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27.Oct.2013 (Forum)

AmiWest 2013: New videos online
Five days ago Bill Borsari uploaded his videos of the AmiWest 2013 to YouTube. They show the codebench-presentation of Paul Sadlik, Lyle Hazlewood with his new music programm Score, the speech of A-EON Technology, the banquet-discussion, the AmigaOne X1000 and a presentation of games which have been released during the last 12 months. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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19.Oct.2013 (Forum)

Event: First reports of AmiWest 2013 (Update)
There are some first reports of the AmiWest which is taking place in Sacramento, California this weekend. According to them:
  • it was again confirmed that there will not be a laptop for AmigaOS 4
  • A-EON Technology has invested 1,2 million in new systems
  • which probably will be available at the end of 2014: AmigaOne 3041, 5020, 5040; Hans-Jörg and Thomas Frieden can already run AmigaOS 4 on the Cyrus-board
  • the beta test of the Cyrus boards will start at the begining of the next year, 50 testers are required
  • the first production will begin with 500 boards 6 months after the beta tests were started; batches of 300-500 pieces are planned
  • the Cyrus board will be available separately to allow international customers an inexpensive access to A-EON-systems; this is also planned for the Nemo board of the AmigaOne X1000
  • additional to Alinea Computer in Germany, A-EON is looking for a distributor in USA
  • the Ethernet driver for the Onboard-port of the AmigaOne X1000 is currently beta tested and Trevor Dickinson is already using it instead of a PCI-board
  • a new AmigaOS-4-kernel is currently tested, called the X-Kernel, which features multicore-support
  • the port of LibreOffice is developed further: Soon a beta test programm will be started
  • for Amiga computers a new soundcard will be available, which can be connected via the Zorro-slot or the clockport and which can play most of the audio formats; Michael Böhmer (E3B) is developing it, Ian Gledhill is writing the driver and the user-interface is written by Matthew Leaman; originally it should be called Prism but with regard to the spying programm it will be renamed
Update: (09:07, 20.10.13, snx)
Meanwhile further information is available directly from the A-EON Technology website. Furthermore, the information at the title link has been extended and the video of Trevor Dickinson's presentation has been uploaded. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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10.Oct.2013 (website)

Event: Alchimie X (France)
Press release: The 10th edition of Alchimie, the biggest french Amiga event, organized by Triple A, will be held on the 9th, 10th and 11th of November this year.

As usual, Alchimie is mainly focused around the Amiga in all its flavours, but other operating systems will also be shown - such as RiscOS on Raspberry PI, Atari with the FireBee, Haiku, Linux and so on.

Robotics will also be present by the french magazine Planete Robots and many demonstrations will be made by professionals.

Conferences about AmigaOS 4 and Qt, MorphOS, Blender, FireFox OS and the Demoscene will be held on saturday and sunday.

If you happen to be near Tain l'Hermitage in south of France at theses dates, do not hesitate to drop by and join the 98 attendees already registered to take part at Alchimie X. (snx)

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