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Gerd Frank (e-mail)

New AmiATLAS website online
At the title link you'll find the new website of the route planner AmiATLAS 6. Alternately the website can be reached at (ps) (Translation: rh)

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Olaf Köbnik (e-mail)

Amiga Arena: Interview with James Daniels (programmer of Payback)
There's currently perhaps only one commercial Amiga game which is maintained so well as Payback by James Daniels. Sadly, James' work does not reflect in the sales. Because of the download count (updates) which are much higher than the sales it has to be assumed that a huge amount of pirated copies endanger the further development of Payback!

In the interview with Amiga Arena James revealed what the update 6 will offer. Should the amount of sales not increase we will have to do without a very talented "young" developer for Amiga.

Special thanks to Christian B. who made it possible that the interviews are online in German and English. (ps) (Translation: rh)

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Richard Kapp (e-mail)

GFX-BASE: New entries and review of Mira-WizARC
At the GFX-BASE you can once more read a new review. This time Kevin Hansen has tested the archive manager Mira-WizARC. Besides our vote (which ends in the next days) there are some new entries of games and scene demos which support graphics cards.

Also new is an improved layout as well as a new logo which is meant to illustrate a small change in direction of our magazine: the GFX-BASE magazine is now not only for graphics card users but for Amiga high-end users in general. (ps) (Translation: rh)

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Bernd Lachner (ANF)

OSNews: Interview with Guillaume Maillard of the BlueOS team
There's an interesting article at OS-News about BlueOS, a BeOS clone based on Linux. In this article a BlueOS team member answers questions about the planned system. This article is also interesting from Amiga point of view for the following reasons:
  • BlueOS could become another alternative operating system for the bPlan PPC board
  • BlueOS could show that it's possible to build an alternative operating system on a Linux kernel which is compatible to an existing one (BeOS). Something similar would be possible for AmigaOS for example with AROS.
All in all the BlueOS project seems to be in a very early state. Interesting for Amiga fans are the aims of the project which read on the homepage as follows: "Call this project ´BeOS 8´ or ´AmigaOS 10, the revenge´ if you want, our dream is to make something better than these great OSes."
(ps) (Translation: rh)

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Andreas C. Schmidt (ANF)

Private G-REX 4000D performance tests by Andreas C. Schmidt
Last week I have promised in one of the comment threads to make real world tests on my G-REX 4000D. Now that I have my G-REX together with Voodoo3-3000 working the results are available at the title link.

Amidog's AMP sadly does not run with the G-REX-Voodoo combination and likes to crash on startup. I don't have a 100 MBit ethernet card yet since the drivers are still missing. As soon as the drivers are available I will do the tests.

One word on the 3D games: Heretic and Shogo run perfectly, Wipeout runs (on my system) only on Workbench and the glQuake status bar is mangled and unreadable. The main 3D graphic in glQuake is not affected, though.

Now a call to all Mediator users: I would *LOVE* to see my tests on the most powerful Mediator environment (603e-240, Voodoo3-3000)! With the help of my test notes it should be easily possible for anyone to execute them himself (except the ethernet test).
(ps) (Translation: rh)

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Survey: Which system do you want to use 2002?
In our forum some asked when we would start another survey along with a precise suggestion to query for: "What system would you like to use in 2002?". Possible answers:
  • "Classic" Amiga / AmigaOS 3.x
  • "Classic" Amiga / Linux
  • AmigaOne / AmigaOS 4.0
  • Pegasos / MorphOS
  • Pegasos / LinuxPPC
  • x86 / AmigaOS XL / Amithlon
  • x86 / UAE
  • x86 / Windows
  • x86 / Linux
  • Macintosh / UAE
  • Macintosh / MacOS
  • Macintosh / LinuxPPC
Unfortunately our script does not allow multiple entries. Suggestions for other surveys are welcome.

Update: (30.04.2011, cg)

For archiving reasons, the results of the survey are added to this news item:
System                          Votes

"Classic" Amiga / AmigaOS 3.x    327   (13.09%)
"Classic" Amiga / Linux           20    (0.80%)
AmigaOne / AmigaOS 4.0          1000   (40.02%)
Pegasos / LinuxPPC                15    (0.60%)
Pegasos / MorphOS                611   (24.45%)
x86 / AmigaOS XL / Amithlon      269   (10.76%)
x86 / UAE                         24    (0.96%)
x86 / Windows                     84    (3.36%)
x86 / Linux                       58    (2.32%)
Macintosh / UAE                    3    (0.12%)
Macintosh / MacOS                 55    (2.20%)
Macintosh / LinuxPPC               1    (0.04%)
Andere / Other                    32    (1.28%)
(ps) (Translation: mj)

[News message: 25. Oct. 2001, 16:28] [Comments: 0]
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Horst Diebel (ANF)

Society Updates
There are some new updates on Amiga-Society again. There are many new entries in the Big Book of Amiga Hardware. There are also new pictures on the software site. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 24. Oct. 2001, 22:00] [Comments: 0]
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AmigaRealm (E-Mail)

AmigaRealm: Call for support of
Certainly you have already read that the website of the American news service called was hacked and the database destroyed. Under the title link AmigaRealm calls up everybody to support Wayne Hunt who is the maintainer of by contributing money so that he can bring the website online again. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 24. Oct. 2001, 18:20] [Comments: 0]
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Access Innovation Ltd.

Mick Tinker takes leave of Amiga market
Well time moves on, nothing stands still... The Amiga does not make me a living, it hasn't for a long, long time and it doesn't look like it ever will make me a dime. I have moved on in my life and its time that I left the Amiga behind.

It has been an interesting time. I still love the concepts and elegance of the Amiga, many of those concepts will move forward through the experiences of all those engineers that have had contact with it. Amiga R.I.P.

Note of the editors board:
The Anti Gravity website, which have bought the BoXer project from Mick Tinker, is not available any more. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 24. Oct. 2001, 13:14] [Comments: 5 - 28. Oct. 2001, 11:16]
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