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12.09.-14.09.14 • XzentriX • Starnberger See (Germany)
20.09.14 • Saku 2014 • Tampere (Finland)
03.10.-05.10.14 • Geit@Home 3/2014 • Hörstel (Germany)
04.10.-05.10.14 • Classic Computing 2014 • Schönau (Germany)
10.10.-12.10.14 • Amiga-Meeting • Bad Bramstedt (Germany)
24.10.-26.10.14 • AmiWest 2014 • Sacramento (USA)
08.11.-09.11.14 • RETROpulsiv 4.0 • Augsburg (Germany)

Johannes Genberg (ANF)

Swedish print magazine: Amiga Forum 9
Press release: Just when the Swedish midsummer holiday has passed there is another reson to celibrate: the latest issue of AMIGA FORUM is here! This issue (#9) is dedicated to the Amiga fair AmiGBG that was at the 3rd of May. But we also write about:
  • News from SUGA, SAFIR and the Amiga world
  • GG2 card for sale: the cheapest way to get network for Amiga
  • FPGA based Amiga clones
  • Noisetracker 25 years
  • Game review: Putty Squad
more... (snx)

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28.Jun.2014 (Webseite)

MorphOS: SoundBankster 1.2
Antoine 'tchecko' Dubourg's SoundBankster (screenshot) is an application für DJs, which can be completely controlled with an USB-DJ-Deck. A system with at least 512 MB RAM is recommended.

The programm was written for MorphOS and uses the new HID-sensor-API of MorphOS 3.6. Furthermore Reggae (loading and playing music), AHI (dual sound output with different AHI-units) and TinyGL (rendering of the diagram of the sounds).
more... (snx/dr)

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MorphOS 3.6 released
Press release: The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the immediate availability of MorphOS 3.6. Delivering one of the most requested features, this new version can now utilize the built-in Wi-Fi hardware in all Apple systems that feature Broadcom´s BCM43 chipset. In addition, MorphOS further extends its support of graphics chipsets to include AMD´s R400 series by adding compatibility with Radeon X800 XT / Pro and FireGL X3 cards. Moreover, the latest version of MorphOS now enables laptop owners to define custom screen modes and provides default modes for increasingly common high resolution displays.

Improving interoperability and overall convenience, MorphOS 3.6 adds a new SMBFS filesystem handler with 64-bit I/O support for easy file sharing via network storage devices, a new VNC server to control your MorphOS systems remotely or even without a display, and a Synergy client for sharing a nearby mouse and keyboard with any Linux, MacOS or Windows machine that is part of your local network and acts as a Synergy server.

As usual, MorphOS 3.6 includes many more improvements and bug fixes. For a more complete list of all changes, please read our MorphOS 3.6 release notes.

We strongly urge new users to carefully read our installation and troubleshooting guides before they attempt to install MorphOS for the first time. Existing users can upgrade via the familiar procedure but are encouraged to read the guides as well. MorphOS 3.6 is available for download in our files section. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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MorphZone (Webseite)

MorphOS: InstantUnpack 1.0
Carsten Siegner's InstantUnpack is a CLI-command, which can extract archives using an MUI user-interface and the xadmaster.library (screenshot). The programm is meant to be linked with the Ambient file types. Encrypted archives are not supported yet.

Download: InstantUnpack_1.0.lha (25 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Alinea Computer (ANF)

Alinea Computer: New website and online shop
Press release: We are proud to present you our new website and as well as our new online shop.

This new web presence comes with a new structure, a new design and and new functions to enhance your overview of our products and services. Additional we want to offer you more service and support online.
more... (snx/dr)

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AROS-Exec (Forum)

AROS: ZuneView 0.11
For AROS, Yannick Erb has released version 0.11 of his picture viewer with editing functions called ZuneView.

  • Embedded exif display in main window
  • Added Settings window rather than menu
  • Major rework to ease settings savings
  • Settings are saved in icon tooltype, can be saved automatically at exit, keeping also last file/directory parsed
  • Better magnification handling, separate MUIA_PictDisp_FIT attribute
  • ListTree Hooks are in specific file
  • Moved some functions to methods of mcc_Pictdisp
  • Moved exif list update function to exif.c
  • Limited text length for thumbnail name
  • Improved (faster) image display (background only displayed when really needed
  • Mouse wheel zooms in/out if "fit" isn't selected
  • Added gadgets to control picture display from main window
  • Added icon with default tooltypes
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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