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Thomas Nosutta (ANF)

Event: Big Christmas Festivity of the ACBB
The ACBB is organizing an Amiga Christmas festivity to take part on 16. November 2001. They will take care to have coffee, cakes, Advent songs (MP3) and atmospheric Workbench backgrounds at hand. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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Kjell Breding (E-Mail)

Event: AmiGBG 2002
AmiGBG 2002. That's the name of the first Swedish Amiga fair since 1998. AmiGBG 2002 will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The fair will contain both swedish and foreign exhibitors, both companys and user groups.

At AmiGBG 2002 you will get a glimpse of the future Amiga system, both of Amiga OS 4 and Amiga DE. You will also see existing and coming systems with modern hardware from different manufacturers.

Welcome to Gothenburg in 2002! (ps)

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Cloanto (ANF)

Pictures from Spoletium 4
On November 24-25, 2001, Cloanto attended the Spoletium 4 event in Spoleto, Italy, providing a wireless webcam service. Pictures are now online at

In a computing world in which hardware and software have exploded beyond imagination, where lone pioneers have been displaced by billion-dollar investments, where programming manuals that used to ship with affordable home computers have been replaced by multi-volume and constantly changing SDKs which are beyond the reach of the average user, the demo scene continues to remind us that writing software can still be a sublime fusion of expression and creativity, of technology and art, a medium in which the germ of talent can be discovered and nourished, where individuals exchange ideas and compete with others, but, as they build universes of which they are to be in full control, are also confronted most of all in an intimate challenge with their inner selves. Thank you, friends at Spoletium, for keeping the flame alive! (ps)

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