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Archive 'New hardware and software products'

Relec Software & Hardware Amiga (ANF)

Relec Announces "MicroA1-EZ"
The Swiss merchant Relec stated that there would be a MicroA1-EZ at the next meeting of the Amiga club AMF-Lausanne-Schweiz on Saturday the 3rd of April from 2 to 5 pm. If the prerelease version of AmigaOS 4.0 happens to be ready that will also be displayed. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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16.Mar.2004 (Website)

AutoDocReader published
"Maag" has published a programm for showing AutoDocs called AutoDocReader.
The program (34 KB), instructions and the website are only Polish, but you can find a screenshot under the titlelink. (snx) (Translation: gf)

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13.Mar.2004 (website)

MorphOS: TGEmu emulates TurboGrafx16/PC Engine
"TGEmu" emulates the classic NEC games console "TurboGrafx16" (aka "PC Engine"). For now many comercial titles are running fast enough and with sound support.

The MorphOS version comes with a graphical users interface that supports skins. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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Jörg Renkert (ANF)

Workbench design with AmiChameleon
Everybody who has already tried to change the look of the Workbench completely knows how much the work that means. Searching for images, changing preferences, loading skins, etc. If you want to change the look again later on the same starts over again. Because of this I've developed AmiChameleon. It archives once created so called themes and installs them later again in the simpliest way. This way it is possible to change the design of your Workbench completely with only a small number of mouse click.

On a server are already several themes saved that can (directly from AmiChameleon) be viewed, downloaded and then installed. It will also be possible to create such themes with AmiChameleon (still beta and without manual).

Themes: With AmiChameleon you can change/install the following graphical elements:

System settings:
  • WB-Pattern
  • Fonts
  • Palette
  • Pointer
  • Sound
  • ReAction

Further settings:
  • Magic-Menu
  • VisualPrefs

Skins for the following programs:
  • CoolCalc
  • WBClock
  • AmigaAMP
  • AmiNetRadio
  • PlayCD

  • AmiStart
  • AmiDock

Other supported programs:
  • Birdie
  • BenchTrash
  • GarshneBlanker
All these parts together are called a theme and are supported by AmiChameleon. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Christian Geier (email)

Linux: Image Installer SE for Pegasos and Amiga-PPC released
The Image Installer that shortens the installation of various Linux distributions on the Pegasos I and II or the Amiga with PowerPC card to several minutes and eases it, is now available with an image file of SuSE 7.3 for download in a special edition.

The SE version is meant to demonstrate the functions of the Image Installer and to collect experiences in the use of Linux. The installation is done from an image that was created before from a correctly installed and configured Linux base installation.

To use further programs it is necessary to get the full distribution. The SuSE image file works exclusively with the SE version that is without any support by the SuSE Linux AG or the Image Installer team.

Hardware needed:
  • Pegasos with at least 128 MB RAM or Amiga with PowerPC card
  • CyberGraphX supported graphics card (recommended Pegasos: ATI Radeon)
  • harddisk drive with 6 GB free space
  • CD or DVD drive
  • CD burner for the ISO files
(snx) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 13. Mar. 2004, 10:17] [Comments: 0]
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