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Archive 01/2002

Amiga Future

Financial software: Bugfix for Bonds V1.85
There is a first bugfix for Bonds v1.85 on the homepage (title link). It replaces the old exe file with a new one.


  • Umlauts now correct.
  • Crash in the depot stock window, if stock = 0.
  • Changing fonts caused crash.
  • Some more little things.

Still not fixed is the problem with the object data list which may occur if thre are two objects with the same first words (e.g. "SAP VZ" and "SAP ST").

Sven Dröge advices everybody who has MagicMenu installed to enable NON-BLOCKING in its options. Otherwise it may come that the menu choice could be overlooked.

Furthermore configuration files from elder versions of Bonds should not be used, since in part internet regarding settings had to be adjusted. In any case settings should be compared to the included configuration.

Bonds is a shareware financial software to maintain security papers of any kind. But the main focus is on shares. This software was especially designed for the German financial market place and handles best security papers dealt in Germany, since it uses the numbering system for security papers of the German stock-market. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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Logfile of the Chats with Salvador Fernandez Gomez of bplan
On Monday on the IRC channel #AmigaFun the chat with Salvador Fernandez Gomez of bplan has taken place. You will find it under the title link.

You can also find the logfile on the homepage of the usergroup AUG99. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Thomas Steiding (E-Mail)

e.p.i.c.: News about Feeble Files for Amiga 68k and PPC
The Feeble Files is currently in the final stages of betatesting for both 68k and PPC Amigas. We expect the game to be finished and go into production within the next week or so, which means the game should be shipping by early/mid february 2002. The Feeble Files will require an Amiga equipped with minimum a 68060, a 4 MByte GFX board and 32 MByte RAM but a PPC equipped Amiga is recommended.

Some users of the PPC version of EARTH 2140 MISSIONPACK:THE FINAL CONFLICT experienced problems with the game. The new update provided by Pagan Games is available from the download section of our website now and should eliminate these problems. However, if you did NOT experience any problems with THE FINAL CONFLICT please do NOT install this update. (ps)

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Thilo Köhler (ANF)

Audio: New audioprocessing program "Samplemanager"
You can find version 0.10 of my audio reworking tools "Samplemanager" in the Aminet for download. It loads/saves AIFF, WAV, MAUD, 8SVX, CDDA and RAW samples and is in "Audiomaster" style for easy handling and usage. The routines are written high optimized 68k Assembler and very fast.

Some features of the tool:
  • "Aussteuern" to 0dB
  • In-/Out fading
  • Cut spaces on start and stop
  • realtime effects like Compressor / Softclipper / Stereospreader/ Equalizer/ Enhancer/ Autotune
  • sample rates / bit resolution / converting data formats
  • complete Undo History
Some bugfixes since version 0.9 were done. The title link leads to the search requester of the Aminet. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Cj-Stroker (ANF)

Music: New song on Amiforce
Amiforce published a new song. So feel free to download and listen to this Trance-song. You will find it in the music-section of the homepage of Amiforce. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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Thomas Frieden (E-Mail)

Hyperion: Presse Release Amiga OS 4.0 development update

Amiga OS 4.0 development update
Leuven, Belgium, January 21, 2002.

Let me start off by wishing everybody in the Amiga community all the best in 2002!

As you know, on November 1, 2001 Hyperion Entertainment entered into a license agreement with Amiga Inc. to produce Amiga OS 4.0 for PPC based systems.

Since my presentation in Cologne at the Amiga 2001 show on November 17-18, very substantial progress was made which I am now ready to share with you.

Some of you have expressed some misgivings about the lack of progress reports on OS 4.0 development but I hope I can count on your understanding as all of us have been extremely busy, even through the holiday season, to bring you what is unquestionably the most ambitious OS upgrade since Amiga OS 3.0.

Now I know that many of you are sceptical because of the scope of the project and because similar promises were made in the past.

To those people I would like to point out that Hyperion Entertainment does not enter into contracts lightly and that we have a track-record carrying out commercial development and contract-work for Windows, Mac, Linux, Amiga and Amiga DE/Elate.

We have brought together a truly impressive development team of some 25 people building on the OS 3.5 and 3.9 development team whilst adding several well-known and respected Amiga developers to the mix.

I'm very pleased to say that Dave Haynie has agreed to serve as a technical consultant.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more experienced team for the job!

The feature-set of OS 4.0 has now been finalised to a large extent.

We can't guarantee that every single feature listed here will make it in the initial release of OS 4.0 but this is the feature-set that we have contractually committed to delivering.

You will also note that for the first time in many, many years very substantial work is being done on Intuition, one of the core elements of the Amiga OS. Having a PPC native version of Intuition available will make a very noticeable difference speed-wise.

We intend for OS 4.0 to be disk-based or at least partly disk-based and partly flashrom based even for current Amiga's. More about that in a later update.

We also intend for OS 4.0 to be installed effortlessly from CD and from scratch without the need for an existing OS install.

As we have taken on more work (Intuition etc.) and folded some of the functionality originally planned for OS 4.2 into OS 4.0, this inevitably means the original February release-date might slip somewhat but all in all we believe that the end-result will be technologically more satisfying.

Come end of January, I hope to have the biggest chunk of the legal work for OS 4.0 behind me which will allow me to provide you with more regular updates.

I know full well that your patience has been sorely tested over the last years so I understand your impatience and even your scepticism but I can assure you that the Amiga OS is in good hands and that we will deliver.

In closing, I would like to invite everybody out there who (out of an understandable frustration with the neglect of the Amiga OS by its respective past owners) decided to take matters in his own hands, to work with us, rather than against us.

Ben Hermans, LL.M
Managing partner Hyperion Entertainment VOF

Amiga OS 4.0 provisional feature list

Exec Second Generation (Exec SG)
Exec is the kernel of the AmigaOS and is currently written in 68K assembly.
Exec is being re-written in C and new functionality will be introduced to allow the deployment of OS 4.x on any suitable PPC hardware.
The following features are planned:
  • Hardware abstraction layer
  • Virtual memory
  • New library interface
  • Resource tracking and management
  • Optional memory protection
  • WarpOS backwards compatibility

68K "Just in Time" emulation

PPC native TCP/IP stack
  • implemented as a single shared library
  • compatible with the Amiga standard "bsdsocket" API, as defined by the AmiTCP product
  • enhanced API for more control over the inner workings and configuration
  • built-in DHCP client (e.g. for cable modems)
  • Internet Superserver (inetd)
  • IP filtering and networking address translation
  • drivers for asynchronous PPP (dial-up networking) and PPP over Ethernet (for ADSL and cable modems)
  • AmiSSL V2.0

PPC native filesystem (FFS2)
FFS2 is a fully backwards compatible re-implementation in C of the Fast File System. It supports media > 4 GByte, and a new variant of the file/directory name storage format which allows for long file names (up to 108 characters).

Recovery and Salvage tools
Comprehensive suite of salvage and recovery tools including Salvage, Undelete, Unformat, Repair, RDBSalv, ReOrg/Defrag, Check Integrity etc.

PPC native RTG system
The PPC native RTG system (based on Picasso 96 V3) allows for the use of modern graphics cards on the Amiga.
Drivers for all current Zorro II/III cards as well as drivers for the Permedia 2/3, Voodoo 3, Matrox G450/G550 and ATI Radeon are planned.
An arithmetically optimised PPC native version of layers.library is also planned.

New version of Warp3D, the powerful yet low-level 3D API which is both available on the classic Amiga and intent/Amiga DE and which allows developers to rapidly migrate 3D content between both platforms.
Drivers for Permedia 2/3, Voodoo 3, Matrox G450/G550 and ATI Radeon are planned.

OpenGL 1.3 support (Mesa 4.0)
OpenGL is a cross-platform (Mac, Linux, Windows, AmigaDE etc.) high-level 3D API originally developed by Silicon Graphics.
Support for OpenGL 1.3 will be provided by porting the open source project Mesa (which now passes all SGI compliance tests) which will sit on top of Warp3D so that graphics-card functionality not currently offered by the OpenGL API may be supported nonetheless.

PPC native RTA system (AHI)
A Retargetable Audio System allows the use of plug-in sound cards (PCI or Zorro II).
AHI by Martin Blom is currently the de facto standard on the Amiga and a PPC native version will be offered with support for a wide variety of sound cards including but not limited to all current Amiga sound cards and the Soundblaster 128 and Live (EMU10K1) cards.

PPC native Intuition and Reaction
Reaction is the BOOPSI based GUI system for the Amiga, introduced in OS 3.5 and extended in OS 3.9.
Moreover a new preferences system will allow the user to change more aspects of the GUI.
Other features:
  • Drag and Drop support
  • New "ghosted" look

Intuition will sport the following new features (more planned):
  • New DrawInfo pens
  • Enhanced window borders
  • Resolution-adaptive system gadgets
  • User-selectable styles for system glyphs and 3D frames with support for external plug-ins
  • Configurable look for proportional gadgets
  • New-style (3D recessed) "disabled" look for gadgets where applicable
  • Gad-Tools enhancements (pop-up capability for cycle gadgets etc.)
  • Full-user control of Workbench palette

SCSI drivers for SCRIPTS based SCSI controllers

WarpInput API (working title)
WarpInput is an API for multimedia controller devices (akin to DirectInput on Windows) which allows a programmer to provide support through one API for a wide variety of input-devices such as keyboard, mouse, joysticks (analog and digital), track-ball, Playstation controller etc.

Minimal USB stack

PPC native datatypes

New HDToolbox replacement

Support for TrueType/OpenType fonts

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Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 20.01.2002)
WHDLoad helps you to install your old game to your harddisc. The following packages were added or updated:
  • 20.01.02 new: Magicland Dizzy (Codemasters) done by Abaddon
  • 20.01.02 new: Harlequin (Gremlin) done by Abaddon
  • 20.01.02 improved: D/Generation (Mindscape) supports CD³² version too
  • 20.01.02 fixed: Car Vup (Core Design) misc changes
(ps) (Translation: sk)

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BusinessWeek: Apple Special
There is a new article about Apple at the BusinessWeek-homepage. A subpage of this article is dealing with GUI and easier computers.

»Instead of starting out with hardware and software as the first design step, I said what we are going to need if we want to reach millions of people is to start with the question of what do people do with a computer, and how do they do it. What is the interface like? And then design the hardware and software to support that. This is why the Macintosh was unlike any commercial product that came before it. (Jef Raskin)« (ps) (Translation: sk)

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Steffen Häuser (ANF)

Screenshots of Quake 2 for Amiga
Quake2 for Amiga is not finished yet but now there are some screenshots available. These pics were took from different "Quake2 Mods" that will be available with the release of the game.

You can find the screenshots here: Steffen Häuser (ps) (Translation: sk)

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VWP News (E-Mail)

Audio: WaveTracer DS now Freeware
Virtual Worlds Productions writes:
The WaveTracer DS, a substantial soundtool, that supports surround sound and editing apart from a lot of known standard functions, is now available as freeware. It can be downloaded free of charge from

All copyright references which refer to shareware or any commercial sale are not valid any longer. The complete package can now be freely circulated as long as the data files have not been modified.

VWP keeps the copyright. For further information about installation and software check out

Amiga: We need your help!
We have reason to believe that the former distributor of WaveTracer DS sold more units than he actually registered with us. In order to prove this presumed miscalculation we need the help of all those who have bought the WaveTracer DS in recent years.

Under a form is available where you can fill in your data anonymously. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail stating when you bought your WaveTracer DS and at what price.

Virtual Worlds Productions would like to thank you for your efforts in advance.

We also regret that the further development of the WaveTracer DS was amongst other things also stopped due to a lack of interest. That this assumtion turned out to be wrong has unfortunately become apparent too late. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Matthias Münch (ANF)

AUG99: Present your Computers
Matthias Münch writes:
We've started a new project and we would like to create a small gallery of your Amiga computers.

Since there's already a very nice gallery of your Workbench available NoRiscNoFun-Team, we would like to see the matching computers.

So just take a few pictures of your amiga and send us the nicest one either directly via email or just use the form. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Amiga Future

dynAMIte: New Style - Enlightenment, Update of Polish Catalogue
On 20 January 2002 the style "Enlightenment" was released for the Bomberman-/Dynablaster-Clone "dynAMIte". This is a graphic set inspired by Druid II and created by Jupp3.

Besides an update of the Polish catalogue was published.

Download: (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Amiga Future

AmigaOS: Kickstart-Guide
On 19 January 2002 an English guide was published on "Peter's Amiga Home Page" about the Amiga-Kickstart-ROMs. The guide has been split into the following categories:

  1. What is a Kickstart ROM?
  2. What Kickstarts are there?
  3. What is in the Kickstart ROM?
  4. Installing a new Kickstart?
  5. The Early Startup Screen.
  6. Questions about Kickstart ROMs.
  7. Tools and Utilities for Kickstart
(sd) (Translation: sr)

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Amiga Future

Games: New Design of "Amiga Online Games"-Website
Via the title link you can see the new design of the "Amiga Online Games" website.

The website gives you information about Amiga games that can be played via nullmodem, modem or TCP/IP. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Michael Böhmer (ANF)

USB: SUBWAY - Z4-Board needed for testing
Michael Böhmer writes:
In order to test the compatibility of SUWBAY with clock ports of different manufacturers, we have already tested a lot of boards to see if they are suitable. Many thanks to all of those who were so nice to let us use their systems!

We're still urgently looking for a Z4 board owner in the area of Landshut/Munich, Germany, who could let us use his board for this purpose. We would come to your place and it would only take around 30 minutes :)

It would be really nice if somebody with such a board could get in touch with us.

Our contact address is (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Bernhard Wörner (ANF)

Audio Remake Tool: "Amplify" V1.1
Bernhard Wörner writes:
Version 1.1 of my Audio Remake Tool Amplify is now ready for download on my homepage.

Here are some of the features the program offers:
  • Modulation on 0dB
  • Dubbing in and fading out
  • Removal of empty spaces at beginning and end
Compared with version 1.0 some bugs have been fixed.

Amplify is available for download via the title link as a binary for various 68k-CPUs from the 68020 and for the PPC. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: Interview with Timo Kloss ("Inga")
On 20 January 2002 Olaf Köbnik published an interview with Timo Kloss Timo Kloss, the developer of the Graphic Adventure-Developer Kit "Inga".

"Inga" allows you to create your own graphic adventures without programming knowledge.

The Amiga Arena talked to Timo Kloss about the future of "Inga", about why the planned version V1.0 is only based on an 8-bit graphic support for the time being and about what else we might expect.

Olaf Köbnik: It seems to me that with "Inga" you can really create exciting adventure games of high quality and I hope that there are plenty of creative users who will present us with new adventures for Amiga which are based on Inga. (sd) (Translation: sr)

[News message: 20. Jan. 2002, 16:19] [Comments: 0]
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