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Image processing: RNOEffects 1.4 for all Amiga systems
Developer 'jPV^RNO' has updated RNOEffects from his family of RNO applications. RNOEffects is a simple image processing program with a focus on good batch conversion options and alpha channel based effects (YouTube video). It was available in previous versions for MorphOS, OS4 and AROS, and the new version now also supports 68k and WarpOS configurations. The changes:
  • Images can be saved as AmigaOS, NewIcons, GlowIcons, OS4, PNG, and DualPNG
  • icons with configurable properties that include icon type, tooltypes,
  • selected image, default tool, stack, position, drawer properties, etc.
  • Added the "Freehand" drawing mode
  • Added the "Opacity map" effect for creating and inserting B&W opacity map images of alpha channels
  • Added the "ARexx" effect to launch ARexx scripts within the program
  • Added an example ARexx script
  • Better text editing/importing/exporting options for the text drawing effect
  • Draw and crop effects can be positioned with the mouse
  • Re-designed the line effect and added an arrowhead option
  • Added buttons and keys to load next and previous pictures in the directory
  • Added the undo levels setting
  • Added the redo option
  • Removed overlapping keyboard shortcuts for copy/cut/paste operations
  • Fixed pathless file arguments
  • Safer error handling
  • Other changes and fixes
Downloads: (dr)

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