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Archive 04/2002

Andreas Magerl (E-Mail)

Amiga Future: closing date extended
Because of the failure of the Amiga Future Hompage and their e-mail-account last days, the closing date for the raffle of issue #35 was extended to April the 4th 2002. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Andreas Kürzinger (E-Mail)

Browser: New Betas of Voyager for Amiga and MorphOS (Update)
At the download area of Vaporware there are new beta versions of the browsers Voyager for AmigaOS (v3_3-beta122) and MorphOS (v3_3_beta123) .

From the Readme is to gather that those new versions should not be installed over the old 3.2 versions, because some subsystems are not compatible. Please read the readme files observant.

Bladerunner has made the following hint for Netconnect 3 user:
Netconnect3-user have to, for using the actual beta, register first their NC3-key at Vapor again as "single keys" because the NC3-key does not work with actual products of Vapor any longer. This can be done at thesupport site . (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Poll: For which hardware will you go?
Following the title link there is a new poll. The question is:

For which hardware will you go?

Possible answers:

  • A1G3SE with AmigaOS 4.x
  • A1G3SE with MorphOS
  • Pegasos with MorphOS
  • Pegasos with AmigaOS 4.x
  • I´ll make my decision after sales start
  • I am waiting for faster CPUs (>=G4) with AOS4
  • I am waiting for faster CPUs (>=G4) with MOS
  • I will change to an emulator
  • I will still use my old hardware
  • I wil change to another system
Enjoy the voting.
Suggestions for new polls are welcome. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Nico Barbat (ANF)

Programmer for filesharing-software wanted
P2P-clients gain more and more importance only with the demoscene there are (due to the lack participance) no useful employment of tools like Morpheus, eDonkey, Limewire, WinMX or iMesh. We are looking now for several programmer, who want to participate the development of such a P2P-client especially for the exchange of demos, diskmags, sounddisks, party-reports and similar material.

Lateron this client should be under GPL and should be running on as much platforms as possible (most important AmigaOS, Windows and Linux) via the open-source-concept. We have a beta-version of a MS-DOS software available, which could be used as starting point for development. If you're interested in this project we were pleased to get an e-mail, sent to (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Sylvio Kurze (ANF)

SOMS is looking for a new story writer
Somehow the SOMS-team is out of luck last time. Because of a removal of our story-writer he is no longer available and we are searching urgent for a replacement. We are looking for people who are able to write good and without mistakes and are encouraged to design the further levels and the further story of SOMS. Please send an excerpt to: (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Matthias Muench (ANF)

AUG99: Pictures from Mekka & Symposium 2002
The Amiga User Group 99 was abroad again and brought with them some pictures from the Mekka & Symposium. It's been a superb event with about 1400 participants. 1st-class Demos were shown on a huge screen, too, creating a unique atmosphere inside the hall.

There was to ascertain that the Amiga-demos do not need to hide in any way for the superior PC-demos. At least they seemed more dynamic and more interesting. The most impressive was the 64k-demo "Planet Potion" of group "potion", this one was confirmed inside the hall with huge applause.

Furthermore there were beside the PC-demos some C64- and (sadly) any very few some Atari-demos. Shown were as well some demos for the Gameboy and for the TI83 calculator, which was very impressive.

Among the Demos there were more topics like mp3 music, tracker, and graphic. More about that and all the results are on site Mekka & Symposium. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Workbench replacement: Scalos 1.3u BETA (V40.21)
There is a new beta version (v40.21) of the workbench replacement 'Scalos V1.3u' published. All changes are to view at the history site. Download: ScalosBeta.lha (220 KB) (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Daniel Miller

Amiga Expo 2002: Show Report by Daniel Miller
The Amiga/Alternative Computer Expo 2002 was organized by ImageFX's Kermit Woodall and took place in Hunt Valley, Maryland, which is a nondescript but nice town about 80 miles north of Washington DC. Not wanting to spend the entire weekend I attended Saturday for several hours which gave me enough to author this very basic report for the readers of

The Hunt Valley Marriot Hotel had one large exhibition area where about 24 vendors, user groups, and others set up their stands. Additionally there were downstairs meeting rooms where special seminars took place, on subjects like Lightwave, Video Toaster, robotics, Javascript, ImageFX, and more. The seminar I attended featured a panel of 3 former Amiga engineers: Dale Luck, Dave Haynie, and Andy Finkel. Each spoke for a few minutes about his experiences with the Amiga computer at Commodore and thereafter. They then accepted questions from the audience.

Dale had injured a leg muscle in a skiing adventure, and he sat and took it easy while the others did most of the talking. Andy and Dave spoke about the early years, and about the Commodore bankruptcy. They spoke about their common work at PIOS on the Metabox set-top box. I can't recall who, but one of the three spoke about the 3DO system as the reinvention of Amiga OS, and another about the AmiJoe PPC-accelerator card. When asked about Amiga Inc.'s DE product, Dave said that it was "a good idea" and that someone named Gary had sent him two of the latest DE programs, but then accidentally let slip that the programs crashed on his Zaurus.

Overall the men seemed happy talking about their time at Amiga, and a bit wistful. Andy and Dave agreed that the single biggest mistake was wasted time and a failure to seize the moment when technological advances had been within the company's reach.

Upstairs in the large exhibit hall, a vendor with a mild speaking impediment ushered people over to try his Arcade in a Box. It is a sturdy joystick, button and trackball cabinet, which interfaces with MAME to play hundreds of arcade games with the feel of the real thing.

The people who produce the X1200 (which is an emulator-running PC in a compact A1200ish case) were there demonstrating that unusual product, which is rather spiffy in appearance. The X1200 is a pretty good idea. It runs Amithlon, which seemed to be selling very well at the show. Amithlon was getting positive comments all around. Amiga Inc.'s DE was a non-issue. Nobody is into that, from what I saw. There was a lot of anti-Microsoft sentiment. People resent having to use products by that company, because the Windows monopoly is such a fact of life and the consumer does not have much of a choice.

An example of the vendors present at the show was Compuquick who were very knowledgeable and had a good variety of stuff including A1200s and the oldish Phase5 PPC accelerators which can run MorphOS.

MorphOS felt a bit like a taboo subject. The MorphOS/4.0 question is the most politicized issue ever for followers of this platform. Some of the vendors were taking preorders for AmigaOne/4.0. Ben Hermans from Hyperion was reached on cellphone and was interviewed for at least 15 or 20 minutes. Ben must be given credit for putting himself out there and being a salesman.

I liked the fact that this convention doubled as an "alternative computers" convention, however this good idea has not been realized. There wasn't much representation from alternative computing systems. No Linux people, and I don't think anyone from QNX appeared either. And of course it would have great to see a MorphOS stand.

On the whole, the event was positive. There are several different Amiga platform projects in the pipeline now, some of which seem realistic. If some new products materialize, the dynamics of the scene will change, and we could continue these conventions, only bigger and busier. (ps)

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Jim (ANF)

Jim's BitShop (AmigaTalk) has a new URL
This is to let everyone know that the Home website of AmigaTalk, G.O.O.S.A., etc. has been changed to:

I also have a new email address: Everything's been changed because I subscribed to a DSL modem ISP (amazingly fast!). (ps)

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03.Apr.2002 / Elvis (ANF)

Technomages: "Eric Schwartz Puzzles" - New game for AmigaDE
Technomages in partnership with ES Productions is proud to announce the new mind-teaser game "Eric Schwartz Puzzles" for Amiga Anywhere.

In Eric Schwartz Puzzles, the object of the game is to piece together beautiful images in as few moves as possible. This addictive game features never before seen images from Eric, free style and challenge play modes, 7 difficulty modes, unlock pictures, saved scores, help, and much more.

Related links:
Read the full press release at the title link. More info about Eric Schwartz Puzzles, and have a look at Eric Schwartz Puzzles on Amiga Anywhere site. (ps)

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Paul Cardwell (ANF)

GetBoinged!: Amiga Expo 2002 show report
GetBoinged! is proud to present the Amiga Expo 2002 show report. The GetBoinged! crew drove to Baltimore, MD for the Amiga Expo 2002. Head on over to GetBoinged! for the report. (ps)

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Bernie Meyer (E-Mail)

Statement from Bernie Meyer regarding the distribution of Amithlon
Bernie Meyer:
The bad news first: I have just released a statement regarding the distribution of Amithlon; It is available under the title link. Please read it; I hope it might explain some of my recent less than cordial reactions on the Amithlon mailing list.

The good news is that I have uploaded an updated kernel image (based on linux 2.4.19pre4) and a bunch of patches; You can grab that stuff from

I hope it comes in useful for someone.

I know this is going to cause a great deal of discussion and speculation. I would like to ask everyone to please be reasonable, and stick to the known facts, as well as to polite forms of discourse. The situation is bad enough as it is, nothing at all can be gained from aggravating anyone involved.

Thank you all for your understanding,
Bernie Meyer (ps)

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Benjamin de Waal (AmigaOne-ML)

Amiga Information Site
Due to the number of complaints on several public lists and forums regarding a lack of a centralised place for Amiga information of all kinds (classic, AmigaOne, OS4, Amiga Anywhere), I am working on such a site.

It's TEMPORARY home is at Please note that the current layout is very much not going to be the final look of the page. I've got it how it is so that I can easily and quickly add pages and information without the need to work on the nitty-gritty of looks - I'm no website designer but please don't send ideas for how you think I can make it look better, I'll come to that when I've got enough information to warrant having a page in the first place. What I'd like to request is that anyone who feels they can contribute, please do so by emailling me information and pages to include. This is not intended as a news site so I don't want information about upcoming events and that sort of thing, just straight info. I'd appreciate it if you send me whole pages to just slot in where appropriate that you design them with no javascript, frames, or scripting of any kind - just straight and plain HTML with links - also if you could keep images to an absolute minimum as I only have 10MB webspace with my ISP and don't intend on moving it to a real server until it's complete enough to be the kind of place I'd be happy to point people for more information. My 10MB should be plenty if we can keep it to being pure text and key images only. If you take a look at what I've got there at the moment, you'll see the general kind of things I want. My AmigaOne page is probably about the most complete at the moment, but I could very much do with more technical information linked off the AmigaOne specs (most of those links I've written about one or two lines only at present).

The general idea is that anyone of any level can look at the site. People click on the AmigaOne link and see basic information. Techie types say, I want to know more about xxx, and click on that link for more tech info. Any information that is implied or suggested but not directly stated anywhere by someone "official" should be marked as such. I know you might mean well, but unsubstantiated rumors are NOT the intended goal of the site. I'm going to be putting a lot of my personal time and effort into maintaining the information and keeping it all as up to date as possible and I'd appreciate not having to wade through mountains of rumor and misinformation. Information regarding anything to do with Amiga is welcomed, but no "this is better than that" without hard fact to back it up. Presently I'm mostly interested in information on AmigaOne, AmigaOS4, Classic Amiga (history), Amithlon and AmigaDE (Anywhere), however if someone wants to write something about MorphOS, UAE, Pegasos, Merlancia, pOS, Classic Amiga expansions, software issues or anything else relevant, I won't reject it (if it's factual, unbiased and contains useful information of course).

Also, obviously, if anyone sees anything on the page that they think is incorrect, let me know and I'll investigate it further.

To avoid spamming these lists with ideas, please send information/pages directly to me at either or with "page submission" in the subject (just so I can filter for it, I get ALOT of mail). (sd)

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Allen Kamp (E-Mail)

Magazine: REBOL/Zine Issue 5 Vol 1
On April, 1st Allen Kamp has released issue 5 of the REBOL/Zine magazine: This English online magazine deals with the REBOL-System. The themes of the latest volume:

  • Lit-Word!
  • Discovering The forgotten DRAW dialect (PART #1)
  • More than one way to... (Skinning, Effects)
  • Bigger than a pixel - working with sections of an image!
  • Bits & Pieces
    • How can I change the title text of a window?
    • Did you know?
  • Pick of the List - Everything is a Value
  • Get-Word! (Send in the contributions)
(sd) (Translation: gf)

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Michiel Erasmus (Open Amiga-ML)

AmigaDE: Tip - VNC-Client (Java)
The great free remote desktop sharing program VNC client is working in the AmigaDE, all thanks to Java!

You can download it from Maybe some1 on this list can try to port the server program to the AmigaDE??

Anyways, that was my Java tip of the day ;-) (sd)

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Achim Stegemann (ANF)

Poll results and consequences
First of all "Thanks" to all Amigans who participated in the poll (Digital Almanac). Though the poll was not representative, it has showed several directions:

About 80% of all participants have shown their interests in the AmigaOne and Pegasos board. But most of them want to wait how the market will develop before they decide to buy one of the boards.

Astonishing: Almost all were not sure whether to buy the AmigaOne AmigaOne or the Pegasos, but almost all would prefer OS 4 rather than MorphOS! That's not a miracle, as both boards have almost identical specifikations. And Amiga has shown with the publishing of BoingBag 2 and the specs of OS 4, that development is continuing, while it has been quiet calm with MorphOS during the past month. Also most participants await a higher compatibility from OS 4 to old OS 3 instead from MorphOS.
This shows, how important it is for Amigans, that the current existing software will run reliable under the new OS. However, it is currently unknown, how much new software will be released for OS 4.
Read more under the title link. (ps)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena - Interview with László Török
Betaversion 1.6 of the AVI/MOV player "MooVId", part of AmigaOS 3.9, with DivX support is in work.

In the interview László Török talks about future features and answers the standard questions asked a few weeks ago. You can find the interview here. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Markus Tillmann (ANF)

S-File #17 from clickBOOM
The Canadian games producer clickBOOM has released a new S-File in which it says a small amount of bugfixed Nightlong CDs was produced and that infos about new games and reworked homepage will be online soon. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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László Török

AVI/MOV-Player: MooVId 1.6 with Divx-Support in work
László Török announces that his AVI/MOV player "MooVId" version 1.6 is in work, and has released a Screenshot. This version will support DivX. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Greg Donner

Greg Donner: AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ updated - Version 1.6
Greg Donner has updated his AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The list of known bugs was expanded. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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SWAUG: Interview with Ben Hermans, Hyperion
The Amiga usergroup of South Wales (SWAUG) has released an interview with Ben Hermans, Hyperion. You will find it here. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Costel Mincea (ANF)

DynDNS Client: AmiDynDNS v1.0 BETA
The DynDNS client AmiDynDNS is available in version 1.0 BETA, you can download it from the website (title link).

AmiDynDNS is now a CLI/Commodity hybrid program. So you can use it as before from the CLI and from the workbench with a little GUI.

The Commodity mode is interesting for server users who must know the latest host. AmiDynDNS is running in the background after startup and checks in free chooseable intervall the stated host and updates if necessary.

Also two options are added, you can choose paths for log- and configfile.

This is a public BETA so I want to ask all users to report their experiences. I am interested especially in bugs and suggestions for the final version 1.0. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

VHT-DK New update of VirusZ III (v0.99)
Georg Hoermann has made an update of VirusZ III, and the bugfixed update is now available for download at our homepage. Here is some info about the update:

Name: VirusZ III v0.99
Archive name : VirusZ.lha
Archive size : 57.211
Date : 1 April 2002
Programmer : Georg Hoermann
Requires: AmigaOS 2.04 or better
util/arc/xadmaster.lha (recommended)
util/libs/DisLib.lha (optional)

News in VirusZ III v0.99:

  • Improved window calculation code to avoid rendering bugs when you have installed sysihack-like programs. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for the bug report and screenshot.
  • Splitted the single 'About' request in a 'Technical Info' request and a new 'About' request and added some more information to them.
  • Fixed bug: 72 bytes of memory disappeared during every program startup, this seems to be a problem with special CreateNewProc() tags. After two nights of debugging I still couldn't locate the bug exactly, so I did some workaround instead, now there are at least no more memory losses.
  • Added the first vector snapshots sent by David Oakes, Ian Chapman, Fulvio Peruggi and Harry Sintonen. Thanks guys!
  • Fixed minor rendering problem with VirusZ's main window. This one only appeared if you have modified the top_border size with tools like MCP. Thanks to Luca Longone for the report/screenshot and sorry for my angry email :-)
  • Added full support for NSD-64-bit devices. Now the bootblocks of partitions located higher than the old 4GB-border will finally be accessed correctly.
  • Improved disassembler output in the bootblock lab. The first three longwords now always get displayed as 'dc.l' lines and disassembly starts at offset $000c, the real entry point of a bootblock. This avoids strange interpretations of the bootblock's checksum and the two other fields.
  • Added some more vector snapshots sent by Dariusz Krzempek. Thanks!
Download shortcut (ps)

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Many of you had noticed that we had our very own little April-fools' joke:

Microsoft - AmigaAnywhere Banner

Microsoft - .net
Microsoft - .net

;-) (ps) (Translation: sk)

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SFXSoft: YGM V2.6
YGM stands for 'You've Got Mail'. It checks an unlimited number of POP3 mailboxes for new mails without needing to start up the favourite yet sometimes bulky mail client just for this. YGM shows how many mails are waiting in each mailbox for download and their approximate size.

The most important new features in this release are:
The argument NOQUIT has been added to tell YGM not to quit an already running instance of YGM if it is started again. Modified the places where YGM looks for different files to better support running YGM from the WBStartup drawer. Mailbox login now supports APOP for transmitting username and password more safely. REPEAT values may now be specified in seconds too.

Download: YGM.lha (151 KB) (ps)

[News message: 01. Apr. 2002, 18:48] [Comments: 0]
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Richard Hackelbusch (ANF)

Order in advance of Amiga PPC sytems by KDH
The online-shop of KDH-Datentechnik now offers the possibility to order AmigaOne and Pegasos systems in advance. Interestingly enough they have the same pricetag with the same equipping. (ps) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 01. Apr. 2002, 15:44] [Comments: 0]
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Daniel Miller (ANF)

Dave Haynie left Merlancia
Dave Haynie, "Mr. 3000," was asked at the AmigaExpo2002 last weekend if he is still working for Merlancia Industries. His answer was NO. Dave would not tell what he actually doing right now, only that it has nothing to do with Amigas or PCs. reported last year (July) that Haynie had become CTO of Merlancia.

Last weekend Dave played with a band called 'Unpanned Swampland Band'. (ps) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 01. Apr. 2002, 15:42] [Comments: 0]
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Pär Boberg (E-Mail)

Famous Amiga Uses - Update
Pär Boberg reported that his website 'Famous Amiga Uses' was updated. (ps) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 01. Apr. 2002, 09:07] [Comments: 0]
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