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Archive 'New hardware and software products'

04.May 2002
Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

Delfina Flipper: Technical changes
The preparations for the sound card "Delfina Flipper Edition" have reached the last phase before production. Some technical details had to be changed in order to keep the announced price.

Here are the most important changes:
A cable for connection to the A1200 clockport will not be included. A connection kit will be available separately for 10,- EUR. To use the Midi-ports, a separate cable is necessary. It's a standard Midi cable that is also used by PC sound cards, and it will not be included with the Delfina Flipper. It can be ordered separately for 9,- EUR.

Pre-orders for the Delfina are taken by your reseller. (ps)

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03.May 2002

Kaliko: BrainTeaser for AmigaDE in beta stadium
Kaliko announces in their status report that they have given Amiga Inc. a beta version of Brain Teaser which is a Tetris-clone for AmigaDE for testing. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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02.May 2002
Cerpheus (ANF)

Amiga freeCD: Chaos - Wizard War II
New Amiga freeCD: Chaos - Wizard War II
"For those people who like board games and for those other people who like card games, Chaos: Wizard War II is the #1 Reason to own an Amiga. It is the ultimate board game and the ultimate card game and the ultimate strategy game all rolled into one. I get Emails from PC users all the time who beg me to make a PC version because there is no game on PC as good as Chaos: Wizard War II. Amiga Rulez!"
(James Conwell, author)

You can order the CD for 3 Euro plus delivery costs from the FOM website. (ps)

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