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07.Mar.2013 (Forum)

Retro case: Other awards for X500-Plus-Kickstarter-project
For the Kickstarter-project of Loriano 'TheDaddy' Pagni, the retro case X500 Plus ( reported), you can now also pledge an amount of 20 to 45 Pounds Sterling. So far 5462 Pounds of 10000 have been pledged. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

GAUHPIL: Database of Amiga-homepages updated
Dietmar Knoll's collection of Amiga homepages has been updated again and lists now 610 users from 36 countries.

Changes since our last message:
  • Change: Mathias Parnaudeau "Corto" (WoW - the ultimate text converter) - France
  • Change: Uros Nedeljkovic "beauty" (small dezign, dtp, gfx for common programs) - Serbia
  • Change: Milan Pollé (Candy Factory) - Netherlands
  • Change: Roberto Agria "Flashback" - Italy
  • Change: Martin Heine "Senex" ( - Germany
  • Change: Bruno Vaccaro "Sad Jester" (icons) - Italy
  • Change: Martin Rebentisch "DaFreak" (demoscener: gfx, coorg, swap) - Germany
  • Change: Mark de Jong "Spellcoder" (AmigaHeaven, Amiga Coding Wiki) - Netherlands
  • Change: Gian Luca Diana "AmigaMMC" - Italy
  • New: Sascha van Wahnem "AmigaGTI" - Germany
  • Change: Ivo Brugnera - Italy
  • Change: Steven Solie "ssolie" (AmigaOS enthusiast) - Canada
  • Change: Manou Billa "Cyber-Husky" - Luxemburg
  • Change: Robert Nienkemper (AddToHotlist.aweb, IconReplacer, AmyFoon...) - Netherlands
  • New: Jan Hagqvist (AScape, Akma Net Browser, 1947: Five Years After, AlertHelp...) - Finland
  • Change: Nikola Tomic "d.j.nick" (D-Tronic Design Studio) - Serbia
  • Changes: Kees Coenradi (AWS, Amiga Crossword Deluxe, Guess Stress) - Netherlands
  • New: Alfredo Amendolagine "AlfredOne" (eGalaxTouch4a driver) - Italy
  • New: Tony Aksnes "AmigaGuru" (AmigaGuru´s Game Collection/Gamer Blog, ASB & OS4 ports) - Norway
  • New: Dave C. May (AirTaxi) - USA
  • Changes: Yvon Rozijn (AWeb) - Netherlands
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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Torsten Hees (ANF)

Kickstarter-Project: Leona's Tricky Adventures
Under the title link a Kickstarter-project for an Amiga and Sega-Dreamcast game was initiated. KTX Software Development is the initiator which has already released a Dreamcast game called Hucasts Dux. After in the last year the Kickstarter campaign was finished, KTX Software Development now is going to release the second part of the game called Redux: Dark Matters.

According to the project description the puzzle adventure "Leona's Tricky Adventures" (video) is supported by the comic artits M. Musal and B. Samuel as well as by the game music composers Chris Hülsbeck and Fabian del Priore. It is also planned to add Amiga-support to the Kha-SDK and thus in future to make it easier to develop Amiga games. Kha is a software development kit which was released late last year. A demo version of the SDK which is limited to Flash and Java can be requested. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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