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Thomas Claus (Mail)

AmigaOS 4: FTP client AmiFTP 1.953
At the beginning of 2010, for the last time reported on the FTP client AmiFTP. Ten years later, Matthias 'djBase' Münch (maintainer of Amigaworld) started a discussion about the further development of the client on OS4Welt. A source code was found but not of the OS4 version. After requesting, Frank Menzel (Entwickler-X) agreed to examine the source code.

After testing, first changes were made and adapted to AmigaOS 4 and compiler, bugs were removed and new small functions were added. After a longer break, the first version was released on Github in August 2022. An important step to preserve the source code and to motivate other developers to contribute to the project (e.g. SSL support).

Javier de las Rivas has made many improvements and bug fixes since the release of the source code, which have been reviewed and put into a public main branch by Frank Menzel. This makes version 1.953 available to AmigaOS4 users and hopefully a start for further development on AmiFTP. Changes:

Adaptions for first AmigaOS 4 version (Frank Menzel)
  • Update project to be able to compile with GCC
  • Switch GUI from ClassAct to Reaction
  • Toolbar uses AISS Icon Set
  • Switch from Reqtools to OS4 Requester
  • Adapt AmiTCP Network Hook to work with Roadshow
  • Remove obsolete DOS functions
  • AmiFTP now works with files larger than 4GB
  • Bugfixes
Further enhancements and improvements (Javier de las Rivas)
  • Speedbar can be changed to TEXT/IMAGES/BOTH
  • "Cleaned" some of the GUI's ReAction code.
  • Added missing speedbar buttons localized strings.
  • Changed to use menuclass.
  • Fixed disconnect button image when changing speedbar type (IMAGE|TEXT|BOTH).
  • SelectFont() not needed (commented).
  • Added 'UpdatedSpeedBar' to "fix" refresh speedbar when changing from prefs or from start (just "hide" it, not removed/freed).
  • Localized rename requester.
  • Fixed makefile to use "modified" FlexCat templates ( &
  • Reworked some requesters and localization strings.
  • UploadFile() was using fullpath+filename, thus creating (unwanted) dirs.
  • Added notification support after upload/download.

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