to display how much time was taken to Save projects as WAV files. This could be useful in benchmarking OS4 hardware
  • Added volume sliders and mute buttons for the tracks. These values are saved when you Save your projects too
  • Changed the graphics to be super skinny, so that the beat buttons fits on a 1024x768 screen. Scrolling still causes audio to skip, so 800x600 users will still suffer. Sorry
  • Changed my audio frames to use short's instead of unsigned long's. This should theoretically make my audio sound a lot better, but I can't tell if its made any difference
  • Did some bugfixing with my arrays. Data was being setup and written outside where it should have been, and was probably trashing memory
Download: rockbeat.lha (2 MB) (snx)

[Meldung: 10. Jun. 2008, 18:56] [Kommentare: 2 - 12. Jun. 2008, 21:12]
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10.Jun.2008 (Webseite)

DiscreetFX: Monatliche Prämie ausgelobt
DiscreetFX hat eine per PayPal zu überweisende monatliche Prämie in Höhe von 100 US-Dollar für Entwickler oder Anwender ausgelobt, die den Amiga in einer seiner Ausprägungen - Amiga, MorphOS, AROS, AmigaOS 4 - voranbringen.

Für den laufenden Monat hat die Prämie Jan Zahurancik für seine WinUAE-Distribution AmiKit erhalten. Nachfolgend lesen Sie die offizielle Pressemitteilung:

Chicago, Illinois, June 9th, 2008 - Amiga Seeding the Success Campaign from DiscreetFX

The Amiga computer represents a lot of firsts in the computer industry but it also represents many missed opportunities. Since the death of Commodore in 1994 the Amiga has descended into dark times. They say you learn most from your failures and not your successes and this is most certainly the case when it comes to Amiga. And yet some good things have happened as well.

The Amiga market has branched off into some healthy competition with the arrival of MorphOS, AROS & Amiga OS 4.0. The Amiga emulation scene is alive and well with Amiga Forever from Cloanto. And lets not forget the hard work of the developers of Minimig, Natami & CloneA. Amiga developers have transcended the need of one company controlling the destiny of Amiga and have forged ahead in interesting ways.

It is this Amiga spirit that DiscreetFX loves and we want to nurture. So starting today we will select one winner per month and give them $100 donation via paypal. No this is not a ton of money but it is a gesture that is meant to encourage positive feelings and development in the Amiga community of families. Each month if a developer or even user does something outstanding that pushes forward the Amiga, MorphOS, AROS or Amiga OS 4.0 brand we will send them this little reward. The first reward has already been sent in fact.

The winner is Jan Zahurancik's AmiKit. Jan has worked tirelessly and created a killer add on for WinUAE and the Amiga emulation scene. He is not alone and it takes many to change the world. But it is our sincere hope that the Amiga scene can grow one day again. One million users and 100,000 active developers would be just grand. Thanks again Jan Zahurancik for all your hard work and your the winner for June 2008. Who will July 2008's winner be? Feel free to participate in the process and let us know via e-mail who you think deserves to win in July. They can be MorphOS, Amiga OS, OS 4.0, AROS users or developers. That does not matter, what does matter is that they worked hard and pushed the community forward in a positive way.

Best regards
DiscreetFX Team (snx)

[Meldung: 10. Jun. 2008, 12:43] [Kommentare: 57 - 13. Jun. 2008, 07:07]
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09.Jun.2008 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Szene-Demo "Boy" von FIT
Shape/DCS hat das Sieger-Demo der Icons 2008, "Boy" von FIT, auf MorphOS portiert.

Download: boy_morphos.lha (6,5 MB) (cg)

[Meldung: 09. Jun. 2008, 18:30] [Kommentare: 15 - 11. Jun. 2008, 20:08]
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09.Jun.2008 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Blender 2.46
Guillaume 'Yomgui' Roguez hat ein Update seiner MorphOS-Portierung von Blender veröffentlicht. Detaillierte Informationen zur Version 2.46 sind auf der Webseite des Blender-Projekts zu finden. (cg)

[Meldung: 09. Jun. 2008, 17:11] [Kommentare: 2 - 09. Jun. 2008, 17:59]
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Aminet-Uploads bis 08.06.2008
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Aminet-Uploads:
MUIbase-2.5.lha              biz/dbase     4.8M    VAR   Programmable relational database with GU
DOpusPatch6566.lha           biz/dopus     141K    OS3   Opus Magellan Update 5.65 to 5.66
DOpusPatch8081C.lha          biz/dopus     162K    OS3   Opus Magellan 2 Upgrade 5.80 to 5.81
DOpusPatch8182C.lha          biz/dopus     117K    OS3   Opus Magellan 2 Upgrade 5.81 to 5.82
Fussball-EM-2008.lha         biz/misc       13K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet EM-2008 (german)
FussballBundesliga.lha       biz/misc       34K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet Football (german)
ftpd2_os4.lha                comm/net      240K    OS4   FTPdaemon v2.0 for AmigaOS 4
BabelDoc.lha                 comm/tcp       56K    OS3   Translate texts (+src).
nfsd_bin031014.lha           comm/tcp       26K    OS3   Executables for an NFS v2 server.
nfsd_source.lha              comm/tcp       77K    GEN   C source code for an NFS v2 server.
IBrowseSP.lha                comm/www       19K    GEN   IBrowse 2.x spanish catalogs
RSI-Mega-Demo_Disk1.adz      demo/mega     697K    OS3   Red Sector MegaDemos Disk #1 (100%)
RSI-Mega-Demo_Disk2.adz      demo/mega     574K    OS3   Red Sector MegaDemos Disk #2 (100%)
Blitz_PM.lha                 dev/basic      60K    OS3   "popupmenu.library" dev kit for Blitz
h2b.lha                      dev/basic       9K    OS3   Converts HB ".bc" files to Blitz
ecx_upd.lha                  dev/e         326K    VAR   E Compiler ECX. Update from 1.9.0             dev/lib       866K    GEN   Anti-Grain C++ SDK (Source)         dev/lib       724K    ARO   Anti-Grain Geometry 2D Graphics C++ SDK
libwavpack.lha               dev/lib       235K    OS4   Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression
unrarlib.lha                 dev/lib       257K    OS4   UniquE RAR File Library
powersdl_sdk.lha             dev/misc      2.4M    MOS   SDK to SDL audio and video library
AmiDVD.lha                   disk/cdrom     52K    OS4   CD/DVD burning tool
Diskman.lha                  disk/misc      10K    OS3   Robust ADF CLI reader/writer
ADSL-MODEMS.lha              docs/hard       7K    GEN   ADSL-Modems working w/ amiga browsers
ciahack.txt                  docs/hard       3K    GEN   Repair A500 with parts from C64(hack)
PAR_Dev_Board.lha            docs/hard     618K    GEN   Kids Parallel Port Experimental Board
PAR_READ.lha                 docs/hard     345K    VAR   PAR: as a VOLUME in READ mode only.
TestGear4C.lha               docs/hard      63K    GEN   TestGear4, GPL Release, Disk 4C.
Real3DSkeleton.lha           docs/help     358K    GEN   Real3D Skeleton tutorial (czech)
SCSI4345p.lha                driver/media   13K    OS3   Patch for 43.43 scsi.device (3.9 BB2)       game/actio    4.0M    ARO   Frontier Elite II         game/actio     46K    ARO   Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game          game/actio    165K    GEN   Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game (Source)
pfp-hgmn.lha                 game/actio    1.7M    OS4   Artillery clone in space
pfp-jpac.lha                 game/actio    2.3M    OS4   A cute japanese Mario style platformer
TilesSlide.lha               game/actio     72K    OS3   Align 3 tiles of the same colour
ww2.lha                      game/board    3.5M    OS4   World War II strategy war game          game/demo     666K    OS3   Unfinished 1st person shooter
crapgamesvol6-os4.lha        game/misc     1.8M    OS4   Crap Games Vol.6                 game/misc     214K    OS3   Last release of unique Breakout clone         game/shoot    1.7M    ARO   KoboDeluxe - Shoot 'em up
pfp-brsh.lha                 game/think    2.8M    OS4   A quite ordinary puzzle game
pfp-jlem.lha                 game/think     10M    OS4   Decent and nice looking puzzle game               gfx/3d        104K    OS3   Aladdin 4D SDK Fix
CubeBM.lha                   gfx/3d         28K    OS4   MiniGL Cube with benchmarks        gfx/misc      4.6M    ARO   Anti-Grain Geometry Demos w/ SVG viewer
pngcrush-mos.lha             gfx/misc      486K    MOS   Png optimizer
flxplay.lha                  gfx/show      131K    OS4   Simple FLI/FLC/FLX animation player
AmiArcadia.lha               misc/emu      606K    OS3   Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emul.
AmiArcadia_de.lha            misc/emu       13K    GEN   German catalog for AmiArcadia
amiarcadia_fr.lha            misc/emu        7K    GEN   French catalog for AmiArcadia
amiarcadia_os4.lha           misc/emu      940K    OS4   Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emul.
BBC.lha                      misc/emu      111K    VAR   BBC micro emulator (text only)
gplink-os4.lha               misc/emu      345K    OS4   Connect your GP32 to your AmigaOne
VICEplus-AmigaOS4-v1.1.tgz   misc/emu      9.0M    OS4   Emulates c64(dtv),c128,pet,+4,cbm2,vic20
VICEplus-AROS64-v1.1.tgz     misc/emu      7.3M          Emulates c64(dtv),c128,pet,+4,cbm2,vic20
VICEplus-i686-AROS-v1.1.tgz  misc/emu      6.4M    ARO   Emulates c64(dtv),c128,pet,+4,cbm2,vic20
VICEplus-ppc-AROS-v1.1.tgz   misc/emu      8.2M          Emulates c64(dtv),c128,pet,+4,cbm2,vic20
The_News.lha                 mods/house    468K    GEN   Mod By Pseudaxos (.xm): The News
SamplesCreatorDemos.lha      mods/smpl      56K    GEN   Some samples created by SamplesCreator  mods/stun     204K    GEN   New Age / Progressive rock tune by Stun       mods/stun       4K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun                 mods/stun      18K    GEN   Electronic tune by Stun          mods/stun     188K    GEN   Jungle / New age / Funky tune by Stun                 mods/stun      14K    GEN   Funny chip tune by Stun                mods/stun       3K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun          mods/stun     227K    GEN   Techno / Dance tune by Stun                mods/stun     210K    GEN   New age / Rock tune by Stun         mods/stun      16K    GEN   Ambient tune by Stun             mods/stun       4K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun            mods/stun       1K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun                mods/stun      16K    GEN   Ambient tune by Stun                   mods/stun       1K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun                mods/stun     263K    GEN   Heavy Metal tune by Stun            mods/stun       9K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun               mods/stun     109K    GEN   New age tune by Stun                  mods/stun       1K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun               mods/stun       5K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun                   mods/stun       8K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun            mods/stun     195K    GEN   Hardcore metal tune by Stun             mods/stun       1K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun           mods/stun      66K    GEN   Funky tune by Stun                 mods/stun       1K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun            mods/stun       9K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun              mods/stun      23K    GEN   Metal tune by Stun         mods/stun       3K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun                 mods/stun      86K    GEN   Funky tune by Stun            mods/stun       5K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun             mods/stun       2K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun        mods/stun      20K    GEN   Metal tune by Stun        mods/stun     127K    GEN   New age / Rock tune by Stun              mods/stun       2K    GEN   Chip tune by Stun
S0S_BASS.lha                 mods/techn     39K    GEN   BASS DRIVE by cTrix, System Of Sound 001
S0S_ROMZ.lha                 mods/techn     25K    GEN   ROMZ FUNK by cTrix, System Of Sound #001
Escape_From_Darkness.lha     mods/xm       811K    GEN   Escape From Darkness made by Pseudaxos
Everyone_in_the_place.lha    mods/xm       162K    GEN   New mod made by Pseudaxos (31/05/2008)
Faubeuttt_s_House.lha        mods/xm       831K    GEN   A new mod (XM) by Pseudaxos
hvl2wav-i386-aros.lha        mus/edit       38K    ARO   Converts AHX and HVL mods to WAV
SamplesCreator.lha           mus/edit       49K    OS3   Samples creation and saving
alac-mos.lha                 mus/misc       32K    MOS   Apple Lossless Audio Codec decoder
alac.lha                     mus/misc       62K    OS4   Apple Lossless Audio Codec decoder
wavpack.lha                  mus/misc      273K    OS4   Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression
EP_AlcatrazPac.lha           mus/play       14K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Alcatraz Packer" ext. repl.
EP_MIDLoriciel.lha           mus/play       13K    OS3   EaglePlayer "MIDI - Loriciel" ext. repl.
playOGG.lha                  mus/play      3.6M    OS3   multi format sound player.
tunealac_plug.lha            mus/play       42K    OS4   ALAC plugin for TuneNet
tunewv_plug.lha              mus/play      435K    OS4   WavPack (.wv) plugin for TuneNet
BareED.lha                   text/edit     400K    OS3   ASCII/TIS-620 editor/text highlighting
JumpED.lha                   text/edit      47K    OS3   Editor tool: Jump to Functions via List
Txt2Pdf_gui.lha              text/misc      21K    OS3   Txt2Pdf_gui v1
KGBArchiver.lha              util/arc      138K    OS4   KGB Archiver
xad_rar.lha                  util/arc      290K    OS4   XAD (UnArc) client for RAR3 archives
Acuario.lha                  util/blank    3.5M    VAR   Acuario Screen Saver
cdiskstate.lha               util/cli        3K    VAR   Check if disk is valid and such
ktm.lha                      util/cli        8K    VAR   Kool Task Manipulator
patchdet.lha                 util/cli        4K    VAR   Easy patch detection for scripts
rcounter.lha                 util/cli        2K    VAR   Three seconds counter for use in scripts
waitback.lha                 util/cli        4K    VAR   Simple task synchroniser
rarcrack.lha                 util/crypt    528K    OS4   Crack encrypted rar/zip/7z archives
BrowserII-Patch.lha          util/dir       19K    OS3   Patch BrowserII bug in ParsePattern()
CR2_DataType_V39_4.lha       util/dtype     42K    OS3   Canon CR2 RAW DataType
cr2_dt_os4.lha               util/dtype     80K    OS4   Canon CR2 RAW DataType
flic_dt.lha                  util/dtype     43K    OS4   Autodesk Animator FLI/FLC datatype
jng_dt.lha                   util/dtype    221K    OS4   JNG/MNG/PNG picture datatype
scr_dt.lha                   util/dtype     84K    OS4   Spectrum/Timex SCR/SCREEN$ datatype
IREdev.lha                   util/libs      63K    OS3   Interrupt related event lib/sound record
IREsrc.lha                   util/libs      63K    GEN   Source codes to IRE library
powersdl.lha                 util/libs     941K    MOS   SDL audio and video library for MorphOS
powersdl_src.lha             util/libs     2.4M    GEN   Source code: SDL audio and video library
aminetreadme.lha             util/misc      97K    VAR   Aminet .readme creator
sha256-mos.lha               util/misc      21K    MOS   SHA256 Message Digest Utility
ZoomIT.lha                   util/misc     114K    VAR   A MUI-based magnify/zoom application.
RXHelp.lha                   util/rexx      14K    GEN   Show rexx commmands supported by program

[Meldung: 09. Jun. 2008, 16:21] [Kommentare: 0]
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09.Jun.2008 Uploads bis 08.06.2008
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Uploads bei
alac.lha              aud/con   61kb  Apple Lossless Audio Codec decoder
wavpack.lha           aud/con  273kb  Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression
tunealac_plug.lha     aud/pla   42kb  ALAC plugin for TuneNet
tuneptplay_plug.lha   aud/pla   11kb  ptplay.library based TuneNet plugin
tunewv_plug.lha       aud/pla  436kb  WavPack (.wv) plugin for TuneNet
cr2_dt.lha            dat/ima   79kb  Canon CR2 RAW DataType
jng_dt.lha            dat/ima  221kb  JNG/MNG/PNG picture datatype
scr_dt.lha            dat/ima   83kb  Spectrum/Timex SCR/SCREEN$ datatype        dev/lib  134kb  libJPEG shared for reading/wrinting JPEG
libphysfs.lha         dev/lib  225kb  File system abstraction layer and archiv         dev/lib  809kb  libpng shared for reading/wrinting PNG f
libwavpack.lha        dev/lib  234kb  Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression           dev/lib  104kb shared comression library      dev/lib  256kb  SDL_image shared object for SDL image lo
unrarlib.lha          dev/lib  256kb  UniquE RAR File Library
gplink.lha            dri/mis  344kb  Connect your GP32 to your AmigaOne
amiarcadia.lha        emu/gam  940kb  Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emul.
d2x.lha               gam/act  887kb  Descent II port
highmoon.lha          gam/act    1Mb  The First Worms Clone on OS4 , and it's 
freesci-src.lha       gam/adv    1Mb  FreeSCI source
freesci.lha           gam/adv    1Mb  Sierra adventure games interpreter
crapgamesvol6.lha     gam/mis    1Mb  Crap Games Vol.6 (Batrachians, FreeCell,
jumpaction.lha        gam/pla    2Mb  A semi-cute japanese mario style platfor
brickshooter.lha      gam/puz    2Mb  A puzzle game. Quite ordinary.
jooleem.lha           gam/puz   10Mb  A quite decent and nice looking puzzle g
virgolaicons.lha      gra/ico  499kb  Updated version of the original icon pac
sinisrus_pointer.lha  gra/mis    7kb  32 bit PNG Pointers for OS4 Final
sinisrus_theme.lha    gra/the  464kb  Sinisrus Theme 01 for OS 4.0
flxplay.lha           gra/vie  130kb  Simple FLI/FLC/FLX animation player
mngplay.lha           gra/vie  475kb  Simple MNG animation player
libusb.lha            lib/mis  136kb  libusb port for OS4
epistula_german.lha   net/cha   10kb  German catalog file for Epistula
ftpd.lha              net/ser  239kb  FTPdaemon v2.01 for AmigaOS 4
rarcrack.lha          uti/arc  528kb  Crack encrypted rar/zip/7z archives
xad_rar.lha           uti/arc  290kb  XAD (UnArc) client for RAR3 archives
cubebm.lha            uti/ben   27kb  MiniGL Cube with benchmarks
amidvd.lha            uti/mis   52kb  CD/DVD burning tool
yetanotherdesk.lha    uti/mis  398kb  Desktop for public screens
drawerrestore.tar     uti/scr   30kb  AREXX Scripts to store and restore open 
familylogin.lha       uti/wor   89kb  A utility to create fake user accounts
familylogin_fr.lha    uti/wor    1kb  French translation for FamilyLogin
wbpreview.lha         uti/wor   74kb  Preview feature for Workbench

[Meldung: 09. Jun. 2008, 16:20] [Kommentare: 3 - 11. Jun. 2008, 23:13]
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AROS-Archives: Uploads bis 08.06.2008
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Uploads bei AROS-Archives:
aros-pc-i386.iso                dev/ins   69Mb  AROS Stable ISO                dev/lib  866kb  Anti-Grain Geometry 2D Graphics C++ SDK            dev/lib  724kb  Anti-Grain Geometry 2D Graphics C++ SDK
viceplus-i686-aros-v1.1.tgz     emu/com    6Mb  Emulator of c64dtv,c64,c128,pet,plus4,cb
viceplus-powerpc-aros-v1.1.tgz  emu/com    8Mb  Emulator of c64dtv,c64,c128,pet,plus4,cb
viceplus-x86_64-aros-v1.1.tgz   emu/com    7Mb  Emulator of c64dtv,c64,c128,pet,plus4,cb          gam/       4Mb  Frontier Elite II            gam/act    1Mb  KoboDeluxe - Shoot 'em up            gam/act   46kb  Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game             gam/act  164kb  Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game (Source)           gra/mis    4Mb  Anti-Grain Geometry Demos with SVG viewe           uti/mis   62kb  A MUI-based magnify/zoom application.            uti/mis   62kb  A MUI-based magnify/zoom application.

[Meldung: 09. Jun. 2008, 16:20] [Kommentare: 1 - 11. Jun. 2008, 08:58]
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