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22.Aug.2005 (Website)

C=128 Anniversary Video by Bil Herd and Dave Haynie
Bil Herd and Dave Haynie published a new video about the anniversary of the legendary Commodore 128 (C=128) which can be downloaded for free. Rare prototypes of the Commodore machines including the Commodore LCD are shown inside the video. Comments by Bil Herd and Dave Haynie are included as well which tell about the destruction plans of Commodore regarding the Sinclair by introducing a 49$ computer. Haynie also shows a CD32 board and a Triple-A (Advanced Amiga Architecture) motherboard. Download: bilndave.mpg (167 MB). (nba)

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21.Aug.2005 (Website)

Video of a new AmigaOS4-function: draggable screens
Julien 'Crisot' Cervellera published a video which shows the new functions of the intuition.library for AmigaOS 4: draggable screens. Meanwhile an additional mpeg-version of the XVid-file as well as mirrors were created.

os4intuition.avi [Mirror] (13 MB)
os4intuition.mpg [Mirror] (21 MB) (snx)

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Chris Hodges (ANF)

Aminet: external full text search engine Amifind moved
The Aminet full text search engine "Amifind" searches the more than 73000 readme files of the Aminet (more than 300 MB all together) in a few milli seconds kunden for the key words.

Thanks to a new server with higher meory capabilities can the search engine now be reached under (the homepage of Chris Hodges moved, too).

As the switching of the domain happened just yesterday it may happen that the access works for some users in the next days. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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