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Archive 06/2005


MorphOS: Tetris Clone Block Attack
Block Attack is an SDL-based puzzle game in the style of Tetris Attack (screenshot).

Link: Homepage of the Linux Version
Download: blockattack-1.1.0_mos.lha (4.4 MB) (cg) (Translation: dm)

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23.Jun.2005 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Apache 1.3.33 (Beta2)
Edgar Schwan has released a new beta-version of Apache 1.3.33 webserver. His Amiga port supports PHP 4.3.11 and MySQL 3.23.49, but is still in beta-stages and not completely functional. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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MorphOS: Software News through 22nd of June, 2005

MUICON 50.20

MUICON is an MUI-based console handler by Jacek Piszczek, who also provides his own terminal display class (PowerTerm.mcc). Version 50.20 reacts now also to ixemul-based utilizations to window size-changing requirements, OpenSSH utilizers should download the newest version of this program on account of that.

Link: Homepage
Download: muicon.lha (290 KB)
Download: muicon_int.lha (12 KB) (catalog data)

logTool 1.6

logTool (previously known as "anaLOGuer") is a little program that filters useful information from MorphOS debug logs and can display the info colorfully (screenshot). The source supports Ramdebug, the serial port and log data. The code of PowerTerm.mcc from MUICON-packet is required. Changes since v1.4:
  • Fixed a possible race on quit.
  • About doesn't clear the display anymore.
  • Closes the file directly after reading it (log from file mode).
  • Added spurious interrupt to default filter remove list.

Link: Homepage
Download: logtool.lha (36 KB)

FloppyTest 1.0

FloppyTest contains several small routines that were generated as a byproduct during development of a floppy driver for MorphOS. The archive should give insight to other developers in the steering of ISA equipment and uncovering a few problems in the built-in Southbridge of the Pegasos.

In this archive you'll find help programs for the steering of drive motors, for reading about individual sectors, and for interrupt handling, all including commented source code.

Link: Download page
Download: FloppyTest (7 KB) (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Retro computing: expands Amiga section
The "Forum-64" which covers mostly the 8 bit computern from Commodore but also holds boards for Atari, Schneider or GDR home computers expands it's Amiga section.

For discussions regarding the Amiga there are now the boards "Hardware", "Software", "Basteleien/Modding", "Emulatoren", "Datenübertragung" and "Literatur" available. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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22.Jun.2005 (Webseite)

AmigaOS4: Soundcard driver for the M-Audio Revolution 7.1
Davy Wentzler has written an AHI driver for the surround sound card M-Audio Revolution 7.1 for AmigaOS4, which will be available from the next days on at the OS4Depot. the card has two inputs, eight analog outputs and one digital output.

The card will be supported by the Envy24HT driver which already runs with the Terratec Aureon 5.1 Sky, 7.1 Space and Phase28 cards. Even not testet yet is should also run with the M-Audio Revolution 5.1.

The author thanks Bill Toner for his support while doing development for this card. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Mikey C (ANF)

Guide: "Amiga Samba for Idiots"
A comprehensive and pictured english guide to install Samba under AmigaOS4 is available at the title link. A version for AmigaOS/68k and teh TCP/IP stack Genesis will folow a bit later. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Steffen Nitz (ANF)

SN-ListDatei V1.0 available
Today a new Amiga tool by Steffen Nitz has been released: SN-ListDatei V1.0. It shows a list of all files from one directory including all subdirectories in a single window.

This tool is very handy for e.g. HTML designers who work with several subdirectories. The file list might be saved as text file or send to the printer. There are also overview statics available which show the numer of files and directories and their sizes.

Download page:

Furthermore The Altdeutschland coins page has been maintained. The Pommern Stralsund page became the most extensive page because it will be the Author's favorite. The page contains pictures of six differnt coins from the middle age from the city of Stralsund (located at the coast near the isle Rügen in today's Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). (nba) (Translation: ub)

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ANN (Webseite)

Freescale Technology Forum: "Best of show" awarded to Genesi
At the Freescale Technology Forum Orlando, Florida Genesi was awared as the "Best of show".

The award is for Genesi's Home Media Center (screen shot) which is based on the PegasosPPC and open source software.

Among the jury there were media representives from CMP United Business Medias CommsDesign an EE Times online community, Penton Medias Electronic Design magazine and the online publication analogZONE. Criterions were technological merit, market impact, usability and the "cool factor".

Photo gallery: page 1, page 2

Update: (20:04, 23.06.05, snx)
Meanwhile there's also a video of the keynote speech by Freescale's CEO Michel Mayer, which also includes the "Best of show" ceremony (starting 1:18:10).

Update 2: (16:32, 24.06.05, snx)
Press release by Genesi with details about the MythTV-based Media Center and further photos of the MPC5200 board EFIKA. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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22.Jun.2005 renews menu structures
On Tuesday, June the 21st 2005 a minor structural update has been made to website to provide a more intuitive navigation and a better page overview.

The upper and lower menu bars as well as the right menu bar are affected from these changes. Now at the upper menu there are only links related to contentual areas which enrich the daily news. Among thme there are the links for the ANF, the Amiga Link Directory, the bulletin board, comments and the glossar. At the lower menu the internal subpages were bundled, such as the netiquette, the news archive, the guest book, the masthead or the contakt page. At the right, temporary menu at the start page important Amiga related links are located as well as links to our sponsors and in future there will be an expanded article search section added.

Links which were removedfrom the old menu structures were merged into "other sources" and "sub pages".

During the next months the team will concentrate to the English section and is aimig to establish the service at a new domain with not only the news service but also a mostly interactive knowledge and test data base

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding these changes the team is always pleased to get to know your ideas. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Amiga-Magazin merges with the AMIGAplus
Subscribers of the AMIGAplus will receive the "Amiga-Magazin mit AMIGAplus", the Amiga-CD and additionally to that the a free copy of the PCgo CD by mail during the next days..

The publisher falkemedia was not able to ensure a longer independent future of the AMIGAplus as a stand alone magazine, but this merge teh readers benefit in several ways: Beside high quality Amiga articles, which are still supported by the AMIGAplus editors, teh subscribers also receive a first class computer magazine which supplies important tests, basic articles and high quality software CDs - valuables, precious for both, Amiga and PC users. Not without any reason the WEKA computer magazine publishing house supports the Amiga-Magazin since 1987 and still delivers this magazine combination to thousands of Amiga fans.

Was a subscription for the AMIGAplus (with two monthly CD) alone 81,30 Euro each year, the fee for the "Amiga-Magazin mit AMIGAplus", a high qualitly two monthly Amiga software CD as well as 12 issues of the PCgo (including cover CD) a year is now reduced to 54,90 Euro a year.

By this merge of the both magazines the number of readers could be increased to a volume which ensures the publication throughout the next years - the 20 year anniversary of the Amiga-Magazin will not be missed by the publishers! Already paid ammounts will fully counted to the subscription.

For questions regarding the subscription or the content of the "Amiga-Magazins mit AMIGAplus" please contact the publisher or the editors at the WEKA. The contact data is available at the masthead inside the magazine or online .

The team of the AMIGAplus supports the editors of the Amiga Magazins and continues with the competent news team to deliver latest news to the Amiga-Community at (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Risc OS: Firefox port released
Risc OS teh operating system which was formerly delivered with Acorn's Archimedes RiscPC homecomputers and is - just like the AmigaOS and alikes - on it's long and stoney way to a new hardware.

Risc OS suffered to a problem which should be well knwon to all Amiga folks: Decent websites were only limited usable with the available browsers (at least six deiffernt ones!) due to lack of proper Javascript or CSS support.

Since yesterday Risc OS users may use a beta version of Firefox. In a recent thread at the author Peter "chocky" Naulls describes some of the occuring problems and tehir solution while doing the port. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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PowerPC: Freescale MPC7448 mass production in October
At the Frescale Technology Forum in Orlando, Florida Freescale announced today mass production of their latest high end processor MPC7448 will start in October. The 7448 is the first ppc using Freescale'e new e600 core which has a 1 MB 2nd level cache (doubled in comparision to the 7447), an improved Altivec unit (out of order sequences) and a faster external bus (up to 200 Mhz) (Out-of-Order-Befehlsfolge), but it keeps pin and binary compatible with it's predecessor (MPC7447).

Due to the newly introduced 90 nanometer process and other detail improvements the MPC7448 will not only consume less energy than the 7447 but also allow to go for higher clock rates. Production from October on will reach 1.7 Ghz. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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ANN (Webseite)

MorphOS: SFSResize 1.0
Using the new Amiga tool SFSResize developed by Marek Szyprowski you may adjust the SFS filesystem after performing a partition reduction without formatting completely. SFSCheck is needed in addition to use SFSResize. Beware: Use this at your own risk.

SFSresize.readme (4 KB)
SFSresize.lha (24 KB)
SFSCheck.lha (58 KB) (snx)

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Pegasosforum (Webseite)

MorphOS: Snoopium 1.1 published
Version 1.1 of the open source system monitor "Snoopium" based on SnoopDOS is now available. Apart from various bug fixes the program window may now be resized. Additionally the toolbar-options "framed" and "images only" were added. (snx) (Translation: nba)

[News message: 21. Jun. 2005, 09:41] [Comments: 0]
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