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Archive 01/2003

Jürgen Schmitz (E-Mail)

Amiga Inc.: AmigaOS4 Feature Set: Release 1
January 13, 2003 - Snoqualmie, WA

Amiga is pleased to publish this first version of the feature set of the up and coming AmigaOS4.0. The document will undergo revision in subsequent issues but because of the massive demand for information made by the public, we have decided to release it in its current state.

Due to the large amount of work and the obvious technical nature of OS development, the document is both considerable in size, laden with jargon and, to save download time, diagrams have not been included.

For those using older Amiga based PDF viewers, there may be a few minor issues with displaying the front page graphics but this is due to issues with these viewers. On official PDF viewers, and on the new AmigaOS4.0 viewer, the document is rendered true.

Amiga would like to thank both those in the AmigaOS4.0 project team, who have worked on this project with passion and commitment and those who have patiently waited for their favourite platform to bloom once again. It has been a huge undertaking and no one company, entity or person can take the credit. It has been a fantastic demonstration of what makes the Amiga platform so special, the coming together of like minds to build something extraordinary.

AmigaOS4.0. The legend continues.

Click here to download/view the AmigaOS4 Feature Set PDF

There is also a HTML version of this PDF document: (ps)

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Sylvio (ANF)

New Screenshots of Soms3D and innovation
There are new Soms3D shots on the Anime development web page to admire, which shows the first progress of the engine. In addition one can now chat with the developers of Soms3D. On the IRC server phatnet ( #amigafun) and/or at this URL. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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Aminet Uploads 13.01.2003
Here the current uploads:

rno-urea.lha         demo/aga   1.6M+RNO: "Urea" demo from M&S 2000 (7th)
eviled.lha           dev/e       75K+Editor with source in E
php-4.3.0-bin.lha    dev/gg     717K+PHP 4.3.9 - AmigaOS 68k binary
fdisk.lha            disk/misc  206K+PC partition table editor for Amiga
CyberGazetka01.lha   docs/mags  406K+Skubaniec - simple polish mag
WormWars.lha         game/misc  624K+Worm Wars 7.3: Advanced snake game
Sv5Fix100.lha        gfx/misc   284K+*Fix* for SView5 V1.00 (11.1.2003)
3c589.lha            hard/drivr  54K+Driver for 3Com PCMCIA network cards
Lame68k.lha          mus/misc   324K+Lame 3.93.1, mp3 encoder
cvs-1.11.4.lha       util/gnu   1.1M+CVS 1.11.4 - Concurrent Versions System 
ReportPlus.lha       util/misc  305K+Report+ 5.64: Multipurpose utility
idle1_4.lha          util/moni   12K+A (working) cpu monitor
idlewos.lha          util/moni   12K+A cpu monitor with WarpOS Support

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John Klas (E-Mail)

Sixgirls Computing Labs is under attack
John Klos from Sixgirls Computing Labs writes:
Sixgirls Computing Labs, which is known for being one of the only hosting services which uses an Amiga as a full time server (, is experiencing a massive denial of service attack of unprecedented magnitude.

A previous attack saturated the 10-base-T connection of the Amiga server with over 7 Mbps of syn packets, which caused loss of most connectivity for part of a day, but the machine was put behind another Sixgirls server with 100-base-T connections which filters this traffic.

Another attack began at midnight EST Sunday morning. Information from the upstream router shows that this attack is using 150 Mbps of traffic to make the connection unusable. Measures will be put into place to block this traffic upstream, and normal service should resume sometime Monday. The authorities are investigating.

Temporarily, you may have trouble accessing sites which are hosted on, such as:
and others.

Please check back. (ps)

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Grasshopper LLC

DTP: PageStream V4.1.5.5 for Amiga OS and Windows
On 12 January 2003 Grasshopper LLC published version of the DTP program 'PageStream' for Amiga and Windows. This update is available for registered users on the Grasshopper LLC Website at the disposal. Currently this update contains only the new files until the test of the package is finished. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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TV software: AmithlonTV beta version 229
Guido Mersmann published beta version 229 of the TV card driver software AmithlonTV.

    Complete rework of the current video_bt8x8.lib. Many routines replaced, improved or completly removed.
    Fixed a memory allocation problem. The video_bt8x8.lib didn't work on non powerpci.library systems, now this is fixed.
    TVCard.library is now able to detect the Philips video chip which is using the pci subclass "other" instead of video.
    New option "Push in screen"! When using PowerWindows you're able to drag windows out of the screen, which is very useful. My TV window is placed at the right bottom of the screen by default. When using the menu/hotkey to enlarge the window it stays there and grows into the screen border. By using the new option the window position is automaticaly changing to fit on screen.

Download: AmithlonTV_Beta229.lha (ps) (Translation: sk)

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Meeting: Pictures of the Alternative Party 2003 (update)
Under the title link you can find some pictures of the Alternative Party 2003, which took place last weekend in Helsinki, Finland.

Supplement 14.01.2003:
Further pictures can be found here and here. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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Marius Schwarz (ANF)

Meeting: Amiga party in Braunschweig asks for registration
Marius Schwarz wrote:
"For planning reasons of the Amiga Lan party in Braunschweig, which will take place on 8 and 9 February 2003, we would like to ask all of you, to announce your coming by using our web form. We need the registration because of the food supply, are thus in your interest. THX." (ps) (Translation: sk)

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Velcro_SP (ANF)

Meeting: Pictures of CES 2003 (Genesi)
I placed pictures of the CES 2003 on-line. Much fun when looking at! (ps) (Translation: sk)

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12.Jan.2003 1000th news ticker mailed!
More than 600 subscribers make use of the possibility to have our news sent to them via eMail. Jürgen Müller, who we are extending a big thankyou to, has been creating a ticker almost daily for more than 3 years, and yesterday the 1000th ticker was sent in the German section!

If you hadn't yet known about this possibility, you can learn how to subscribe and unsubscribe under the title link. (ps) (Translation: cb)

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Jörg Thomas (ANF)

New URL for ylf's home page
As Amiga browsers apparently are learning and thus are slowly getting problems with my hitherto domain redirect service in the form of annoying banner ads and popup windows, I have now set up a new URL. As from now my site with the well known hardware tips and the \"Amiga ist ...\" page can also be reached under

At the same time I would like to thank everyone for their feedback, and ask those who have linked to my page to update the link at the next opportunity.

Regards, Jörg Thomas (ps) (Translation: cb)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Amiga Future: New review online
Today a review by Tristan Mangold of the online game 'Inselkampf' has been published in the Amiga Future home page's articles area. (ps) (Translation: cb)

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Stefan Ruppert (ANF)

Red card for Internet investigators
Stefan Ruppert wrote:
Just stumbled across the above mentioned site. Don't know if this has already been posted here but it seems to me to be interesting for all Internet users.

Some words about the content:
"The Bundesrat has decided concerning a bill that intends the saving of all available data in the area of the classic telecommuncations (calling via cellphone and mobile cell phone, SMS, fax etc.) as well as all data available on the Internet on stock. The goal is to make it possible for the secret services and the offices for prosecution to find data they can access if is needed. Details shall not be handled in form of laws but through the Federal Government via a statuory instrument."

For those who are interested I came via to this site. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

Conrad Elektronik: USB/Firewire to IDE interface
At Conrad Elektronik you can buy an interface for USB/FireWire to IDE. With this interface it shall be possible to run an external IDE tower with hard disks for example via the USB interface card Highway. This interface handles on the IDE side ATA and ATAPI (PIO 0-4 and UDMA 0-4).

Interesting though is the question whether this interface can work also in the other direction. IDE to USB/FireWire.

Link to the interface removed as they use with single session IDs. So all interested have to wade through to the interface's page themselves. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Instant Messenger: Jabberwocky v1.3 - 6. preview (Update)
Tom Parker has released preview 5 of the Instant Messenger 'JabberWocky' for Amiga computers. Jabber is an open XML protocol for the direct exchange of messages.

Connections to other Instant Messengers like AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo are possible via gateways.

Download: Jabberwocky030109.lha

Update 12.01.2003:
Today was released preview 6. Download: Jabberwocky030113.lha (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Ralf Himmel (ANF)

Replacing floppy discs with MiniCD-RW
The company Memorex will offer from Februar 2003 on rewritable CDs for the waistcoat with 8 cm in diameter as a replacement for the floppy discs. The small CD-RW that can be rewritten up to 1.000 times and can contain a maximum of 210 MB of data is suitable for mobile users. The Pocket CD-RW fits in every pocket and therefore suits perfectly for the mobile use, e.g. in the laptop, MP3 player or in the digital camera. Using the standard audio compression mode MPEG you can record 210 minutes of music. They are said to be available from February on for a price of 6,99 Euros for five Pocket CD-RWs in a slim jewel case. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Aminet uploads of 11.01.2003
Here are the latest Aminet uploads:

opentriton-hun.lha   dev/gui      3K+Hungarian catalog for OpenTriton GUI sys
fat95hun.lha         disk/misc   20K+Hungarian translation for fat95
AmigaFuture40.lha    docs/mags  1.0M+Great german paper mag preview
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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Stefan Schulze (ANF)

Collected Dreamworlds news - Crossfire II update (update)
There are many news to report:

The new homepage of Dreamworlds Development is online. The base design is already complete as well as are the news and the downloads. Information about projects and the team will follow in the next few days. Until then there's a link to the old homepage.

Crossfire II has experienced a big update. There's finally a demo version (download: cf2_demo.lha - 11,7 MB) and an update (download: cf2_upd101.lha), containing the following:
  • Alternative graphics functions that don't need ChunkyPPC; solves problems of ChunkyPPC on Pegasos systems.
  • Mission mode completely translated into German.
  • Optionally playable in the Workbench window.
  • The tutorial can be skipped when starting a new game.
  • Active weapon is marked with light effect.
  • New music piece specially for mission #11.
  • Many missions details changed.
  • Wrong colors when playing in 8bit without screen fading fixed.
  • Crash in mission #26 fixed.
  • "File not executable" error fixed.

People ordering the full version now will get already the new version with all known problems fixed. The demo version is up to this level, too, and lets you play the tutorial, 2 missions from the middle of the game and test the multiplayer mode. To keep the archive small in size were all animations and musics removed. A more complete demo will be released e.g. on the next AmigaFuture CD.

Crossfire II is a kind of Wing Commander seen from above with complex and varied missions, a thrilling background story, lavish effects and explosive multiplayer fights.

On the APC&TCP homepage have recently further screenshots of the game been released. The game is available at APC&TCP and in a few days also on the shelves in the stores. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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