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WHDLoad: Graphical user-interface iGame 2.2.0
iGame is a MUI-based frontend for starting WHDLoad games ( reported). Recently George 'walkero' Sokianos (editor 'Lite XL' or MediaVault) has released version 2.2.0 for AmigaOS 2.04 and higher, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS, providing the following changes:
  • Added
    • Added automatic release to Aminet and OS4Depot through the CI/CD whenever a new release tag is created at the repo

  • Changed
    • Removed completely the Tooltypes. Now iGame defaults to the optimal settings and uses only the settings file to change its behaviour.
    • Now if the file "envarc:igame.prefs" exists then this is used by iGame, instead of the one that exists at the PROGDIR:. This way multiple iGame instances will have common settings.
    • Introducing semantic versioning. No beta versions any more. Now the versions will have three digits based on MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH pattern. More info at

Aminet download: iGame.lha (315 KB) (dr)

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