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Poll: How much 68k-compatibility do you expect of a x86-AmigaOS?
Under the title link hast started a poll which is written in German. Giving you the possibility to take part as well here is the English translation of the poll:

Question: How much 68k-compatibility a Amiga-like operating system at least should have got so you would buy it for 120 to 150 Euro for your x86-computer?

- No compatibility at all. The current developments for the Amiga and some ports would be sufficient.
- A simple possibility to start 68k-applications with an emulator (UAE-integration) would be sufficient.
- I need the same 68k-compatibility as it is integrated in AmigaOS4 or MorphOS.
- I would only buy it if it works under WinUAE.
- I would never buy an operating system for x86 which is compatible to Amiga.

Thanks for your participation! (snx) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 24. Jan. 2009, 15:24] [Comments: 2 - 09. Sep. 2009, 08:15]
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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Amiga-Remix albums: Instant Remedy / Immortal 4
Two Remix-CDs with Amiga-soundtracks were announced for this year: The second album published by Instant Remedy as well as the fourth (and probably the last) part of the Immortal serie. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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22.Jan.2009 (Webseite)

OctaMED SoundStudio: Further development started
Last year a developer was searched who could develop further OctaMED SoundStudio. Alfred Faust will do that. OMSS is one of the first 8-channel-tracker. It is available for free.

In a mailinglist the developer who is well-known as programmer of Bars'n'Pipes Seine gave his first impressions of the status of the source code of version 1.03c. If you want to support the project you can give donations and thus can take part in the beta test. Alfred Faust asks to give him a little time because he has to take a closer look at the assembler. (snx) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 22. Jan. 2009, 18:47] [Comments: 0]
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