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Archive 08/2004

urhs (ANF)

Sequencer: New Beta-Version of HD-Rec Released
The MIDI and audio sequencer HD-Rec by Thilo Köhler is at beta-version 0.9l. The substantial changes:
  • Improvements to the MIDI notator (Undo, Piano Roll-View, Multiple selection of notes)
  • Improvements to the Wave Editors (Undo, FX Box pre-listen, in/out blending)
  • A few bugfixes concerning AHI (updating to AHI 5.13 is recommended)
  • Bugfix of the import function for ".mod" data
  • Improvements in compatibility to MorphOS and AmigaOS4
  • New demo song: remix of Paranoimia's "Feelings"
As the author explained to us, the instructions are now being completed (next to appear in the German-language version). The first purchaseable version of the program is not far away. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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19.Aug.2004 (Website)

Genesi: Avalanche Project Now Announced by IBM Too reports that Genesi's description of the Avalanche Desktop Reference Management Platform (DRMP, reported) was also announced in IBM's Power Architecture Community Newsletter (see title link). (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Christian Geier (E-Mail)

First Pictures of the Games Convention in Leipzig
Christian Geier kindly made the first pictures of Europe's most important games convention available to us, the convention took place from 19 to 22 August in Leipzig. From the Amiga area the companies e.p.i.c. interactive and Eternity participated.

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(360 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)
(snx) (Translation: dm)

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Heise Newsticker

KDE 3.3 Appears
The Unix/Linux desktop environment KDE has reached version 3.3. The most important new things are improvements in handling, stability, and the integration of apps. Beyond that a few new programs, among them a mail program, have been integrated. Read more in the Heise newsletter article under the title link. (cs) (Translation: dm)

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19.Aug.2004 (Website)

Chess: HellChess Lite
HellChess Lite is an optimized and clearly daster version of the freeware chess game "Hellchess" (we reported previously), that replaces the original Amiga version with [not very translatable -dm] "a hot nail." (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Pegasosforum (Website) New MorphOS-Client Released 2.9008-494b
Harry Sintonen has released an update of the client for MorphOS, version 2.9008-494b, which may be downloaded from Pegasosforum. Substantial changes since the previous version include a modification of the KOGE kernel. This should lead to an acceleration in most circumstances. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Pictogram Collection: GameIcons 2004
"GameIcons 2004" is a further update of the "GameIcons" series that features changing images of many Amiga games. All of the pictograms have a resolution of 120 x 96, a few examples may be found under the title link.

Direct download: GameIcons-2004.lha (1.2 MB) (Readme) (cg) (Translation: dm)

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IOSPIRIT appoints Mr. Hardware Computers as Official US-Distribution Partner
In an effort to improve the availability of its AmigaOS/MorphOS line of products in the United States of America, Mr. Hardware Computers has been appointed by IOSPIRIT as the Official Distribution Partner for this region.

US customers interested in the IOSPIRIT titles will benefit of shorter delivery times and the US-centric infrastructure of Mr. Hardware Computers. When ordering through this partner, US dollars can be used as currency for all payments. Furthermore locally popular methods of payment like money orders or the Amex, Mastercard, Visa and Discovery creditcards are then available. Off of this list, IOSPIRIT at the time of writing does only offer Visa and Mastercard.

"We are very glad we could win Mr. Hardware Computers as Official Distribution Partner for the US region and can now jointly offer US customers a tailor-made solution for purchasing our products." said Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT.

"Mr. Hardware Computers is happy to include IOSPIRIT's products to our line of software programs. Demonstrations of these powerful programs will be given at usergroups around the New York area." said Russ Norrby, Mr. Hardware Computers.


IOSPIRIT is a software-development and -distribution company based in Herzogenaurach, Germany. It's the company's declared goal to bring innovative, fast and reliable graphics software products to the desktop of its customers at competitive prices. The inhouse development has created - among others - such popular titles as fxPAINT, fxSCAN and VHI Studio. IOSPIRIT also is worldwide distributor of IBrowse and the Medusa USB bundle.

About Mr. Hardware Computers

Mr. Hardware Computers is an Amiga Sales, Service and Product Development company since 1985. Based in New York, USA. Devoted to the Amiga since its inception. Amiga computers are used to run all aspects of the company. The company's main software is a database called "SBase" (formerly SuperBase) and also produces Amiga Mouse and Keyboard Adapters for Classic Line Amigas. Being on the OS4 Development/Betatester team, Mr. Hardware Computer's commitment has been strengthened to continue to upgrade and repair all Amiga computers. (snx)

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z5 (ANF)

Amiga Demoscene Archive: 400 productions reached
Yes, we did it! After what is probably our biggest update yet (7 productions added), we finally reach 400 (!) productions. If you like the site and appreciate the effort, please support it!!! We want your votes and comments. :)

In the last update, 7 productions were added:
  • Headcase/Axis
  • Baahl/Traktor
  • Behind The Flute/Traktor
  • Rink A Dink/Lemon
  • Razorback/Reason
  • Phi/Artwork
  • Elektrik Baby/Da Jormas.
Other recent additions include:
  • Zero/Universe (first OS4 demo)
  • Rebirth/Push Entertainment
  • Wessyde/RNO
  • Major Release/Da Jormas
  • Flow/Kangooroo
  • Borst/Ephidrena
  • Coma/Ephidrena
  • Sun/Trsi
  • Peanut/Efreet.
Some stats: 400 productions, 4113 screenshots, 67 logos, 380 users, 75 parties and 139 groups.

Meanwhile, the top 10 chart has changed a lot. Planet Potion is still head and shoulders above the competition with a faultless 5/5, Hardwired has settled in 2nd place and Future Visions from Potion has climbed up to 3th position. (snx)

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e.p.i.c. interactive (e-mail)

Spellbound Entertainment and e.p.i.c. interactive to enter license agreement
Kehl/Tübingen, August 16th, 2004 - Spellbound Entertainment AG and e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment gmbh have reached a comprehensive license agreement that will bring many of the popular Spellbound games to other systems like the Apple Macintosh and Linux among others.

The first title to be ported will be the strategy game "Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood", which will initially be released for Apple Macintosh and Linux. Versions for other systems are planned. Further Spellbound titles are to follow soon.

"We are very proud to have the chance to cooperate with one of Germany's longest standing developing companies. Finally great Spellbound titles, which all have gathered a large and loyal following, will become available to gamers on other computer systems", said Thomas Steiding, CEO of e.p.i.c. interactive, about the deal.

Armin Gessert, CEO of Spellbound, added: "In e.p.i.c. we have found a competent partner and we are happy that the long neglected users of systems such as Macintosh and Linux will soon be able to play our games too."

More information about "Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood" will be available on our website soon. (snx)

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