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Thomas Wenzel (ANF)

Audio: Prelude Software Bundle 4.0
Thomas Wenzel writes: "This is a fork of the last release by me before Oliver Gantert took over to improve and refactor it and to include support for his new Prelude ZII+ soundcard.

I have tried to fix all the bugs which Oliver also fixed in his branch. Along the way I took the opportunity to implement a watchdog which can resume a broken and stalled data transfer on its own. This can happen during some ZZ9000 graphics operations for example. The watchdog can't prevent the sound from being interrupted for a short time but after that it will resume automatically instead of just hang.

I have set the version number back to 4 to reflect the AHI v4 support and to clearly separate it from Oliver's branch.

So if you experience unexpected hangups during playback, or if you are just adventurous, this is the version to try. :)

If you are using an Amiblaster Deluxe soundcard, this version is also the one to choose."

Download: PreludeSoftwareBundleV4.lha (116 KB) (snx)

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