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AROS-Exec (Web page)

Team AROS: Bounty #34 (ATI graphics card driver) tackled
Michal Schulz has attended to the AROS Bounty project #34, a 2D driver for ATI graphics cards. The hardware for this purpose was donated by 'Kalamatee'.

In this context, Team AROS reminds that until the transmission of the source codes, donations can still be carried out. Currently, the promised reward amounts to 32 US dollars. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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Jan Zahurancik (ANF)

Emulation: New screenshots of AmiKit
AmiKit is a completely pre-configured Amiga environment for WinUAE - like "Amiga In A Box" or AmigaSYS.

While the release of AmiKit is getting closer, the following screenshots have been published meanwhile (each picture shows a different graphics style for windows):

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

To join the AmiKit Yahoo-Group, just send an e-mail or go directly to the corresponding website. (snx)

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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphUp: Betatest of the packet manager will start soon
Rupert 'naTmeg' Hausberger will start a beta test for his packet manager MorphUp soon. All who contributed to the bounty for this project are invited to the test (bounty name: ezPM; current contribution: 316,55 US-Dollar).

MorphUp is a packet management system like known from the Linux world consisting of a generator and a client. The packet manager looks for updates and available programs and downloads the regarding files automatically, the user does not need to seek for the files manually, by visiting lots of different sites.
The packet manager should be able to do the installation, updates and verification of MorphOS compounds and applications ( reported).

Bounty contributers interested in beta testing may do the following during the next two weeks:
  • Download the file hwid.lha and launch it by the shell
  • Send an email with the subject "*** MorphUP beta ***" followed by the following information to Rupert Hausberger:
    • The hwid output of the program at the shell
    • Your corresponding name as listed at the donators directory.
    • Optional yor real or user name
Email notification will be within two weeks. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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