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Archive 04/2003

Kicko (ANF)

Music: Roland JD800 MIDI commands for tracks&fields 0.1
Made system area and part area commands for JD800. The rest of commands im going to make sometime in future when i know more about coding or when i get help with it. So look out maybe it will come sooner or later. I will try to make my best.

This package is made as roland jd800 has some bugs in ROM so you can save the sysex with tracks&fields and then put this commands in the music you are creating. The part effects and values are the ones that... at last on my computer arent saved for some reason. I have the latest ROM. And ofcours you can use the commands to play with the settings in the music. If i make more commands than it would be even more fun as there would be controlling more buttons realtime. heh. Later on.

As usual, if anyone finds this usefull please tell me and write a short letter. It can be whatever. I like it, dislike it etc. (ps)

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AmigaWorld (ANF)

Weekly Q&A's with Fleecy Moss - episode 4
The English online magazine AmigaWorld has published episode 4 of the regular questions and answers session with Fleecy Moss, CTO at AMIGA, Inc. (Update 2012-03-17, cg: as the original document is no longer available, the following content was moved into our database):

1) AutumnSun: does AInc has any plans for a very low cost Amiga? i.e. erverything on board + TVout and possibly only some flash-memory (but optional external HD)

Fleecy: Amiga is actively promoting the benefits of AmigaOS4 and beyond to many companies who have great interest in seeing a resource frugal, high performance multimedia OS on the PPC and other architectures. We are talking with such companies about all manner of devices, not just desktops.

At least one of our AmigaOS partners tells us that they are working on a device similar to what you describe with the intention of seeing it run some form of AmigaOS4.

2) ssolie: How do you plan to support Amiga users groups with the launch of AmigaOS 4.0? Press kits? Free posters? Anything like that?

Fleecy: We have a staged public approach to this, although private contacts are going on all the time. The new Amiga Power Platform website needs to go live first and work is progressing on that. We will then use that to capture as much uptodate user group information as possible and then bring these together in a user group forum where we can share our strategies with them and get feedback from them.

What we want to do is create a single core marketing pack for any user group but which can then be tailored by that user group. Obviously there are a core set of requirements but each group also knows its domain better than we do and our role has to be one of support whilst allowing those groups to prosecute their own plans.

MichaelMerkel: some questions concerning OS5

Fleecy: Before I answer these, I need to point out that AmigaOS5 is a work in progress, and a long term product goal. Many will criticise me for even agreeing to try to answer these questions since it breaks our policy of don't say anything until it is ready but I would point out that these are not official statements or press releases. They are me trying to give an insight into what is going on in an effort to satisfy the requests for information by the community. Whether people believe them or not is upto them. There is no intention here to mislead, only to inform but plans, timescales and focus will always change.

3) MichaelMerkel: some questions concerning OS5 - are you already working on it and what is going on currently?

Fleecy: Yes we are already working on it, but that comes with the rider that working on it can involve anything from concept, planning, design, blue skying, whiteboarding and prototyping. Code does exist for it and it runs but will it be in the final release? I cannot say at this point.

4) MichaelMerkel: some questions concerning OS5 - when will it be ready? (please more precise than "when it is done(tm)")

Fleecy: We aren't even ready to give a release date for AmigaOS4.0 yet so I certainly can't give even a vague date for AmigaOS5.0. We have at least 3 planned revisions to AmigaOS4 itself before we get to AmigaOS5.0

5) MichaelMerkel: some questions concerning OS5 - will OS5 be a completely new os from ground of or will it be based on some sources?

Fleecy: AmigaOS5.0 will mark the first time when there is no more Amiga Generation 1 technology in the AmigaOS. It will be 100% Amiga Generation 2. That said, Amiga Generation 2 will include many parts in its Opportunity Analysis, including a full review of the existing AG1 elements for each domain.

6) moood: Will there be any Amiga-Anywhere/AmigaDE-players for any Symbian-devices (like Nokia 7650/3650 and Sony Ericsson P800) anytime soon?

Fleecy: Amiga Anywhere already has a prototype running on Series 80 and we are working hard on a commercial release for series 60. We are working with partners to a timeframe of commercial release to coincide with new handset releases and so are dependent on their timesclaes.

7) sgm: Which markets are targeted by AmigaOS4 and AmigaDE?

Fleecy: The AmigaDE is marketed as a total content solution, which means content on a device, whether that be on a dedicated device, in a player on a device or host transparent to the device. It's targets are thus any device that needs content, Smartphones, PDAs, STBS, desktops. It isn't being marketed as a complete environment for those devices, although we have had interest in such a deployment.

The AmigaOS is marketed as a platform, which means it is a combination of HW requirements and Operating system and Application layer. This immediately points to the obvious desktop but the bigger markets are in other device classes, STBS, Information Consoles and solutions.

This will all come together as the AmigaOS and the AmigaDE slowly integrate.

8) alx : In the features PDF, there is planned support for the catweasel's joystick and keyboard ports. Will OS4 be able to use floppy drives connected to it, to read old-style Amiga disks?

Fleecy: There is no reason why this shouldn't work. It just requures an AmigaOS4.0 native driver.

9) MetalJoe: Will OS4 be bundled with a developer kit CD? If not, will the OS4 SDK be made available for free?

Fleecy: It will not be part of the user distribution but will be available as a free download or as an at cost CD. This is subject to change though as our developer support strategy evolves.

10) jurassiccamper: How does Amiga plan to get the platform up to date in terms of internet technologies so we can at least have a pleasurable and equal online experience? Eg: Real Audio / Real Video, Java, Plug and Play networking to other Amigas / Macs / PC's.

Fleecy: As I said before we are closely watching the Apple strategy with Safari. We have had contact with Real Networks and other providers of Internet technology but most provide the same answer. Show us a viable platform or show us a lot of money. Both are not available at the moment.

The solution is to improve what we have in stages until we have that equal, and then better online experience and that has to start from the ground up. AmigaOS4.0's network capabilities are an order of magnitude better than they have been in the past. Next we have to expand the media capabilities, followed by the user environment itself. As each one of these falls into place, the horizontal technologies can be implemented, which make use of these core vertical technologies.

We have made it known that we are looking at excelling in the 90% of desktop computer usage by the average person and Internet is obviously a major component of that usage. We hope to provide a major improvement in the area in AmigaOS4.1.

(Copyright © 2003 All rights reserved.
Originally available at
You may freely redistribute this article, providing that a URL is provided to the original source,
and the copyright notices remain intact)
(ps) (Translation: cb)

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Kicko (ANF)

Music: Access Virus MIDI commands for tracks&fields 0.5
This update of tracks&fields uses much less characters in filenames and uses hex for commandnumbers to make them shorter.

Midicommands are updated to check if it gets higher parameter value then 127. If so it does not send any data at all. It should work better sending higher then 127 is onlyt taking more miditraffic when the virus only accepts upto 127.

Soon i will release some commandsets for the Roland JD800 synthesizers. But not all as it's not easy to do commands for JD800 as for Virus. However i will probably get some help so maybe there will come updates too. It would be nice if people that have this synthesizer tell me so i know there are people using them. However as not many people uses t&f i will later make commands for HDRec so i think there will be some people interested. (nba)

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Brad Webb (E-Mail)

Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb #030331
You can find the complete newsletter of Amiga Update (Brad Webb) for March 2002 under the title link. In his newsletter Brad Webb summarises all Amiga themed news on a monthly basis.

Topics of this issue:
  • Amiga Club Slovenia is 5 years old
  • Announcing AmiWest 2003
  • Amiga bows out of CeBIT
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions with Fleecy
  • Zeoneo acquires Candy Factory
  • DiscreetFX Logo-Contest-Prizes
  • ALT-WoA 2003 postponed
  • Cinemaware problem statement
  • Music Files Free distribution
  • Algor replaces HIGHWAY - E3B
  • WinUAE 0.8.22 Rel. 5 announced
  • Perfect Paint V2.92 is available
  • Pixload Version 3 announced
(nba) (Translation: cb)

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David "Daff" Brunet (E-Mail)

Amiga Games Hit Parade: Results of March/April 2003
Here the results of the Amiga Games Hit Parade - March/April 2003:
  1. ( 1) Payback - 118 pts
  2. ( 5) Slam Tilt - 116 pts
  3. ( 4) Napalm - 107 pts
  4. ( 2) Quake - 96 pts
  5. ( 6) The Settlers - 93 pts
  6. ( 3) Tales Of Tamar - 87 pts
  7. ( 8) Foundation - 80 pts
  8. ( 7) Sensible World Of Soccer - 76 pts
  9. ( 9) Earth 2140 - 73 pts
  10. (12) Quake 2 - 57 pts
  11. (18) Worms / Worms DC - 55 pts
  12. (25) Super Stardust - 52 pts
  13. (15) Fields Of Battle - 52 pts
  14. (45) Crossfire 2 - 52 pts
  15. (14) Exodus The Last War - 46 pts
  16. (19) Moonstone - 46 pts
  17. (11) WipeOut 2097 - 44 pts
  18. (26) Turrican 2 - 42 pts
  19. (13) Freespace - 40 pts
  20. (10) Heretic 2 - 38 pts
This Hit Parade and others rankings can be seen at the title link. Next votes (Amiga Games Hit Parade of May/June 2003) will begin in mid-may. (ps)

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Kieron Wilkinson (ANF)

C.A.P.S. Update 06.04.2003
Here the most recent update of C.A.P.S.:

The Classic Amiga Preservation Society (C.A.P.S.) preserves 100% pure original Amiga games for the future. Update includes: First German release - Fatal Heritage, New work-in-progress report, Plugin updated to support "flakey bits" (see WIP) - to play Fatal Heritage, you will need this updated library! New comprehensive scanning guidelines for boxes, manuals etc. See the website for more info: (ps) (Translation: cb)

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Falcon (ANF)

Elastic Images: Ordering page for Show CD-ROM set up
As from now the Show CD-ROM (we reported) can also be ordered through my home page. This page also features the possibility to have the total cost calculated (depending on number of ordered items, type of shipping, etc.). This is also possible without giving an address. (ps) (Translation: cb)

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Olaf Köbnik (email)

Amiga Arena: Virtual Karting full version
In cooperation with and with permission by Fabio Bizzetti makes the Amiga Arena for the first time the free release of the carts racing game "Virtual Karting I and II" available.

"Virtual Karting I" is playable directly from the hard disc. "Virtual Karting II" will be released at a later date at the Amiga Arena. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Dirk Ohms (Oehmmes) (ANF)

Own Internet radio for the IRC channel #AmigaFun
Dirk ´Oehmmes´ Ohms wrote:
I am pleased to be able to announce that our IRC channel #AmigaFun has now its own channel radio. You can listen to the radio via Live Stream and access it via the URL

If anybody has special song wishes he/she can tell them DJ Marc, who supports us in this way, here on the channel. Our channel is accessable via IRC client (server: ; room #amigafun) or via the HTML chat made available by CJ-Stroker. As player is Amplifier on the Amiga recommended. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

France-special with individual Computers and KDH
To increase the availability of products by individual Computers in France, there's a special in cooperation with KDH Datentechnik, Germany. Every parcel that contains a Catweasel, a Delfina or an X-Surf 2 will be shipped at discounted shipping cost. With an allowance that is paid by KDH and individual Computers, shipping cost can be as low as 11,- EUR in the best case.

The special is valid until April 30th, 2003. Just drop by at KDH and compare prices! International payments are conveniently handled with credit cards or through PayPal. ()

[News message: 05. Apr. 2003, 12:07] [Comments: 1 - 06. Apr. 2003, 10:49]
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Martin Rebentisch (DaFreak) (ANF)

Music: Liquid Skies records #031
Liquid Skies releases music pack #031 in their series:
  • Titel: Escape (To Wherever You Want)
  • Composer: Angeldust
  • Music style: Rave
  • File format: MP3
  • Length: 5:05
As always is the track together with the cover available as zip packed archive for download on the website. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Charlene/VHT-Can (E-Mail)

VHT-Canada temporary offline
The website of the Virus Help Canada is currently not available. The maintainor of the website asks for your understanding for possible complicatednesses. Please use VHT-NL or VHT-DK for the most current downloads and news of anti virus software for the Amiga. (nba) (Translation: dr)

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Jens Langner in the YAM-Mailing-List / Michael Wohlers (ANF)

Final-Release of YAM 2.4 promised
According to a corresponding statement of Jens Langner on the YAM mailing list the final release of YAM 2.4 is soon to be published.

Quote: "...and as we are really near to a 2.4 release I would suggest you wait until 2.4 is officially released and then upgrade to it." (nba) (Translation: dr)

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Dietmar Knoll (ANF)

GAUHPIL: Many areas updated (04.04.2003)
The GAUHPIL (Geographical Amiga Users Home Page Internet List) is a list created and moderated by Dietmar Knoll about websites of Amiga users that is sorted geographically according to continents and countries. Today the following areas were updated:
  • Europe
  • New links list
  • Lost links list
  • History 2003

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HomeBank (Website)

HomeBank Version 2.1
With the shareware progam called HomeBank you can manage your money and for instance calculate the costs of your car. There is the possibility of displaying the costs in graphical statistics. The new final version 2.1 fixes some bugs.

Download: HomeBank.lha - 512 KB (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Matthias Bethke (Website)

HTML-Tool: HSC version 0.929
Yesterday version 0.929 of the HTML preprocessor called "HTML Sucks Completely" (HSC) (originally written by Thomas Aglassinger) written by Matthias Bethke was published. The delivered source code can be compiled on all supported platforms. It was tested under Linux, HP/UX 10.20 and AmigaOS. There is also a HTML documentation available online. The download archive additionally contains current preferences and macro files. Version 0.929 contains several minor bugfixes. You can get further information under the title link. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Alfred Faust (Website)

Sequencer: BarsnPipes V1.20
Alfred Faust published version 1.20 of one of the best sequencer for the Amiga called BarsnPipes on 1st April 2003.

New in version 1.20: Screenmode requester, GadTools interface, most of the requesters are accessable with the keyboard, CAMD library, new 32 colour design, localisation and much more. If you are interested in the changes please have a look at the history which is available in the file.

Download: BnP1_20U.lha (454 KB)

This archive only contains the changed files if you are going to update previous version.

The source code of BarsnPipes was officially released on 25th May 2001 by Todor Fay. Since Alfred Faust has developed further this pofessional program it is Freeware. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Chris Beckefeld (ANF)

IBM changes to SciTech SNAP Graphics
IBM uses SciTech SNAP-Graphics for OS/2.
On the sites of IBM you can exactly read which steps are necassary for installing it and IBM offers the corresponding software packet for OS/2 for download. Very interesting are the specifications which IBM/SciTech specifies on the site. Of course it is also interesting that IBM could tie Big Blue to it which is a well-known name. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Otto Dette (E-Mail)

KSTA: Inventor of notebook died in India
»Inventor of the portable computer has died. Adam Osborne has died with 64 years because of an incurable sickness of the brain. In 1981 Osborne introduced the first real computer which can be seen as portable on a fair in USA.«
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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MorphZone (ANF)

MorphZone with polyglot forum
Now open: International House of Chatter, the MorphZone multi-lingual forum. Initially, two languages are supported, German and French. Welcome to MorphZone! (Note: This is in addition to the default English forums.)

Maintenant ouvert: Un nouveau lieu incontournable pour discuter, le forum multilingue de Morphzone.. Initialement 2 langues sont disponibles, Français et Allemand. Bienvenue sur MorphZone!

MorphZone is a new web-portal dedicated to MorphOS users, including those running MorphOS on their PPC Amiga systems. MorphZone is also home to the MWD, the Morph Web Directory. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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