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Archive 02/2008


Aminet-Uploads until 17.02.2008 (part 2)
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
agility-os4.lha                game/text     381K    OS4   AGT/AGX game interpreter
gluxle-os4.lha                 game/text     563K    OS4   An interpreter for text adventure games
magx-os4.lha                   game/text     865K    OS4   A text adventure compiler
brikx-os4.lha                  game/think    4.6M    OS4   A puzzle game, connect the blocks
lpairs-mos.lha                 game/think    412K    MOS   Classical memory game
minesweeper2-os4.lha           game/think    648K    OS4   A clone of MS minesweeper
mpsdl-os4.lha                  game/think    1.5M    OS4   A columns clone
msweeper-os4.lha               game/think    169K    OS4   A Japanese Mine Sweeper game
netwalk-os4.lha                game/think    418K    OS4   Connect every terminal to the main serve
nimesweeper-os4.lha            game/think    122K    OS4   An NCurses based Minesweeper game
pfp-bnx2.lha                   game/think    3.5M    OS4   Remake from logical game Biniax
plonx-os4.lha                  game/think    107K    OS4   An NCurses based puzzle game
sdlame-os4.lha                 game/think    5.0M    OS4   SDLame, a small puzzle game
sdltetris-os4.lha              game/think    954K    OS4   Yet another Tetris clone
symbolica-os4.lha              game/think     20M    OS4   A nice remake of a puzzle game
tetrispack-os4.lha             game/think    928K    OS4   3 Tetris games
TilesSlide.lha                 game/wb        57K    OS3   Align 3 tiles of the same colour
imagin-os4.lha                 gfx/3d        647K    OS4   A command-line raytracer
cpc2ilbm-mos.lha               gfx/conv       59K    MOS   CLI converter for Amstrad CPC images
cpc2ilbm-os4.lha               gfx/conv       60K    OS4   CLI converter for Amstrad CPC images       gfx/conv      303K    ARO   CLI converter for camera raw files (SSE2            gfx/conv      302K    ARO   CLI converter for camera raw files
MeltingPoint.lha               gfx/conv       28K    OS3   Converts PowerPoint to Hollywood script
png2lin-os4.lha                gfx/conv      127K    OS4   Converts a PNG image into a Linux logo
sfontmkr-os4.lha               gfx/conv      288K    OS4   Make PNG fonts for use with SFont
xtopng-mos.lha                 gfx/conv       78K    MOS   A general-purpose image converter
xtopng-os4.lha                 gfx/conv      379K    OS4   A general-purpose image converter
netbrush-os4.lha               gfx/edit      1.1M    OS4   Paint images with friends over Internet
photocrop-os4.lha              gfx/edit      225K    OS4   Crop and Resize images easilly
fractal-os4.lha                gfx/fract     235K    OS4   A fractal explorer
starmap-os4.lha                gfx/fract     126K    OS4   A strange but cool fractal program
SView5.lha                     gfx/misc      3.1M    VAR   SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
PointRider-amigaos4.lha        gfx/show      660K    OS4   Displays/converts PowerPoint (PPS) files
PointRider-morphos.lha         gfx/show      185K    MOS   Displays/converts PowerPoint (PPS) files
pslide-os4.lha                 gfx/show      554K    OS4   Perigee Slideshow - A picture viewer
showimage-os4.lha              gfx/show      282K    OS4   ShowImage - Displays images
AmiArcadia.lha                 misc/emu      501K    OS3   Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emul.
buildcpr-os4.lha               misc/emu       18K    OS4   Amstrad Binary to CPR converter tool
desmume-os4.lha                misc/emu      261K    OS4   Desmume, a NintendoDS emulator
funnymu-mos.lha                misc/emu      130K    MOS   Whizzard, Funvision & Creativision emu
funnymu-os4.lha                misc/emu      1.1M    OS4   Whizzard, Funvision & Creativision emu
gcmrt-os4.lha                  misc/emu       58K    OS4   Gamecube music ripping tools
Handy095.lha                   misc/emu      267K    OS3   Atari Lynx emulator
n64rom-mos.lha                 misc/emu        8K    MOS   Tool to handle Nintendo64 roms
n64rom-os4.lha                 misc/emu       26K    OS4   Tool to handle Nintendo64 roms V1.0
ndstrim-os4.lha                misc/emu      177K    OS4   Strips dummy data off NDS ROMs
ngptool-os4.lha                misc/emu       36K    OS4   NeoGeo Pocket ROM Tool
psfpoint-os4.lha               misc/emu       37K    OS4   Edit tags of PSF music files
psptools-os4.lha               misc/emu      210K    OS4   Make PSX games playable on PSP
removeffs-os4.lha              misc/emu       20K    OS4   Strips dummy data off GBA roms
siemu-os4.lha                  misc/emu      319K    OS4   A Space Invaders Arcade Emulator
spsfutils-mos.lha              misc/emu       74K    MOS   Simple PSF Utils
spsfutils-os4.lha              misc/emu       88K    OS4   Simple PSF Utils
stlist-os4.lha                 misc/emu       26K    OS4   Lists Atari .ST diskimage content
tap2mbhdd-os4.lha              misc/emu       20K    OS4   Spectrum TAP to MB HDD Converter
trdetz-os4.lha                 misc/emu       21K    OS4   TRD Spectrum utilities
trimgym-mos.lha                misc/emu        9K    MOS   Trims SEGA Genesis gym music files
trimgym-os4.lha                misc/emu        9K    OS4   Trims SEGA Genesis gym music files
xzx2plus3-os4.lha              misc/emu       28K    OS4   XZX Snapshot to +3DOS Converter
sdlcalc-os4.lha                misc/math     462K    OS4   An advanced calculator
sex_os4.lha                    misc/misc      13K    OS4   Generates random sex stories, funny!
SamplesCreator.lha             mus/edit       44K    OS3   Samples creation and saving
scm2wav_os4.lha                mus/edit       24K    OS4   Rip sound files from official ICQ client
ttaenc-os4.lha                 mus/edit       44K    OS4   encode your own lossless TTA audio files
zvocoder-os4.lha               mus/edit      615K    OS4   Zirius Vocoder: create cool robot voices
goatninja-mos.lha              mus/misc       21K    MOS   Convert Goat Tracker 1 to Ninja Tracker
goatninja.lha                  mus/misc       21K    OS4   Convert Goat Tracker 1 to Ninja Tracker
id3ren-os4.lha                 mus/misc       76K    OS4   Id3ren is a ID3 tag editor
malint-os4.lha                 mus/misc      283K    OS4   MPEG Audio stream validator
phatbeat-os4.lha               mus/misc      867K    OS4   A BPM Counter
psidren-os4.lha                mus/misc       33K    OS4   Renames PSID's into real name
samplayer-os4.lha              mus/misc      159K    OS4   SAM Speech Synthesizer program with GUI
adplaybasic-os4.lha            mus/play      1.8M    OS4   A player for Ad Lib music modules
playOGG.lha                    mus/play      3.6M    OS3   multi format sound player.
sc68-bin-m68k.lha              mus/play      3.4M    VAR   Improved sc68 package (w/ cust. builder)
xmp-os4.lha                    mus/play      830K    OS4   Plays over 80 module formats (inc. MED)
Calendario2008.lha             pix/misc      1.3M    GEN   2008 italian calendar printable version
ispell-3.3.02-deutsch.lha      text/misc     863K    GEN   German dictionary for ISpell 3.3.02
ispell-3.3.02-fr_FR.lha        text/misc     2.5M    GEN   Alt. french dictionary for ISpell 3.3.02
ispell-3.3.02-polish.lha       text/misc     2.2M    GEN   Polish dictionary for ISpell 3.3.02
showfont_os4.lha               text/misc     253K    OS4   Showfont - Displays TTF fonts
smu-mos.lha                    text/misc      13K    MOS   Interpreter for simple markdown dialect
aros-texlive-bin-i386.tar.bz2  text/tex       12M    ARO   TeXlive bin-pc-i386
aros-texlive-src.tar.bz2       text/tex       36M    GEN   TeXlive sources
AnimIcon.lha                   util/app      145K    OS3   AnimatedIcon replacement
deutex-os4.lha                 util/arc      456K    OS4   A wad composer for Doom and others
gzrt-os4.lha                   util/arc       30K    OS4   Recover files from broken gzip archives
ixadump-os4.lha                util/arc        6K    OS4   Extracts the files in an iXalance demo
testdms-os4.lha                util/arc       13K    OS4   Test DMS archives
uncps-mos.lha                  util/arc        5K    MOS   Unpacks .CPS files from many games
uncps-os4.lha                  util/arc        5K    OS4   Unpacks .CPS files from many games
uncpt-os4.lha                  util/arc        4K    OS4   Unpacks Sinclair QL .CPT files
ltc-mos.lha                    util/batch      2K    VAR   Locale phone code info for Installscript
SystemPatch30.lha              util/boot      89K    OS3   Speed up your Amiga OS
Klips.lha                      util/cdity     55K    VAR   System clipboard manager (MUI)
soesplit-os4.lha               util/cli        6K    OS4   Split big files
usfv-os4.lha                   util/cli        8K    OS4   Verify or create SFV files
iso-o-matic.lha                util/conv      51K    OS4   All to ISO disk image converter
otrMUI.lha                     util/conv     200K    MOS   MUI GUI for the otrdecoder / omrdecoder
deslike-os4.lha                util/crypt     24K    OS4   DES-like encryption
anno_os4.lha                   util/misc     108K    OS4   An NCurses based Almanack
fmgpuccrbrr-os4.lha            util/misc      12K    OS4   Make your own Retro Replay ROM
shed-os4.lha                   util/misc     466K    OS4   An NCurses based HEX Editor
StSoundGUI.lha                 util/misc     440K    VAR   GUI f. sc68/hvlplay/smallym..(incl.plrs)
sysflush-morphos.lha           util/misc       6K    MOS   SysFlush (MorphOS system flush)
eggtimer-os4.lha               util/time     1.0M    OS4   An Eggtimer
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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Aminet-Uploads until 17.02.2008 (part 1)
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
FussballBundesliga.lha         biz/misc       29K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet Football (german)
wookieclassy.lha               comm/irc        1K    GEN   A classy colour theme for WookieChat
sdlmail-mos.lha                comm/mail      21K    MOS   A dirt-simple commandline SMTP mailer
sdlmail-os4.lha                comm/mail     127K    OS4   A dirt-simple commandline SMTP mailer
cftp-mos.lha                   comm/net      354K    MOS   Full screen ftp client (+ sources)
A71BackUp.lha                  comm/www        8K    GEN   Php script:perform web backup (files+db)
MakeHTMLMap.lha                comm/www      1.7M    OS3   The Gallery/Onlineshop Creator for Amiga
OWB.lha                        comm/www      8.7M    OS4   Origyn Web Browser
roaddemo-os4.lha               demo/file     238K    OS4   An SDL/GL (!) bezier curve demo
ballfield-os4.lha              demo/intro    425K    OS4   An SDL Amiga demo style ballfield
newvox-os4.lha                 demo/intro    159K    OS4   An SDL voxel landscape
screenart-os4.lha              demo/intro    169K    OS4   A smally dizzyfying SDL demo
sierp-os4.lha                  demo/intro    155K    OS4   A small SDL gfx demo
warp-os4.lha                   demo/intro    249K    OS4   A realtime picture 'gooing' SDL demo
waves-os4.lha                  demo/intro    135K    OS4   A small liquid surface modelling demo
xflame-os4.lha                 demo/intro    161K    OS4   The classic fire effect, now through SDL
plasma-os4.lha                 demo/misc     158K    OS4   The classic Plasma effect now for SDL
ptcdemos-os4.lha               demo/misc     337K    OS4   Fire and Tunnel demos from PTC library
sdlsinusfont-os4.lha           demo/misc     616K    OS4   A SDL sinus font demo
stars-os4.lha                  demo/misc     158K    OS4   A rotating starfield
water-os4.lha                  demo/misc     196K    OS4   A realtime SDL water effect
nls-nwpfs.lha                  demo/sound     56M    OS4   'Nukleus wears Prada' - a Musicdisk
rno-r100.lha                   demo/sound    3.7M    OS3   RNO Records #100 musicdisk (68k,OS4,MOS)
AMOSlist-1998-11.lha           dev/amos       93K    GEN   AMOS-list archives for November 1998
AMOSlist-1998-12.lha           dev/amos       72K    GEN   AMOS-list archives for December 1998
vdappc-mos.lha                 dev/asm        24K    MOS   A PowerPC disassembler
vdappc-os4.lha                 dev/asm        29K    OS4   A PowerPC disassembler
bindata-os4.lha                dev/c           5K    OS4   Converts raw binary into C source
png2c-os4.lha                  dev/c          61K    OS4   Convert PNG images into C source
exomizer-os4.lha               dev/cross     506K    OS4   A cruncher for 6502 executables
megalz-os4.lha                 dev/cross      51K    OS4   MegaLZ Speccy packer/depacker
nes-example.lha                dev/cross      21K    GEN   An example project for NES Basic and ASM
nes_dev-os4.lha                dev/cross     218K    OS4   NES Basic & ASM, develop your own games!
nes_sprtools-os4.lha           dev/cross     500K    OS4   Convert BMP images to NES format
sdlmousescrolling-os4.lha      dev/cross     461K    OS4   How to do smooth scrolling in SDL
ecx.lha                        dev/e         644K    VAR   E Compiler ECX
ecxsrc.lha                     dev/e         232K    GEN   ECX source code
lua-mos.lha                    dev/lang      495K    MOS   Lua programming language
aalib-os4.lha                  dev/lib       781K    OS4   An ascii art library
adplug-os4.lha                 dev/lib       3.9M    OS4   Plays heaps of PC music formats
aedgui-os4.lha                 dev/lib       4.6M    OS4   A cross platform GUI C++ GUI library
bitmask-os4.lha                dev/lib        30K    OS4   Bitmask collision detection library
guilib-os4.lha                 dev/lib       1.2M    OS4   A very simple GUI framework for SDL
kuroiui-os4.lha                dev/lib        47K    OS4   Kuroiui GUI Library, early version
libacm-os4.lha                 dev/lib        82K    OS4   Decodes/Encodes InterPlay ACM Audio
libayemu-os4.lha               dev/lib       374K    OS4   libAYEmu, use this to play AY music
libbinio-os4.lha               dev/lib       108K    OS4   A Binary I/O stream class library
libcheapglk-os4.lha            dev/lib       163K    OS4   Cheapass Implementation of the Glk API
libflatzebra-os4.lha           dev/lib       581K    OS4   Game engine for 2D animation
libgme-os4.lha                 dev/lib       283K    OS4   Plays GBS, VGM/VGZ, GYM and others music
libid3tag-os4.lha              dev/lib        90K    OS4   Add support for MP3 ID3 tags to your app
libjabber-os4.lha              dev/lib       274K    OS4   Add Jabber support to your messenger app
libmodplug-os4.lha             dev/lib       779K    OS4   Support for many mod formats in your app
libmsn-os4.lha                 dev/lib       566K    OS4   Add MSN support to your messenger app
libmspack.lha                  dev/lib       1.4M    MOS   Microsoft packing library (CAB,CHM,HLP)
libpng-os4.lha                 dev/lib       568K    OS4   Add PNG support to your app
libpokecubed-os4.lha           dev/lib        80K    OS4   Use this library to play Gamecube music
libsaasound-os4.lha            dev/lib       491K    OS4   libSAASound - Plays Sam Coupe music!
libsdl_anim-os4.lha            dev/lib       709K    OS4   libSDL_anim displays anim files
libsdl_console-os4.lha         dev/lib       560K    OS4   A Quake-like drop-down console for SDL
libsdl_draw-os4.lha            dev/lib       421K    OS4   Simple SDL library: draw basic elements
libsdl_rtf-os4.lha             dev/lib       571K    OS4   Display simple RTF files
libtimidity-os4.lha            dev/lib       477K    OS4   libTimidity, midi playback in your app
libtinysdgl-os4.lha            dev/lib       316K    OS4   TinyGL software renderer
libvorbis-os4.lha              dev/lib       776K    OS4   A general audio encoding format
libyahoo2-os4.lha              dev/lib       700K    OS4   Add Yahoo2 support to your messenger app
libzip-mos.lha                 dev/lib       1.7M    MOS   Zip oriented link lib
pdcurses-os4.lha               dev/lib       1.5M    OS4   NCurses clone that outputs through SDL
sdl_blitpool-os4.lha           dev/lib       408K    OS4   Blit/Fill operation pool with optimizer
sdl_eventmap-os4.lha           dev/lib       486K    OS4   An uniform event-mapping library for SDL
sdl_image-os4.lha              dev/lib        69K    OS4   SDL image file loading library
sdl_sprite-os4.lha             dev/lib        35K    OS4   SDLSprite - Display animated sprites
sdl_ttf-os4.lha                dev/lib        31K    OS4   SDL_TTF a Freetype 2.0 wrapper for SDL
unmo3-os4.lha                  dev/lib       236K    OS4   MO3 decompression/decoding library
MCC_NListSP.lha                dev/mui         7K    GEN   MCC NList* 13.4 spanish catalogs
MCC_TextEditor-15.26.lha       dev/mui       448K    VAR   TextEditor custom class for MUI, V15.26
curvetest-os4.lha              dev/src       470K    OS4   Spline, Bezier and Hemite SDL examples
fading_tut-os4.lha             dev/src       181K    OS4   An SDL tutorial on Fading for Varthall :
sdlisomouse-os4.lha            dev/src       291K    OS4   Isometric landscapes + mouse for SDL
sdlmousetile-os4.lha           dev/src       290K    OS4   How to use mouse and tiles in SDL
sdlpathfind-os4.lha            dev/src       134K    OS4   An SDL path find example
sdlpngsavesurf-os4.lha         dev/src       343K    OS4   How to save an SDL surface as PNG
smoothscroll-os4.lha           dev/src       266K    OS4   A smooth SDL/GL scroller/map editor
vistk-os4.lha                  dev/src       336K    OS4   The Visualize ToolKit Example library
bchunk-os4.lha                 disk/cdrom     37K    OS4   CD image conv. from bin/cue to iso/cdr
diskimage_device-os3.lha       disk/misc     117K    OS3   Disk image device (adf,hdf,iso,...)
diskimage_device.lha           disk/misc     285K    OS4   Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
vobps2fix-os4.lha              disk/misc       9K    OS4   Fix for Playstation2 VOBs
spots-pfd.txt                  docs/misc      65K    GEN   Spot's Porting for Dummies (OS4)
prism2.lha                     driver/net    200K    VAR   Driver for 11Mbps wireless network cards
Prism2SP.lha                   driver/net     14K    GEN   Prism2.device spanish documentation
anaiis.lha                     driver/other   58K    OS3   ANAIIS USB Stack Release 0.96
Wazp3D.lha                     driver/video  112K    OS3   A CPU only Warp3D v4.2 implementation
spacewar-os4.lha               game/2play    435K    OS4   A simple 2 player shooter
amoebax-os4.lha                game/actio     10M    OS4   A great Puyo Puyo clone
btripper-os4.lha               game/actio    190K    OS4   A Baloon Fight Clone
hhhorse-os4.lha                game/actio    4.4M    OS4   Help Hannah's Horse maze game
monkey-mos.lha                 game/actio    138K    MOS   A MarbleMadness/MonkeyBallish style game
monkey-os4.lha                 game/actio    280K    OS4   A MarbleMadness/MonkeyBallish style game
sdlkurve-os4.lha               game/actio    406K    OS4   A remake of 'Achtung, die kurve'
turbokaca-os4.lha              game/actio    146K    OS4   An Ncurses based snake game
vor-os4.lha                    game/actio    782K    OS4   Variations on Rockdodger
braincurses-os4.lha            game/board    218K    OS4   An NCurses based mastermind clone
lothello-morphos.lha           game/board    701K    MOS   Lothello is a little othello (reversi) g
lothello-os4.lha               game/board    972K    OS4   An Othello clone
mmemory-os4.lha                game/board    734K    OS4   A very Amiga-ish memory game
reverzi-os4.lha                game/board    588K    OS4   A classic puzzle game
driller_rollingdemo.lha        game/demo     224K    OS3   Rolling demo of an action/adv game
elvira_rollingdemo.lha         game/demo     678K    OS3   Rolling demo of a commercial RPG
f117a_stealthfighter.lha       game/demo     290K    OS3   Demo version of a commercial flight sim
formulaonechallenge.lha        game/demo     519K    OS3   Demo version of a commercial racing game
futurewars_rollingdemo.lha     game/demo     291K    OS3   Rolling demo of a adventure game
gobliins2_demo.lha             game/demo     602K    OS3   Demo version of a commercial adv. game
lemmings2_demo.lha             game/demo     424K    OS3   Demo version of a commercial puzzle game
lordsoftime_demo.lha           game/demo     453K    OS3   Demo version of a commercial RPG
monkeyisland2_demo.lha         game/demo     449K    OS3   Rolling demo of an adventure game
nigelmansell.lha               game/demo     347K    OS3   Demo version of a commercial racing game
opengoal-os4.lha               game/demo     596K    OS4   Early non-playable demo of football game
pioneerplague_demo.lha         game/demo     560K    OS3   Rolling demo of a shoot'em up game
ugh_demo.lha                   game/demo     452K    OS3   Demo version of a commercial puzzle game
qclock-os4.lha                 game/gag       22K    OS4   Ask your miggy about the time
smbros-os4.lha                 game/jump     494K    OS4   Super Methane Bros
smbrothers-morphos.lha         game/jump     1.4M    MOS   Super Methane Brothers
thegoonies-1.0.1-mos.lha       game/jump      11M    MOS   An SDL remake of the classic MSX game
winterjumper-morphos.lha       game/jump      99K    MOS   The Great Giana Sisters clone
winterjumper-os4.lha           game/jump     194K    OS4   A Giana Sisters remake
zoidsquest-os4.lha             game/jump     6.3M    OS4   A platform game starring Zoid
Christmastree-os4.lha          game/misc     2.8M    OS4   'Christmas Tree' game
crapgamesvol3-os4.lha          game/misc     4.6M    OS4   CrapGames3 (Chanta, MicroRacers, RPong)
crapgamesvol4-os4.lha          game/misc     3.0M    OS4   CrapGames4
crapgamesvol5-os4.lha          game/misc     1.1M    OS4   CrapGames5
MissDriller.lha                game/misc     311K    MOS   A remake of Mr.Driller
qwdtools-os4.lha               game/misc     107K    OS4   Convert QuakeWorld .qwd files to .mvd
sdlsand_os4.lha                game/misc     124K    OS4   A cool falling sand simulator toy.         game/misc     553K    ARO   Advanced Snake Game - AROS port
WormWars.lha                   game/misc     693K    OS3   Advanced snake game          game/misc     667K    GEN   Advanced Snake Game - AROS Source Code
tcgscar-os4.lha                game/race     6.4M    OS4   A Jap oldskool racer originally for PSP
ztrack-mos.lha                 game/race      71K    MOS   Curses-based pseudo-3D driving game
nazghul-os4.lha                game/role     2.4M    OS4   Ultima 5-like engine + game 'Haxima'
scummer-os4.lha                game/role     148K    OS4   Reads images from LucasArts games
dzip-os4.lha                   game/shoot    216K    OS4   (De)compresses NetQuake demo files
lunavader-os4.lha              game/shoot    1.6M    OS4   A japanese shooter
shippy1984-os4.lha             game/shoot    416K    OS4   A very good and stylish retro shmup
stp-os4.lha                    game/shoot    1.1M    OS4   Save The Penguins - A shooter
tcgsblock-os4.lha              game/shoot    6.4M    OS4   A mix between Jap shooters and Arkanoid
qonk-os4.lha                   game/strat    723K    OS4   A space strategy/colonisation game
starlanes-os4.lha              game/strat    131K    OS4   An NCurses based space trading game
TotalChaosAGAr6.lha            game/strat     91M    OS3   2D Magic & Monsters turn-based Strategy
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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18.Feb.2008 Uploads until 17.02.2008
Uploads on since our last report:
a52_codec.lha            aud/mis  134kb  shared liba52 for AmigaOS4
dg_midi_player.lha       aud/pla   69kb  Simple MIDI player
camd_via686.lha          dri/mis   12kb  Onboard gameport MIDI out driver
prism2.lha               dri/net  199kb  Driver for 11Mbps wireless network cards
diskimage_device.lha     dri/sto  284kb  Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
wordmeupxxl_demo.lha     gam/act   22Mb  Word Me Up XXL Demo
pfp-bnx2.lha             gam/puz    3Mb  Remake from logical game Biniax
pftp-es.lha              net/ftp    8kb  Spanish translation for PFTP
datadisplay.lha          off/dat    9Mb  A Database Program with Samples
pointrider.lha           off/pre  660kb  Display PPS files and convert them to Ho
7zdec.lha                uti/arc   38kb  Extracts 7-zip archives
xad_7z.lha               uti/arc   75kb  XAD (UnArc) client for 7-zip archives
iso-o-matic.lha          uti/fil   52kb  All to ISO disk image converter
fontpreviewer.lha        uti/mis  711kb  A Simple Font Preview Program
ispell-deutsch.lha       uti/tex  862kb  igerman98-20071211 dictionary for ISpell
ispell-fr_fr.lha         uti/tex    2Mb  Alternate french dictionary for ISpell 3
ispell-polish.lha        uti/tex    2Mb  Polish dictionary for ISpell 3.3.02
contextmenusscripts.lha  uti/wor   43kb  Scripts and config file for ContextMenus
avcodec_lib.lha          vid/mis  931kb  Audio and Video codec library for OS4
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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AROS-Archives: Uploads until 17.02.2008
Uploads on AROS-Archives since our last report:                               aud/       3Mb  Amistart                     gam/mis  552kb  Advanced Snake Game - AROS port                      gam/mis  667kb  Advanced Snake Game - Source Code for AR                   gra/con  302kb  CLI converter for camera raw files (SSE2                        gra/con  302kb  CLI converter for camera raw files
aros-texlive-20080216-bin-pc-i386.tar.bz2  uti/tex   11Mb  TeXlive bin-pc-i386
aros-texlive-20080216-src.tar.bz2          uti/tex   35Mb  TeXlive sources
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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18.Feb.2008 (Webseite)

MorphOS: strangé 0.20, Gread 1.0k

strangé 0.20

strangé is a MUI-based AmigaGuide-/HTML-viewer, which based HTMLView.mcc. Changes in version 0.20:
  • Hemmm removed the fake iconify on MorphOS; it had some strange side effects that made it not usable in a clean way
  • Changed lineread.c to dynamically allocate buffers. There were problems with genesis and old fixed buffer scheme.
  • Fixed popfile.c not freying an allocated buffer
  • Fixed html.c double allocating URLs

Link: Downloadpage

Gread 1.0k

Tom 'Amigaharry' Duins Text viewer Gread was also updated as Version 1.0k and includes several small fixes.

Link: Downloadseite (cg) (Translation: aj)

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Ron van Schaik (ANF)

Picture from the "C= Show"
The monthly "C=Show" from the Commodore Gebruikers Groep was at 16. Februar in Maarssen (Netherlands). Pictures of the event, where beside several hardware developer shows is products (1541-IDE, 1541-III, 1541-Ultimate, DC2N), are available on the club web page under "C= Show reports". (cg) (Translation: aj)

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AmigaOS 4: Origyn Web Browser 1.12
Joerg Strohmayer released his Update of the Origyn Web Browser. Changes are:
  • v1.12: Fixed the bug which caused crashes with missing fonts in version 1.10 and 1.11
  • v1.11: Fixed a bug in the OS4 font code and changed some parameters to improve the display
  • v1.11: Changed the network code to only wait, delaying the (re)rendering, if data is transferred.

Alternative is agains the 7z-Archiv on the web page of the Author also a LHA-version on the Aminet available. (cg) (Translation: aj)

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17.Feb.2008 (Web page)

Lost bonus level discovered in Apidya
Kaiko's shoot'em up Apidya, released in 1992, includes several bonus levels - apparently, one of them was not accessible by the player until now due to an error in the program.

In his blog, John Girvin describes how he was pointed out to the existence of this bonus level and could make it accessible to the player, in addition, he is making available screenshots and a video of the level, which he has christened as "Speed of Light" on the spot.

Girvin has released a WHDLoad patch, with which owners of the original can also play the level.

Direct download: Apidya.lha (57 KB) (Readme) (cg) (Translation: cad)

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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood: Current issues of the mailing list
Press release The Hollywood mailing list was set to "invite only" a fairly long time ago, in order to prevent spammers from joining the list and flooding the members with advertising. Unfortunately, this setting can no longer be reversed via Yahoo! Groups now, which is why the mailing list will remain "invite only" for eternity, so it can only be joined with invitation.

Therefore, a form is now provided on the product page of Hollywood on the Airsoft Softwair homepage, with which users who would like to join the mailing list can request a personal invitation.

The Hollywood mailing list is is open for everyone; users who do not have Hollywood yet can also join, if they are interested in the program and/or have questions about it. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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Volker Mohr (ANF)

Event: Classic Computing 2008
Press release Classic Computing 2008 on September 27 and 28 in the Eurotec Center in Moers.

Once again, the "Verein zum Erhalt klassischer Computer e.V." ("Association for the Preservation of Classic Computers, registered association") is inviting you to Classic Computing this year, too, this time on the west border of the Ruhr area, in the halls of the "Eurotec Center" in 47445 Moers.

On more than 600 square meters, as in the previous years, collections of home computers, game consoles, office computers, but also the repair corner, where computers of club members are reconditioned for free, are waiting for you. Of course, you may also play on historical computers which are set up especially for this purpose.

This year, we set a varying emphasis, for example, a collection of all computers ever built by Commodore that is as complete as possible, from the PET 2001 up to the Amiga 4000T.

Another important subject this year is the Atari. But other computers like Amiga, MSX, classic PC's and Sinclair are not missing out either.

Classic Computing is opened for visitors on Saturday from 10:00 o'clock to 19:00 o'clock, on Sunday from 11:00 o'clock to 16:00 o'clock. Entrance costs 5 euros.

But not only club members will exhibit there, other clubs, private collectors and companies area also welcome. The stand money is intentionally kept very low, to allow participation by individuals, too.

You can obtain further information directly via our homepage under the title link. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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17.Feb.2008 (Web page) Interview with Tommy Rølvåg Strand (English)
Under the title link, has conducted an interview with Tommy Rølvåg Strand, in his capacity as founder of the Norwegian Amiga club NAF, editor of the #amiga guide magazine and operator of the website (snx) (Translation: cad)

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AROS: TeXlive ported (x86)
Alain Greppin has taken on the porting of TeX within the scope of Team-AROS Bounties, and has now made available TeXlive for AROS/x86 under the title link.

However, numerous scripts are currently not usable under AROS yet, since they require a POSIX shell or Perl. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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16.Feb.2008 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Word Me Up XXL
"Word Me Up XXL" developed by Boing Attitude combines arcade and puzzle elements (screenshot of the PacMan-level). The game is now available for AmigaOS 4 and has 60 levels. It is available in German English, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Swedish and Spanish.

A version for MorphOS is in progress and a support for AROS is planned. For testing purposes there is a free demo version which is limited to four leverls. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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16.Feb.2008 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Origyn Web Browser 1.10
Jörg Strohmayer has published an update of Origyn Web Browser (screenshot). OWB now includes a simple toolbar. AISS is supported for it. The changes in version 1.10:
  • Added tooltypes for the window size (WIDTH and HEIGHT). The sizes are for the web view, not the complete window
  • Stop gadget is disabled now after loading a page is completed
  • The 4th and 5th mouse buttons are used for back/forward now
  • Added tooltip support (displayed in the progress bar as well)
  • Changed some font engine parameters, the fonts look better now IMHO
  • Added support for a fallback font (tooltype UNICODEFONT, default Bitstream Cyberbit) which is used for missing glyphs in the normal fonts
  • Disabled all stdio output if OWB is started from workbench
  • Changed the network settings to the normal values again (at most 5 connections instead of the 25 used in previous versions which may be rejected by some sites). On most pages it's fast enough now, but since especially on large pages with lots of images without sizes, for example most forums, the rerendering of the pages after each completed (image) load still slowed it down a *lot* I changed it to only (re)render the pages after everything was loaded, or every 5 seconds. Although it makes loading most pages much faster, it can cause way too long delays on interactive sites loading additional data like instead. Since that's only the case on a few sites I guess it's better that way, and when/if OWB gets much faster the 5 seconds can be decreased.
  • Back/forward gadgets are disabled now while loading, and if there is nothing in the history to go to
  • Updated to SVN revision 239 (BMP image decoder added)
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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16.Feb.2008 (Webseite)

RNO Records: 100. Musicdisk
The Finnish Amiga demo group RNO has published the 100. Musicdisk. This can be played on each Amiga with AGA or RTG as well as under AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS.

The tracks were composed by the RNO-members DENSHO, RM, ROZ, XNI and ZANY as well as by GOTO80 fom Up Rough asguest star. Additionally the Musicdisk includes one game.

rno-r100.lha (3,7 MB) (3,8 MB, WinUAE-Hardfile) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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