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Ars Technica: A history of the Amiga, part 10
The tenth part of the series "A history of the Amiga", since 2007 released on Ars Technica, is about the decline of the Amiga. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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David Brunet (ANF)

Obligement: Update of Amiga Games List
Since 1991 David Brunet has updated "Amiga Games List". Now all releases of the year 2016 hava been added, so the database includes 12632 games, level editors, data disks, extensions and interpreters, which divide like that:
  • 12076 games
  • 320 extensions and data disks
  • 143 game or level editors
  • 84 interpreters
According to Brunet the Amiga Games List is the most extensive games list on Internet. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Dave Haynie: Entire "Deathbed Vigil" video at Youtube
In spring 1994 with his own camera hardware developer Dave Haynie recorded the almost deserted Commodore production facility in West Chester, a mass dismissal as well as a party of former employees ("wake") on the day after the announcement of the companys bankrupt.

The video which resulted from that was sold as "The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst": First of all by Haynie himself, finally as part of the premium edition of the emulator distribution Amiga Forever. Now Haynie has made available the video at Youtube for free. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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