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Archiv 12/2008


Aminet-Uploads bis 09.12.2008
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Aminet-Uploads:
sqlite-3.6.1-amiga.lha       biz/dbase     5.5M    VAR   SQL database engine
DOpusFix.lha                 biz/dopus      14K    OS3   New Diskinfo Module for Opus Magellan II
A71Mail-CSS.lha              comm/www       67K    GEN   Email Form multilanguage written in php
OWB.lha                      comm/www       11M    OS4   Origyn Web Browser
stonebeach_1_1.lha           demo/slide     19M    VAR   A slide show created with Hollywood
planethively_os3.lha         demo/sound    266K    OS3   'Planet Hively' by IRIS and Up Rough
AmosProManual_HTML.lha       dev/amos      1.9M    GEN   AMOS Professional Manual (HTML)
AmosProManual_PDF.lha        dev/amos      3.5M    GEN   AMOS Professional Manual (PDF)
bin2dat.lha                  dev/basic      79K    OS3   Converts bin files into Blitz data
c_ucode.lha                  dev/c          56K    OS3   C_Ucode 0.01
emptyhandler-morphos.lha     dev/c          17K    MOS   filehandler example, creates empty files
glpng_os4.lha                dev/c         172K    OS4   Load PNG files as OpenGL textures
sqlitequery.lha              dev/c         581K    VAR   Example for using the sqlite3 library
UReader.lha                  dev/c          85K    OS3   UReader 0.01
Annotate.lha                 dev/cross     120K    OS3   Comment/reformat DASMX 2650 cross-disasm
memtrace_os4.lha             dev/debug     186K    OS4   Debug memory allocation and freeing
catchhit.lha                 dev/e          14K    MOS   MorphOS hit interceptor
ecx200.lha                   dev/e         1.1M    VAR   E Compiler X
objectbrowser.lha            dev/e          38K    VAR   Object Browser / System Explorer
RE.lha                       dev/e         473K    OS3   Another E language compiler (68K/WUP)
re2c-morphos.lha             dev/gg        551K    MOS   Scanner generator f. regular expressions
fftw-single_os4.lha          dev/lib       1.4M    OS4   A math library - single precision
fftw_os4.lha                 dev/lib       1.4M    OS4   A math library
libcrtxy_os4.lha             dev/lib       956K    OS4   Line-drawing lib for retro arcade games
libgtk-mui.i386-aros.tar.gz  dev/lib       371K    ARO   Link library to port and zunify GTK apps
liblzo_os4.lha               dev/lib       697K    OS4   A realtime data compression library
libpict.lha                  dev/lib       107K    OS4   Read Mac PICT (.pct) files
libreadline.lha              dev/lib       4.1M    OS4   Library for editing command lines
libSDL_gfx.lha               dev/lib        83K    OS3   libSDL_gfx
sdllayer_os4.lha             dev/lib       4.1M    OS4   Layered display mechanism for SDL
AgletM2PPC.lha               dev/m2        7.9M    OS4   Modula-2 Native PPC Compiler
dildev.lha                   dev/misc       80K    MOS   Device Intervention Layer, DEV archive
Arduino_Python.lha           dev/src        12K    VAR   Arduino access using Python 1.4 to 3000                   dev/src         2K    GEN   Clear-Screen and Beep for Python.
BackUp.lha                   disk/bakup     56K    OS3   A simple backup tool.. v1.61           disk/misc     212K    GEN   Check ADF files under Windows/Linux
diskimage_device.lha         disk/misc     314K    OS4   Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
DupFinderMUI.lha             disk/misc      55K    VAR   Finds more duplicate files on your HD
ext2fs_0.36.lha              disk/misc      95K    VAR   Second Extended FileSystem (EXT2) driver
Hack_Mediator_to_3.3v.pdf    docs/hard     3.7M    GEN   Hack a Mediator to 3.3v (French)
ahiusr_4.18.lha              driver/audio  301K    OS3   AHI v4.18 (still usable for 68000 users)
BetterAudioID.lzh            driver/audio    9K    OS3   Patches AHIs BestAudioID-Function
ratocUSBSCSIpatch14.lha      driver/media   17K    OS3   Patch for U2SCX USB-SCSI-adapter (V1.4)
anaiis.lha                   driver/other   74K    OS3   ANAIIS USB Stack Release 0.97
BlizzardVision_install.lha   driver/video  374K    OS3   BlizzardVision PPC install 'disk'
CyberGraphX3.lha             driver/video  574K    OS3   CyberGraphX Version 3 RTG system
CybergraphX_4.3r3_GRex.lha   driver/video  442K    OS3   CyberGraphX 4.3Beta R3 for G-Rex
CyberGraphX_4.3rc4.lha       driver/video  519K    OS3   Update CyberGraphX 4 to 4.3 rc4
CyberGraphX_4.3rc5.lha       driver/video  517K    OS3   Update CyberGraphX 4 to 4.3 rc5
CyberGraphX_4.3rc6.lha       driver/video  506K    OS3   Update CyberGraphX 4 to 4.3 rc6
CyberVisionPPC_install.lha   driver/video  369K    OS3   CyberVision PPC install 'disk'
sonix.lha                    driver/video  152K    VAR   Display/grab pictures from webcams sonix
Wazp3D.lha                   driver/video  160K    OS3   CPU only Warp3D v4.2 implementation
barrage.lha                  game/actio    575K    OS3   another free sdl based 2D-shooter
cyclone.lha                  game/actio    880K    OS3   Smooth scrolling shoot em up.            game/actio    541K    ARO   A little shot'em up arcade game...
Entombed_OS3.lha             game/actio    623K    OS3   Remake of Atari 2600 classic "Entombed"   game/actio    874K    ARO   The First Worms Clone, and it's in Space
Komi_68k.lha                 game/actio    1.3M    OS3   Komi the spacefrog (SDL)
ChangeIt_06.lha              game/board    3.5M    VAR   Logical game (Amiga Bejeveled clone)
sm4mzx.lha                   game/data     1.2M    GEN   A Megazeux game called Super Mario
BTCE.lha                     game/edit     101K    OS3   Bard's Tale 1-3 & BTCS Character Editor
frogsofwar_os4.lha           game/jump     916K    OS4   A weird platform shooter
moleinvasion_os4.lha         game/jump      69M    OS4   Simple Jump'n Run game
crapgamesvol7_os4.lha        game/misc     1.9M    OS4   Crap Games Vol.7
crapgamesvol8_os4.lha        game/misc     6.4M    OS4   Crap Games Vol.8
crapgamesvol9_os4.lha        game/misc     3.0M    OS4   Crap Games Vol.9
WarpSCUMM_0_2_0.lha          game/role     541K    VAR   SCUMM engine to play Lucas Arts games
highmoon_os4.lha             game/shoot    1.7M    OS4   1st Worms clone on OS4,and it's in space
oilwar-1.2.1-m68k.lha        game/shoot    1.1M    OS3   Really *simple* mouse-shooter
crimsonfields_os4.lha        game/strat    6.5M    OS4   Tactical war game
TotalChaosAGAr6.lha          game/strat     91M    OS3   2D Magic & Monsters turn-based Strategy         game/think    9.2M    ARO   battle-pong
Pegs_OS3.lha                 game/think    898K    OS3   SDL puzzle game
ttt-os3.lha                  game/think    374K    OS3   A simple Tic Tac Toe game written in SDL
dcraw-8.89a-m68k.lha         gfx/conv      1.3M    OS3   Convert RAW files to TIFF/PPM          gfx/conv      575K    ARO   CLI converter for camera raw files
EasyBMPToAVI-0.55b-m68k.lha  gfx/conv      306K    OS3   Convert BMP images into an AVI movie
gocr_os4.lha                 gfx/conv      314K    OS4   Optical Character Recognition
jp2a-1.0.6a-m68k.lha         gfx/conv      238K    OS3   Converts JPEG images to ASCII Art
pdhfic_os4.lha               gfx/conv      244K    OS4   Convert images: Datatypes->Spectrum SCR
AmiCAD_2.27.lha              gfx/edit      1.2M    OS3   Schematics vectorial electronics program        gfx/edit      995K    ARO   Pixel paint program (like DPaint etc).                   gfx/edit      986K    ARO   Pixel paint program (like DPaint etc).
Make_landscapes.gz           gfx/fract      34K    ARO   Make landscapes,view them from all sides
ATcad_Pro1.adf               gfx/misc      880K    OS3   CAD, mit Steppermotor-Steuerung (German)
ATcad_Pro2.adf               gfx/misc      880K    OS3   CAD, mit Steppermotor-Steuerung (German)
jhead-2.85a-m68k.lha         gfx/misc      183K    OS3   Manipulate Exif JPEG header/thumbnail
jpgtn-2.06-m68k.lha          gfx/misc      266K    OS3   Jpgtn is a thumbnailer for JPEG images
optipng-0.6.2-m68k.lha       gfx/misc      551K    OS3   PNG optimizer + BMP/GIF/TIFF -> PNG
photomolo-1.2.5-m68k.lha     gfx/misc      857K    OS3   Lossless JPEG optimizer and more
pngcrush-1.6.11b-m68k.lha    gfx/misc      588K    OS3   PNG Crush 1.6.11 68k (PNG optimizer)
ppsei-0.2-m68k.lha           gfx/misc       28K    OS3   Get pics from PowerPoint docs (PPS/PPT)
SView5.lha                   gfx/misc      3.3M    VAR   SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
ppmtovtx.lha                 gfx/pbm        38K    VAR   PPM to Videotex (Teletext/Viewdata)
AmiArcadia.lha               misc/emu      873K    OS3   Signetics-based machines emulator
AmiArcadia_OS4.lha           misc/emu      1.6M    OS4   Signetics-based machines emulator for OS
e-uae-gtk.i386-aros.tar.gz   misc/emu      2.9M    ARO   E-UAE with a GTK-MUI GUI
e-uae-gtk.src.tar.gz         misc/emu      1.7M    GEN   E-UAE with a GTK-MUI GUI (Source Code)
fuse-utils.lha               misc/emu      1.1M    OS4   Spectrum emulator utilities
fuse.lha                     misc/emu      1.7M    OS4   Spectrum emulator with advanced features        misc/math     406K    ARO   An advanced calculator              mods/chip       4K    GEN   chiplife mod by volton
dendjd800.mp3                mods/kicko     10M    GEN   Psy Trance tune from Transplant
At_Last.lha                  mods/xm       953K    GEN   New mod by Pseudaxos
No_escape.lha                mods/xm       370K    GEN   New Mod by Pseudaxos
Oriental_dream.lha           mods/xm       1.7M    GEN   New Mod by Pseudaxos
SpaceMix.lha                 mods/xm       1.1M    GEN   New mod by Pseudaxos
The_outroduction.lha         mods/xm       997K    GEN   New Mod by Pseudaxos
amisounded-mp3.lha           mus/edit      526K    OS4   MP3 plugin for AmiSoundED
amisounded-wavpack.lha       mus/edit      200K    OS4   WavPack plugin for AmiSoundED
amisounded.lha               mus/edit      103K    OS4   32-bit mono/stereo sound editor
AmySequencer.lha             mus/edit      339K    OS3   MIDI sequencer for the AMIGA
hvl2wav-68k.lha              mus/edit       37K    OS3   Converts AHX and HVL mods to WAV
mp3toSV.lha                  mus/edit       12K    OS3   Converts MPEG Audio to IFF-SV
aahr_os4.lha                 mus/misc        6K    OS4   AHX and HVL ripper
aften-aros.lha               mus/misc      332K    ARO   A/52 (AC3) audio encoder
aften-os3.lha                mus/misc      286K    OS3   A/52 (AC3) audio encoder
aften.lha                    mus/misc      314K    OS4   A/52 (AC3) audio encoder
amr-mos.lha                  mus/misc      730K    MOS   Encode/decode 3GPP AMR files
amr-os3.lha                  mus/misc      666K    OS3   Encode/decode 3GPP AMR files
amr.lha                      mus/misc      837K    OS4   Encode/decode 3GPP AMR files
flac-1.2.1a-m68k.lha         mus/misc      2.3M    OS3   FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec
lame-3.98.2b-m68k.lha        mus/misc      865K    OS3   Lame Ain't an MP3 Encoder
mp3gain-1.4.6a-m68k.lha      mus/misc      271K    OS3   MP3 volume normalizer
wavpack_68k.lha              mus/misc      376K    OS3   Hybrid lossless/lossy Audio Compression
dg_midi_player.lha           mus/play      171K    OS3   A simple MIDI player
EP_TCBTracker.lha            mus/play       14K    OS3   EaglePlayer "TCB Tracker" ext. player
mdxplay_68k.lha              mus/play       64K    OS3   MDX player
mpc123-0.2.4-m68k.lha        mus/play      163K    OS3   Musepack (*.mpc) player
mpg321-0.2.10a-m68k.lha      mus/play      528K    OS3   MP3 (MAD) player
mtpng.lha                    mus/play       69K    OS4   MegaTracker Player, the Next Generation
mtpng_68k.lha                mus/play       60K    OS3   MegaTracker Player
playOGG.lha                  mus/play      3.9M    OS3   multi format sound player.
tunead_plug.lha              mus/play      2.1M    OS4   AdPlug based plugin for TuneNet
tuneamr_plug.lha             mus/play      223K    OS4   3GPP AMR TuneNet plugin
tunemtp_plug.lha             mus/play      146K    OS4   MegaTracker plugin for TuneNet
vorbistools-1.2.0c-m68k.lha  mus/play      3.3M    OS3   OGG/FLAC/SPEEX player and more        pix/misc      2.5M    GEN   Famous NewTek images converted 2 PNG
MorphOSPointers.lha          pix/theme     155K    GEN   Some nice pointers for MorphOS 2.0
Annotate_src.lha             text/edit     182K    GEN   Text Editor with advanced features (src)
Annotate_usr.lha             text/edit     256K    OS4   Text Editor with advanced features
edwardprofull.lha            text/edit     1.4M    OS3   EdWord Pro Editor Suite + src
nowined.lha                  text/edit     2.0M    VAR   TextEditor multipage
nowinedsrc.lha               text/edit     2.2M    GEN   TextEditor multipage (source package)
antiword-0.37b-m68k.lha      text/misc     575K    OS3   Convert Word documents to TXT/PDF/PS
pdf2jpg-1a.1-m68k.lha        text/misc      16K    OS3   Extract JPG files from PDF files
rman-aguide.lha              text/misc     184K    OS4   PolyglotMan converts man pages to AGuide
dact_os4.lha                 util/arc      365K    OS4   A file compression tool similar to gzip
lzop-1.02rc1.tar.gz          util/arc      450K    ARO   lzop - a fast file compression tool
lzop-68k.lha                 util/arc       54K    OS3   a very fast file compressor
lzop_os4.lha                 util/arc      577K    OS4   A fast file compression tool
xad_7z.lha                   util/arc      133K    VAR   XAD (UnArc) client for 7-Zip archives
xad_rar.lha                  util/arc      239K    OS4   XAD (UnArc) client for RAR3 archives
AmiSnap.lha                  util/cdity     48K    OS4   Iconify any window on your wb with FX
CompareDirs_OS4.lha          util/cli      186K    OS4   Compare two dirs for diff. files, w/ GUI
mkfile.lha                   util/cli        3K    OS4   Create an empty file of desired size
dates2ical.lha               util/conv       1K    GEN   Convert April .dates to iCalendar
bcrypt-1.1-m68k.lha          util/crypt    189K    OS3   A cross platform file encryption utility
fcrackzip_os4.lha            util/crypt    212K    OS4   Cracks password protected Zip files
amr_dt.lha                   util/dtype    211K    OS4   3GPP AMR datatype
svg_dt.lha                   util/dtype    1.1M    OS4   Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) datatype
gfx3dlib_31_src.lha          util/libs      32K    GEN   3d graphics library for AGA Amiga. (src)
T1ManagerM.lha               util/libs      19K    GEN   T1Manager New Design Mock-Up
WarpOSEmu.lha                util/libs      86K    OS4   WarpOS wrapper for AmigaOS4
WarpSDL_0_4usr.lha           util/libs      28K    VAR   Optimized SDL compatible library
aiss45.lha                   util/misc     2.6M    GEN   AISS - Amiga Image Storage System
AllKeys.lha                  util/misc     111K    VAR   Use ALL rawkeys incl. MultiMedia-keys
aminetreadme.lha             util/misc     103K    VAR   Aminet .readme creator
dilusr.lha                   util/misc     149K    MOS   Device Intervention Layer, USR archive
filesplit_os4.lha            util/misc     119K    OS4   Splits files with various options
MultiRen.lha                 util/misc     212K    OS3   Powerful multi-file renaming tool (MUI)
SAB-morphos.lha              util/misc      57K    MOS   Secure Address Book with AES encryption
SayToy.lha                   util/misc      30K    GEN   Speech Text Translator and Narrator
splashlauncher.lha           util/misc      89K    OS4   Splash image program launcher
fimp_os4.lha                 util/pack      25K    OS4   File Imploder cruncher
fixpage.lha                  util/rexx       2K    GEN   div-to-table based converter for AWeb

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10.Dez.2008 Uploads bis 09.12.2008
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Uploads bei
aacplusenc-src.lha      aud/con  245kb  Encode AAC+ (AACPlus) music (Sources)
aacplusenc.lha          aud/con  459kb  Encode AAC+ (AACPlus) music
rom2snsf.lha            aud/con   54kb  snes music ripping tool (converts rom to
amisounded-mp3.lha      aud/edi  526kb  MP3 plugin for SoundED
amisounded-wavpack.lha  aud/edi  199kb  WavPack plugin for AmiSoundED
amisounded.lha          aud/edi  103kb  32-bit mono/stereo sound editor
ht.lha                  aud/edi  987kb  Multichannel chiptune tracker, based on 
aften.lha               aud/mis  313kb  A/52 (AC3) audio encoder
amr.lha                 aud/mis  837kb  Encode/decode 3GPP AMR files
checkmate.lha           aud/mis   28kb  Checks MP3 files for errors
hvscupdate-src.lha      aud/mis  128kb  High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) Updat
hvscupdate.lha          aud/mis  221kb  High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) Updat
dg_midi_player.lha      aud/pla  371kb  Simple MIDI player
mtpng.lha               aud/pla   69kb  MegaTracker Player, the Next Generation
tunead_plug.lha         aud/pla    2Mb  AdPlug based plugin for TuneNet
tuneamr_plug.lha        aud/pla  196kb  3GPP AMR TuneNet plugin
tunemtp_plug.lha        aud/pla   72kb  MegaTracker plugin for TuneNet
tunes98_plug.lha        aud/pla  204kb  S98 plugin for TuneNet
svg_dt.lha              dat/ima    1Mb  Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) datatype
amr_dt.lha              dat/sou  211kb  3GPP AMR datatype
flacdt.lha              dat/sou   61kb  FLAC Datatype
stonebeach.lha          dem/mis    6Mb  Interactive Slide show realized with Hol
fractures.lha           dem/sce    3Mb  "Fractures and Rust"  by  Atomimaitokahv
ukonx_myworld.lha       dem/sce    5Mb  My World Is How I Create It - Demo by Uk
sqlitequery.lha         dev/exa  580kb  Example for using the sqlite3 library
agletm2ppc.lha          dev/lan    7Mb  Modula-2 Native PPC compiler
awk.lha                 dev/lan  211kb  awk the text processing language
cbmbasic.lha            dev/lan  239kb  C64 basic for AmigaOS 4.x
ecx.lha                 dev/lan    1Mb  E compiler X
perl-src.tar.bz2        dev/lan   21Mb  Perl 5.8.5 AmigaOS4 src
libcairo.lha            dev/lib  347kb  Cairo-Multi-platform 2D graphics library
libpict.lha             dev/lib  107kb  Read Mac PICT (.pct) files
libpokecubed.lha        dev/lib  110kb  Use this library to play Gamecube music
libreadline.lha         dev/lib    4Mb  Library for editing command lines
libxvidcore.lha         dev/lib  973kb  libxvidcore - add xvid support to your a
libzip.lha              dev/lib  394kb  Read, modify and create zip archives.
sqlite.lha              dev/lib    5Mb  SQL database engine
abc-shell.lha           dev/uti  181kb  Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
compilergui.lha         dev/uti  118kb  GUI for compilers
yacc.lha                dev/uti  228kb  Yacc - Yet another compiler-compiler
camd.lha                dri/mis   82kb  Native CAMD library for OS4
camd_src.lha            dri/mis   89kb  CAMD.library source
canons600.lha           dri/pri   27kb  Canon printer driver
diskimage_device.lha    dri/sto  314kb  Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
sonix.lha               dri/vid  152kb  Display and grab pictures from webcams s
fuse.lha                emu/com    1Mb  Spectrum emulator with advanced features
amiarcadia.lha          emu/gam    1Mb  Signetics-based machines emulator for OS
kuklomenos.lha          gam/act  938kb  Kuklomenos - an abstract vector shoot em
wordmeupxxl_demo.lha    gam/act   16Mb  Word Me Up XXL
between.lha             gam/puz  322kb  a brain bending networked puzzle game
japairs.lha             gam/puz    1Mb  Learn Japanese Hiragana and Katakana sym
aiss.lha                gra/ais    2Mb  AISS - Amiga Image Storage System
aiss.pdf                gra/ais    1Mb  AISS Documentation
aissview.lha            gra/ais  106kb  Viewer for AISS images
pngminus.lha            gra/con  141kb  Converts between png and pnm
ppm2fli.lha             gra/con   82kb  Converts PPM images to a FLI anim
grafx2.lha              gra/edi    1Mb  Pixel paint program (like DPaint etc).
defpointers.lha         gra/ico  263kb  Extended default mouse pointer types
snowflakes.lha          gra/mis   13kb  Snowflakes falling on your WB!
topaz-a500.lha          gra/mis    1kb  The A500 version of Topaz for Hi-Res scr
smileyboingballers.lha  gra/the  564kb  SmileyBoingBallers For SabreMSN
aview.lha               gra/vie  186kb  Displays bitmap images as ascii art imag
warposemu.lha           lib/mis   86kb  WarpOS wrapper for AmigaOS4
netsurf.lha             net/bro    3Mb  Fast CSS capable web browser
owb.lha                 net/bro   11Mb  Origyn Web Browser
owbaddressbook.lha      net/bro    1Mb  An Address Book for the OWB Web Browser 
owbbook.lha             net/bro  178kb  An address book+fastlinks for OWB+conver
pftp.lha                net/ftp  841kb  Advanced FTP/SFTP client
xnet_rss.lha            net/new    1Mb  Native AOS4.x RSS News Reader
createtorrent.lha       net/p2p   21kb  Create torrents
hagelslag-src.lha       net/p2p  219kb  A console based gnutella client (src)
hagelslag.lha           net/p2p  210kb  A console based gnutella client
amicad.lha              off/cad    1Mb  Schematics vectorial electronics program
cinnamon_writer.lha     off/wor    2Mb  Compact and efficient word processor
cranu.lha               uti/arc  110kb  Easy to use ReAction GUI for archivers
photoframe-docky.lha    uti/doc   17kb  Display slideshows in Amidock
rnetmon.lha             uti/doc   28kb  Network stack monitor
bcrypt.lha              uti/fil  149kb  A cross platform file encryption utility
comparedirs.lha         uti/fil  186kb  Compare two dirs for different files, wi
dupfinder.lha           uti/fil    9kb  Finds even more duplicate files on your 
mkfile.lha              uti/fil    3kb  Create an empty file of desired size
syncrome.lha            uti/fil   83kb  Directory syncronizing utility
allkeys.lha             uti/mis  111kb  Use all mapped rawkeys which include mos
alt_tab_switcher.lha    uti/mis   41kb  Switch between screens in a graphical wa
ranger.lha              uti/mis  301kb  System diagnostic tool
splashlauncher.lha      uti/mis   89kb  Splash image program launcher
gocr.lha                uti/sci  313kb  Optical Character Recognition
cmp.lha                 uti/she   15kb  Replacement for the Arp command cmp
aminetreadme.lha        uti/tex   50kb  Aminet .readme creator
annotate.lha            uti/tex  255kb  Text Editor with advanced features
annotate_src.lha        uti/tex  182kb  Text Editor with advanced features (sour
bibvision.lha           uti/tex  260kb  Bible text viewer for OS4
nowined.lha             uti/tex    1Mb  TextEditor multipage
nowinedsrc.lha          uti/tex    2Mb  TextEditor multipage (source)
rman.lha                uti/tex  221kb  Converts UNIX MAN pages to AGuide/Text/H
amisnap_fx.lha          uti/wor   48kb  Iconify any window on your wb with FX
amytimer.lha            uti/wor   66kb  A countdown timer
lastused.lha            uti/wor  116kb  List last used apps & docs
multiuser.lha           uti/wor  148kb  Multiuse: Enables user have there own se
screenthumbs.lha        uti/wor   72kb  Screen thumbnails
wb2front.lha            uti/wor   43kb  Workbench 2 Front
windowthumbs.lha        uti/wor  132kb  Window thumbnails with LALT+TAB

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AROS-Archives: Uploads bis 09.12.2008
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Uploads bei AROS-Archives:                    aud/pla  369kb  Playmusic - simply ogg and wav player
amibridge1.avi                   dem/       7Mb  AmiBridge video demostration
perl-5.7.2.i386-aros.tar.gz      dev/lan    6Mb  Perl
perl-5.7.2.x86_64-aros.tar.gz    dev/lan    6Mb  Perl
python-2.5.2.i386-aros.tar.gz    dev/lan   15Mb  Python
python-2.5.2.x86_64-aros.tar.gz  dev/lan   16Mb  Python
libgtk-mui.i386.tar.gz           dev/lib  370kb  Link library to port and zunify GTK appl
lzo-2.03.i386.tar.gz             dev/lib  193kb  LZO real-time data compression library
lzo-2.03.x86_64.tar.gz           dev/lib  219kb  LZO real-time data compression library
autoconf-2.62.i386.tar.gz        dev/uti  738kb  Autoconf port for i386 AROS
autoconf-2.62.x86_64.tar.gz      dev/uti  738kb  Autoconf port for x86-64 AROS
automake-1.9.6.all.tar.gz        dev/uti  498kb  Automake (all architectures)             doc/mis    4Mb  AROS Promotion Presentation Template            doc/mis    3Mb  AROS promotion leaflet
e-uae-gtk.i386.tar.gz            emu/com    2Mb  E-UAE with a GTK-MUI GUI
e-uae-gtk.src.tar.gz             emu/com    1Mb  E-UAE with a GTK-MUI GUI (E-UAE Source C                   gam/       2Mb  Quake 1 *with sound*             gam/act    9Mb  battle-pong          gam/act  540kb  This is a little shot'em up arcade game.     gam/act  873kb  The First Worms Clone, and it's in Space
changeit_06.i386.lha             gam/puz    3Mb  Logical game (Amiga Bejeveled clone)              gra/con  574kb  CLI converter for camera raw files            gra/edi  995kb  Pixel paint program (like DPaint etc).                       gra/edi  985kb  Pixel paint program (like DPaint etc).
mountainview.tar.gz              gra/ray   33kb  Make landscapes, view them from all side
lzop-1.02rc1.tar.gz              uti/arc  450kb  lzop - a fast file compression tool                         uti/arc   42kb  AROS port of xDMS with source      uti/sci  406kb  An advanced calculator
vmwupdate132.lha                 uti/she    8kb  Newer update script for VmwAROS 0.9.x

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AROS-Exec (Forum)

AROS: OWB-Portierung in Arbeit
Stanislaw Szymczyk hat das gegenwärtig mit 989 US-Dollar und 141 Euro dotierte Bounty-Projekt zur Portierung eines Open-source-Browsers für AROS in Angriff genommen und einen ersten Screenshot präsentiert. Seine Wahl ist auf den Origyn Web Browser gefallen, letzter Termin für die Fertigstellung ist der 1. März. (snx)

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Screenshot-Quiz: Kickstart-Switcher zu gewinnen
Das britische Amiga-Portal veranstaltet ein Screenshot-Quiz, bei dem es einen Kickstart ROM Switcher v2.0 zu gewinnen gibt. Wer sich bei registriert und die fraglichen Screenshots korrekt identifiziert, nimmt an der Verlosung des ROM-Switchers teil. (cg)

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Giana Sisters Remake für Nintendo DS angekündigt
Commodore- und Amiga-Fans dürfte das Schicksal des legendären Plattformers Giana Sisters hinreichend bekannt sein: Bereits kurz nach der Veröffentlichung musste es aufgrund rechtlicher Einwände von Nintendo wieder vom Markt genommen werden - man hatte es beim Versuch, eine Homecomputer-Version von Nintendos Super Mario Brothers zu kreieren, mit der Genauigkeit wohl etwas übertrieben.

20 Jahre später nimmt sich Giana Sisters-Autor Armin Gessert dem Thema wieder an: Seine "Spellbound Studios" wollen im April nächstes Jahr ein überarbeitetes Remake des Klassikers veröffentlichen - ausgerechnet für Nintendos Handheld DS. (cg)

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Veranstaltung: Bericht und Bilder von der AmiCon
Die zweite "AmiCon Party" fand letztes Wochenende in Pomaz bei Budapest (Ungarn) statt. In einem Kurzbericht auf schildert "Cobra", dass Neben Classic Hardware auch diverse AmigaOne-, Sam440ep-, Pegasos- und Efika-Setups zu sehen waren.

Auf der Veranstaltung wurde erstmals der "ScanJuggler" präsentiert, ein interner Scandoubler für den Amiga 1200, der in Ungarn entwickelt wird. Außerdem gibt es wieder einen Amiga-Händler in Ungarn, der u.a. ACubes Produkte exklusiv in Osteuropa vertreiben wird. Detailliertere Informationen sollen in Kürze folgen.

Bilder von der AmiCon wurden von Cobra und Saddam veröffentlicht. (cg)

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09.Dez.2008 (Webseite)

Sam440ep: Firmware-Update U-Boot 1.3.1
Bassano del Grappa, 08. Dezember 2008

ACube Systems ist erfreut, die Veröffentlichung einer neuen Version der Firmware U-Boot für seine Sam440ep-Motherboards bekanntgeben zu können. Dieses Update beseitigt eine Reihe von Fehlern, außerdem werden jetzt zwei Grafikkarten gleichzeitig unterstützt.

Neu in dieser Version:
  • U-Boot kann jetzt gleichzeitig die auf dem Sam verbaute Radeon M9 sowie eine externe, PCI-basierte Grafikkarte aktivieren. Dadurch wird es möglich, unter OS 4.1 eine zusätzliche Grafikkarte einzusetzen (getestet mit einer Radeon 9250 PCI und einer Radeon 7000 PCI).
  • "reset"-Befehl implementiert
  • Fehler im "ide reset"-Befehl beseitigt
  • neue U-Boot-Variable "scan_usb_storage" um das Scannen nach USB-Datenträgern zu aktivieren
  • Menü überarbeitet, ungenutzte Einträge entfernt

Zusätzliche Informationen:

"Dual-Booting" von Linux und AmigaOS 4.1 wird mit dem neuen SLB möglich sein, der sich derzeit im Betatest befindet.

Eine externe (PCI-) Grafikkarte zu initialisieren könnte den Bootvorgang um einige Sekunden verzögern.

Bei einer PCI-Grafikkarte wird U-Boot die VGA- und VGA-Over-DVI-Signale aktivieren. Digitales DVI funktioniert momentan [unter U-Boot] noch nicht korrekt (der Monitor wird eine "Out of Range"-Fehlermeldung anzeigen), dieses Signal wird aber unter dem eigentlichen Betriebssystem nutzbar, da dieses die Einstellungen korrigiert.

Um OS 4.1 mit zwei Grafikkarten zu nutzen, laden Sie das "Dual Graphic Card support"-Archiv (s.u.) herunter und kopieren die Dateien
  • PCIGraphics

nach DEVS:Monitors, die Datei "Picasso96Settings" muss nach DEVS:. Mit Picasso96Mode können die Einstellungen dann ihren Bedürfnissen entsprechend angepasst werden.


UBoot 1.3.1 updater
Dual Graphic Card support (cg)

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09.Dez.2008 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Firewire-Stack angekündigt
Guillaume "Yomgui" Roguez gibt in seinem französischen Blog bekannt, dass er an einem Firewire- (IEEE1394-) Stack für MorphOS arbeitet. Zu seinem dreißigsten Geburtstag habe er eine Videokamera mit entsprechendem Anschluß geschenkt bekommen, seit Oktober arbeitet er nun an einer Umsetzung des Protokolls auf MorphOS. (cg)

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09.Dez.2008 (Webseite)

ARexx-Skript: Workbench 2 Front
Bei "Workbench 2 Front" handelt es sich um ARexx-Skripte, die das Workbench-Fenster in den Vordergrund bringen.

Download: wb2front.lha (44 KB) (snx)

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08.Dez.2008 (Webseite)

Cubic IDE: Weihnachts-Aktion
Traditionell bietet Dietmar Eilert sein IDE-/Texteditor-Paket in einer Weihnachtsaktion zum halben Preis an. Die ersten Kunden erhalten, solange der Vorrat reicht, eine spezielle Farbedition (die CD ist farbig und nicht wie sonst weiß - Foto 1, 2). (snx)

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AmigaOS 4: Web-Browser OWB 2.19 (Update)
Jörg Strohmayer stellt eine neue Version seiner Portierung des Origyn Web Browser zur Verfügung. Die Änderungen im Detail:
  • Seems I finally found the missing bits to get usable text rendering, especially with the core fonts, and changed the default fonts back to the core fonts. The defaults for the FONTXDPI and FONTYDPI tooltypes are 84 now, if you are using these tooltypes you have to adjust them.
  • Fixed some bugs on ACID3.
  • Added rendering optimisations from another OWB port.
  • When scrolling with the mouse wheel or window scroll bars it now immediate renders the new parts. It's slower that way, but avoids the stripes.
  • Added GETTITLE ARexx command.

Update: (10.12.2008, 17:30, cg)

Inzwischen steht Version 2.19 zur Verfügung:
  • Added support for FONTKERNING tooltype to enable font kerning, since it makes text input fields unusable it's still disabled by default.
  • Now rounds all font sizes down to integers, makes the results less precise but avoids getting different spaces between the same chars depending on the context.
  • Added FONTHINTER tooltype to overwrite the font specific hinter settings configured with TypeManager (0 = don't overwrite, 1 = best available, 2 = best available (light), 3 = always autohinter, 4 = always autohinter (light), 5 = no hinter, default = 3) and changed the defaults of FONTXDPI and FONTYDPI to 96. Now the results with the AmigaOS font engine look very similar to the ones of libfreetype, and if you still don't like it you should have enough options for changing it.

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