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Floppy disk images on PC and Mac: Greaseweazle Tools 1.13
Keir Fraser's "Greaseweazle" does - similar to Kryoflux - read the magnetic information on a floppy disk independently from the format used and saves as much information as possible to generate a so-called "Flux Level Image" in Supercard format (SCP), which enables reading and back-writing of copy-protected disks ( reported)

The adapter gets connected between a floppy disk drive - e.g. a standard 3.5" PC one - and a USB port of the PC or Mac. Version 1.13 of the Greaseweazle Tools provide the following changes:
  • Generate a x64 Windows build in addition to x32
  • New disk formats:
  • Generic IBM track scanner: ibm.scan
  • General Music: gem.1600
  • TRS CoCo OS-9, MM/1 OS-9: coco.os9.*, mm1.os9.*
  • Commodore 1571 (C64) GCR: commodore.1571
  • New image formats:
    • D71: C64 CBMDOS GCR 1571 double-sided disk
    • TD0: IBM sector format (Read only)
    • EDSK: Support writing new EDSK images (gw read --format=ibm.scan my.edsk)
  • gw read/write: New option --dd to set interface pin 2 for 5.25" drives
  • C64: New low-pass filter PLL stage to clean up noisy flux images
    • Can also be used more generally via a new sub-option to "--pll"

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