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MorphOS: First beta version of new printing system
Michal 'zukow' Zukowski is working on a port of parts of the CUPS-infrastructure for MorphOS, financed by a bounty. Meanwhile a first, very early beta version is available, which according to the author "sends tons of debug and can crash". Color profiles are not supported in this version.

Zukowski tries to port single CUPS printer driver (called "filter") to MorphOS and then to integrate them to the system. A preferences programm is included as well.

Currently Zukowski provides onyl drivers for Postscript-printer. In contrast to the MorphOS built-in system, his system supports diverse comfort and special functions of the connected devices (e.g. number of copies, scaling and desired printing quality etc.). (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Pascal Papara (ANF)

AROS complete system AresOne (late 2013) and Ares Cube S available
According to Pascal Papara, the AROS-computers "ARES mini M1000" and M1600 are not available any longer. They were replaced by the ARES Cube S and the "new" AresOne. The date will no longer be part of the name, "late 2013" was only added for "marking" the new version.

The AresOne now has a faster processor and integrated WiFi, supported by AROS. A Gallium-compatible graphic board is standard.

Because Broadway and AEROS r4 are still in progress, IcAROS desktop is installed. Special wishes can be discussed before ordering it. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Elbox (ANF)

Busboard: Mediator for A3000 in desktop case can be preordered
In September, Elbox announced a version of the Mediator-PCI-busboard which only has three PCI and Zorro II/II slots - but instead of that it is built in a desktop case of an Amiga 3000 and for the first time is compatible to version 2.2 of the PCI-standard.

From now on the "Mediator 3000Di" can be preordered but Elbox did not mention a delivery date. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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