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SCSI-SD adapter: ZuluSCSI firmware V2023.06.03
ZuluSCSI is a new generation of file-based SCSI hard disk and CD-ROM drive emulators (review of an user). ZuluSCSI emulates a SCSI-I or SCSI-2 hard disk using an SD memory card ( reported). Changes of version 2023.06.03:
  • Fix regression in CD-ROM READ(6) command
  • Add platform support for CD-ROM eject buttons
  • CD-ROM image listing from directories
  • CD-ROM: Fix START STOP UNIT preventing drive use
  • CD-ROM: Revert removing audio stop during START/STOP UNIT for CDs.
  • CD-ROM: volume control and mode changes
  • CDROM: Add support for enabling/disabling channels within the audio ports.

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