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Scalos: Translation kit
Today a translation kit for the Workbench replacement scalos has been released. It includes the catalogue data of all scalos compounds and thus, facilitates the adaptation to further languages. Please send back all done catalogue files for additional languages.

Download: ScalosTranslation.lha (242 KB) (snx) (Translation: ub)

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AROS: Status update July 19, 2005


Darius Brewka is currently porting the start menu AmiStart to AROS (screenshot 1, 2).


Paul J. Beel and 'Kalamatee' have started AROS-related weblogs: The AROS Show, Kals Blog.

Applications list

Also by Paul J. Beel is The Definitive AROS Application List, a table trying to list all AROS applications already existing.


The AROS portal AROS-Exec does list 400+ members meanwhile and has got a modernized look recently. (snx)

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AmigaRemix: 12 new songs added is a website where remixes of Amiga games soundtracks are made available for download as MP3 files. Since our last report were twelve new songs added and became part of the data base. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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ANN (website)

Box wallpapers with Commodore and AROS theme
Following the title link you can find adaptations of the MorphOS box wallpapers for Commodore and AROS. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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