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12.-14.10.18 • 19th Amiga-Meeting Nord • Neumünster (Germany)
10.-11.11.18 • RETROpulsiv 12.0 • Augsburg (Germany)
15.-17.02.19 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Tuesday, 19. Feb. 2002Comments / Date
Amigabest: New TV-Card drivers for Amithlon0
Warp3D software render driver0
Browser: AWeb-II - New JFIF/JPEG Plugin Version 1.100
Titan Computer: AlienNations Website online0
Amiga Ring: Status update0
Game: Freespace Update for PPC and 68k0
Magazine: Amiga Information Online (AIO) - Compilation CD0
Dealer: Turtle Lightning Amiga Software (Texas) goes out of business0
AROS Update from 12.02.20020
Amiga Future: New Q2 Screenshots0 Minor changes for "Title-Only"-view0
Virus Help Denmark: Virusz III v0,96 bug0
Hyperion chat on #AmigaFun from 18.02.2002 log available0
 Monday, 18. Feb. 2002 
Amiga Arena: Interview with Nicholas Blachford now also in German0
Airsoft Softwair: Homepage extended0
Printer driver: Turboprint Version 7.300
Game: WarpSCUMM 0.1.0r2 für AmigaOS 68K/PPC (WOS)0
MorphOS: T-Shirts (Update)0
Audio: SoundFX - What's finished or being worked on with version 4.2?0
System-Monitor: Scout Version 2.150
Audio: Amplify Version 1.4a erschienen0
 Sunday, 17. Feb. 2002 
PCI: Mediator page with new software0
Programming language: PowerD V0.19 alpha 50
Games: 4 new games from Amigaland0
Amiga Expo 2002: Further exhibitors and robots0
Magazine: Total Amiga #100
Microsoft: Sueing federal staates are to be supplied with Windows sources0
Event: "Insider Mocca" in Hirsau from 22 - 24 February0
Kultpower: Scans of ZakMcKracken and Indiana Jones0
Story: Fighting Nintendo by means of a fly swat0
Game: Battlefield survey concerning low participation319. Feb. 12:56
News: continues0
Virus Help Denmark: WatchDog 2.70
Amiga Arena: Status and interviews with N. Blachford and D. Westerberg (Update)0
 Saturday, 16. Feb. 2002 
Tools: PNGTool v1.1 - CopyIcon v44.4a - SGrab v1.19a0
SPIEGEL: "TRONLAND.NET" - Murdered because of a telephone?0
Heise: illegal copying ruins US games developers0
Windows: iLOVE for Winamp0
AGC Award 20010
Amiga Impact online again0
 Friday, 15. Feb. 2002 
Tool: MCP version 1.370
Games developer Ascaron: Successful recovery plan after insolvency0
AmigaPage: "Amiga Passion" contest - winner decided0
Windows C programmer for GameBoyAdvance Soms port wanted0
Jim Steichen: G.O.O.S.A. V2.0 and AmigaTalk V1.9a0
 Thursday, 14. Feb. 2002 
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 10.02.2002)0
Tools: VDisk.device V3.1 BETA and ErrorLog V1.50
The Amiga RC5 Team - back online0
clickBOOM: S-File #16 announces new game0
Update for apus_start for SuSE Linux PPC0
GFX-BASE: Relaunch0
 Wednesday, 13. Feb. 2002 
Amiga Arena: ArtPRO 1.20b - Interview with Frank Pagels0
CD32-Emulator for Windows: Akiko v1.3 with extended ROM support0
DCE with new homepage215. Feb. 08:49
Programmer for OpenOffice wanted0
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