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20.Apr.2014 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Beta test for AirPort-Extreme driver
Frank 'pega-1' Mariak has written a MorphOS driver for Apple-computers with integrated WLAN-support (screenshot from April 1st), which will be released together with MorphOS 3.6. If you are interested in a beta test, you offer your help.

The Broadcom-based WLAN-chipsets are supported by "AirPort Extreme" and "AirForce One 54g" (they are shown under ShowConfig with the manufacturer information $14E4 and the device numbers $4320 or $4318). According to Andreas Wolf, it is the following Apple-computers, which work under MorphOS:
  • eMac: all
  • iBook G4: all
  • PowerBook G4 Aluminium: all
  • Mac mini G4: all
  • PowerMac G4: FW800
  • PowerMac G5: all
As a kind of Easter gift and as tribute to the registration without working, integrated WLAN-solution, registered users with a compatible chipset can apply for the beta test of this b43-driver. Please use the following eMail address:

Please note, that it is a softwase to be tested and that the group of participants is limited - so it may happen that your application will be rejected. But by using MorphOS 3.6, you will get the finished driver. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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16.Apr.2014 (Forum)

AROS: AEROS 7 Plus available for free for one day
As part of the test run of his app store ( reported), today Pascal Papara offers his Linux-hosted AROS-distribution AEROS 7 for the Raspberry Pi in the plus-version for free (installation guide). This version includes the lx-command, with which it is possible to launch Linux programms from the AROS-Workbench "Wanderer".

So far the App-Store can only accessed with a text-based client, which requires a registration available under the title link (at the very bottom of the page: "Enter the Matrix"). After donwloading the client, you have to control the menu by entering short commands. Once you have logged in and "purchased" the AEROS Plus (article number 58) for zero Indiecoins, you can download the distribution. From tomorrow on the distribution will cost 700 Indiecoins. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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05.Apr.2014 (Forum)

ACube Systems: Pictures of Minimig-Plus board
Massimiliano Tretene by ACube Systems has published two pictures of the "Minimig +". In November the FPGA-board with a DragonBall-Super-VZ-processor was announced and is supposed to have the power of a 68030-processor with 30 MHz and unlike its previous issue providing sufficient space for an AGA-core.

Additional to 32 MB RAM (extensible up to 64 MB) and 8 MB Chip-RAM, it features two USB-ports, network connection, realtime clock, two SD-card reader and 18-Bit video output.

Pictures: Minimig +, Processor (snx) (Translation: dr)

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