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Matthijs Schonewille (ANF)

Website against terrorism - Stop this madness
Hi, I am an ex-Amiga owner. Today I use linux. I know my message has nothing to do with computers, but I hope you'll visit my website anyway. It is a website against terrorism. Please visit it and sign the list. Thank you.

I am still looking for a German translation. If you can help, please contact Matthijs Schonewille. (ps)

[News message: 24. Sep. 2001, 11:10] [Comments: 0]
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Thomas Wolf (ANF)

Amigakult established own IRC channel
Thomas Wolf wrote:
Today, the IRC channel for the homepage was established. '<<< pSYCHo of mOODs >>>' agreed to take the task of the full time channel operator.

Channel: #amigakult

We hope for active participation and wish you much fun. (sd) (Translation: mj)

[News message: 23. Sep. 2001, 23:19] [Comments: 0]
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23.Sep.2001 (ANF)

IRC: An Amiga #channel about the future....
Hello people!

Since there just was advertising for #diehard, I would like to show an alternative:

At there is a young channel (#amiga) that is said to be about Ami-OpenSource (AmigaDE). For the time being there isn't much up. Some don't have an Amiga anymore, some are Amiga Inc. employees, some develop similar projects coming from the Amiga world, some are active for the current Amiga scene or are people like you and me.

So, who feels like dropping in is heartily invented.

Channel : #amiga
(sd) (Translation: mj)

[News message: 23. Sep. 2001, 19:19] [Comments: 0]
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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena News: CDBoot; Schatztruhe products wanted
Amiga Arena - Full Version
With permission of Thomas Kessler, developer of CDBoot, and Richard Small (distribution by Schatztruhe) the Amiga Arena makes possible the release of 'CDBoot'.

You can start almost any CD32 game on an A1200/4000 using 'CDBoot'. Following a short extract from the list of games tested.
(More information are to find on the CDBoot disk.)
  • Arabian Nights - Krisalis - ECS
  • Banshee - Core Design - AGA
  • Benefactor - Digital Illusions/Psygnosis - AGA
  • Brian the Lion - Psygnosis - AGA
  • Fire And Ice - GraftGold - AGA
  • Gunship 2000 - Microprose - AGA
  • Impossible Mission 2025 - Microprose - AGA
  • Microcosm - Psygnosis - AGA; unfortunately runs with an PCMCIA CD drive only
  • Rise of the Robots - Mirage - AGA
  • RoadKill - Vision - AGA
  • Superfrog - Team 17 - AGA
  • Super Stardust - Team 17 - AGA
  • Tower Assault & Alien Breed II - Team 17 - AGA
Of course Schatztruhe will not offer any support for 'CDBoot', anymore.
Special thank to Thomas K. and Richard S. for their permission.

Amiga Arena - Appeal
The Amiga Arena is looking for other software from 'Schatztruhe'. Shareware and lowcost product field. Users still owning products from Schatztruhe might contact the Amiga Arena .

Developers wanting to share their software as well as contact persons also are wanted.

Many thanks! (sd) (Translation: mj)

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Czech Amiga News

Amiga Arena: Game 'Alibaba' wanted
Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena, has got permission to release the game 'Alibaba' on his website, but up to now wasn't able to find any full version of this game. If anybody could help him searching, please write to (sd) (Translation: mj)

[News message: 23. Sep. 2001, 17:23] [Comments: 0]
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Horst Diebel (ANF)

Amiga-Society: Several updates
Again, there are some updates to the Amiga-Society:
  • General: Link lists extended.
  • Software: Some entries added.
  • Schlachtfeld: First internal alpha version.
(sd) (Translation: mj)

[News message: 23. Sep. 2001, 15:52] [Comments: 0]
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Thomas Wolf (ANF) Special price project AmIRC
Thomas Wolf wrote:
Amigakult for all of it's registered users makes possible a special price for the current version of AmIRC. If there would be 50 purchasers, a 20% cut in price would be possible. To avail this offer you just have to register and then follow the instructions on the start page.

I'm hoping for active interest and wish you fun!

Thomas Wolf (sd) (Translation: mj)

[News message: 23. Sep. 2001, 15:52] [Comments: 0]
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Trizt (ANF)

A real Amiga IRC channel for real Amiga users
Amiga Users!
  • Tired of going to channels on net after net searching for some real amiga users who use real AMIGAs?
  • Tired of being in channels where there seems to be an ongoing linux or windows chat?
  • Tired of being ragged on by clone owners who think your silly to be on amiga still?
  • Feel like trying a channel where amiga is the only topic and there is talk about everything from amiga hardware to software?
  • Does the thought of an amiga emulator bother you?
  • There is such a place, it's called #DIEHARD and its on arcnet! Feel free to stop in,and be sure your using your amiga!

If you answer yes to the above questions, then maybe this is the channel for you. It was created by amiga users for amiga users who were tired of emulator, windows and linux being talked about in so called amiga channels.

Below are some popular servers to get there:

[News message: 23. Sep. 2001, 04:04] [Comments: 0]
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Matthias Münch (ANF)

English translator wanted
For our site we are wanting a translator (German to English), HTML knowledge required. If you want to help us, please contact Matthias Münch. (ps) (Translation: mj)

[News message: 23. Sep. 2001, 04:01] [Comments: 0]
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22.Sep.2001 (ANF) - server move and new AmigaJoker reviews is now placed on a much bigger server (resp. in a bigger package at the provider), this should solve the problems with shortage of webspace and restricted data transfer for a longer period of time. Therefore can all review articles, that will be released from now on, be made available in better quality (less compression).

There are also at once 22 new AmigaJoker reviews taken from the issues 9-12/1991: Abandoned Places, Apidya, Battle Isle, Blues Brothers, Bundesliga Manager Professional, Cruise for a Corpse, Die Kathedrale, Eye of the Beholder, Gunboat, Hunter, James Pond 2, Kings Quest 5, Knights of the Sky, Life and Death, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, Magic Pockets, Manchester United Europe, Mega lo Mania, R-Type 2, Silent Service 2, The Return of Medusa, Thunderhawk, Utopia. With these there are now already 79 AmigaJoker reviews of Amiga classics.

Besides that you can now find in the AmigaJoker database for every game a direct link to the details of the game at the games museum "The Legacy".

For all fans of non Amiga classics there are new PowerPlay reviews taken from the issues 11/94 and 1/95: Colonization (MS-DOS), CreatureShock (MS-DOS CD-ROM), DawnPatrol (MS-DOS CD-ROM), Earthsiege (MS-DOS), Ecstatica (MS-DOS), HellonEarth (MS-DOS), IronAssault (MS-DOS CD-ROM), KingsQuest7 (Windows CD-ROM), Lemmings3 (MS-DOS), Lollypop (MS-DOS), MasterofMagic (MS-DOS), PoliceQuest4 (MS-DOS CD-ROM), SystemShock (MS-DOS), U.S.NavyFighter (MS-DOS CD-ROM), UnderaKillingMoon (MS-DOS CD-ROM), Warcraft (MS-DOS CD-ROM).

The complete number of Powerplay reviews is now grown to tidy 349. (ps) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 22. Sep. 2001, 12:50] [Comments: 0]
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22.Sep.2001 (ANF)

Logo competition of AC-Deutschland in final round
The Amiga-Club Deutschland e.V. i.Gr. thanks all the senders for their logo creations for the new Germany wide Amiga club.

The meanwhile more than 20 members were very happy about the good participation and would be even more pleased with a similar great interest in the public voting.

Everbody (those not being members, too) may vote for his/her favorite creation and so contribute his/her share to the look of the AC-DE. We would be pleased if one or another would give reasons for his/her decision in the discussion forum. (ps) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 22. Sep. 2001, 01:12] [Comments: 0]
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