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Archive 'New hardware and software products'

29.Jan.2007 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Blaster Bastards 0.75 Beta
Stian StrÝm released a first Betaversion of his MorphOS-Game "Blaster Bastard". The Multiplayer-Game in Boulderdash-look requires PowerSDL and TinyGL. (snx)

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Christian Effenberger (ANF)

AJAX-FilmDB released as online complement to the ViCaDo package
AJAX-FilmDB is a comfortable PHP/MySQL/AJAX film database, which looks and behaves like a Mac OS X application. The database qualifies as online complement to the ViCaDo package by the same author.

The program is multi-lingual and is equipped with scalable GUI and user-specific configuration options. Database backup and restore are supported just as automatic graphical installation.

A complete documentation in PDF and HTML format is available in English and German, the program itself supports English, German, Spanish and Dutch at present. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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Guido Mersmann (ANF) IRCom 2.10, IRComRemote 2.10, MMKeyboard 3.24, Meridian 2.23
Guido Mersmann has released a new driver system with IRCom as well as a corresponding application with IRComRemote. Furthermore, his programs MMKeyboard and Meridian were updated accordingly.

The author asks to note that a special support forum is available for all programs. To save work, questions of general concern would please be asked there, so that he must answer only once. Furthermore, the users there can help one another as well, which normally takes place faster.

IRCom V2.10

First public version of the new driver system. With these drivers, IR signals can be emitted and received. With it, applications like video players can be controlled with a remote control, but external devices like TV's and CD players can be controlled from the computer as well.

In addition to the ircom.library, the driver package contains drives and Poseidon classes for IgorPlug, IRTrans and SimpleRxd hardware as well.

With the IRComPrefs program, setting up the drivers can be carried out.

The IRComRemoteEditor allows learning remote controls and embedding the buttons in a database, which is available for all programs.

Various shell commands allow sending and receiving IR signals and controlling scripts with IR signals.

In addition, the package is accompanied by an IRTrans initializer, which replaces the Windows software.

IRComRemote V2.10

IRComRemote is an application for the IRCom driver system. It allows complete computer control with the remote control. Programs can be launched, closed, windows and screens can be switched, windows can be moved, mouse clicks can be generated and much more.

MMKeyboard V3.24

The IRCom support was no longer compatible to the final version and led to crashes. In addition, many changes were conducted in the manual and an "‹ber..." ("About...") menu item was added. The problems with the final update to AmigaOS 4.0 should also be history with the new version.

Meridian V2.23

Like in MMKeyboard, the IRCom support here was no longer compatible to the final version either, which led to crashes. Likewise, many changes were conducted in the manual, an "‹ber..." ("About...") menu item was added and the problems with the final update to AmigaOS 4.0 were solved. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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IRC client: WookieChat 2.5
James Carroll just released a new version of his MUI based IRC client WookieChat for AmigaOS 3/4. New in v2.5 is the option to supress the "join", "quit" and "away"messages, also the seperate "Server-Tab" is not needed any longer. The changes in detail:
  • You can now close the leftmost server tabs
  • Dedicated server tabs can be disabled/enabled. Configure this setting at: Main Settings > Servers. Server tabs can be closed now regardless
  • When a person sends you a file with DCC SEND, the file comment field is filled with their nick and IP address, and the network name
  • When messaging someone in private, away messages are only displayed once unless they change
  • The ignore function now ignores /notice messages
  • Added an ENV variable for AmiUpdate compatibiilty
  • Added a "Hide" menu item, with short cut, for quick iconifying
  • Bugfix: No more crashing when closing second networks
  • Bugfix: Parting channels on the Serenity IRC network no longer crashes
  • Added a workaround for a strange PREFIX parameter on the EnterTheGame IRC network
  • Bugfix: No more garbage characters bug when using cursor up/down to scroll through your input history. (used to happen at the end)
  • Type /playing or /tunenet to show whats playing in TuneNet. It's not that useful a feature really.. I added it by request. It's something nice to play with, just for ####s 'n giggles
  • You can optionally turn on smaller tab sizes, by running wookiechat with the "smalltabs" switch. i.e. "run wookiebeta_os3 smalltabs". I'm aware that they dont always look right though

The Author thanks all users who registered WookieChat for the additional "pocket money". (cg) (Translation: ub)

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