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Wireless Gamepad: Commotron Gamepad Turbo 2000 Super
Already at the Amiga37 (report), the new wireless Commotron gamepad for the Commodore 64 family, all Amigas and Ataris was introduced and presented. As a special feature, the fourth (fire) button got the jump function and is located directly below the fire buttons. The pad was tested with Turrican II on the C64 in the following video (YouTube video).

Features of the gamepad:
  • 6 meters wireless distance
  • 3 fire buttons
  • 4 different auto fire speeds (3, 5, 8 and 13 CPS = Clicks Per Second)
  • 1 UP button (Jump/Skip)
  • Memory function (remembers last mapping and autofire settings)
  • 9-pin joystick connector (D-Sub, DE9)
  • Automatic sleep mode and fast reconnection
Four different designs are available: AMIGA GP001-AMI, Commodore GP002-C64, ATARI GP003-VCS & GP004-JR. The gamepad can be ordered either in the in-house store or from partners like Alinea or Poly.Play for about 39 Euro plus shipping. (dr)

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