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AROS-Exec (Forum)

Feelin: Demonstration videos to alphablending and XML support
Olivier Laviale has published two short movies about his Open-source project Feelin which demonstrate the alphablending feature and the XML supprt. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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ANN (homepage)

Amiga user's map of the world based on Frappr
Under the title link amiga users of all variants can register themselves on a map of the world based on Google Maps. The system, where Frappr is based on, does not work with amiga browsers. The registration of not present cities can be applied to Frappr with the information of the degree of longitude and latitude. (snx) (Translation: ts)

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Duke (ANF)

Gamedatabase "Amiga Games That Weren't" launched
The Gamedatabase "Amiga Games That Weren't" is now avalaible. Aim of this page is, similar the older page Games That Weren't 64 carry informationen and if possible providing downloads of never released Amiga-games.

The first entry is Son Shu Shi , a Jump'n'Run like Super Wonderboy. Enabled was this by a friend of the coder and Software Preservation Society (Disk Mastering) and Codetapper (WHDLoad-Install). (snx) (Translation: aj)

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