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Blick - Swiss daily newspaper / Peter Glauser (ANF)

Blick: Microsoft aims at security
With the magic word «Trustworthy Computing» in the future Microsoft will primarily aim at security as for their programmers.

»Microsoft boss Bill Gates changes his corporate strategy. In the future security shall take priority for new software, as well as for new Windows operating systems, too. «

See title link for the full Blick article (German). (ps) (Translation: mj)

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Heise [Newsticker]

Heise: SPD party: Is there a future for open source?
The German parliamentary party SPD states on their own website, how thier Linux server with Apache, Qmail, OpenLDAP, Samba, and SUN as well for the Oracle database is trouble-free working together with the working place machines unter Windows. The affiliated forum invites to discuss this issue.
See title link for full Heise article (German). (ps) (Translation: mj)

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Daniel Orth (ANF)

amiga-topcool: Big Book of Amiga Hardware on our CD
Daniel Orth writes:
Today, Mike Dennison admited to contribute his Big Book of Amiga Hardware to our CD. Another highlight of the CD: 135 MB video about the Amiga 2001 show by Virtual Dimensions, lots of topical software from the Aminet, and the winter issue of amiga-topcool with 50 pages of tense background reports, tests, and workshops (all texts in German).

Already three dedicated Amigans responded to our appeal for co-workes here on We are still looking for people wanting to write workshops (DSL and Amiga) or software tests (AmigaOS XL, AmiAtlas 6, ....). Please, just contact us via email. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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Maik Pönitzsch (Twister) (ANF)

Alternative IRC Channel for GRexx-Support
Maik Pönitzsch writes:
Some already complained about the IRC channel Grexx-Support does not exist any more. There is an alternative for that, visit IRC channel #AmigaPPCWorld.

Port: 6667
(ps) (Translation: mj)

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Andreas Magerl (E-Mail)

Chat with bplan at #AmigaFun
#AmigaFun: Realtime chat with Salvador Fernandez Gomez of bplan

On Monday, 21st January 2002, you can chat with Salvador Fernandez Gomez of bplan at the IRC Amiga channel #AmigaFun. He is known as one of the minds of bplan, well known with Pegasos. In the near future Pegasos will be released. You can ask him about bplan, Pegasos, and maybe some questions about MorphOS. The chat is organised with the help of Amiga Future.

You can reach the IRC channel #Amigafun this way:

IRC Server (without "irc."):
IRC Port: 6667
IRC Kanal: #amigafun

If the server malfunctions you can get access via this server: (without "irc.")


You can reach the chat also via the #AmigaFun Homepage, Amiga Future Homepage and from the Forum as HTML chat.

But we cannot guarantee that this HTML chat will function perfectly and programs like AMIRC and BlackIRC are more comfortable so we recommend to use an IRC client.

The used languages are German and English and the logfiles will be available at the Amiga Future and #AmigaFun homepages. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Andreas Magerl (E-Mail)

Amiga Future: Participants for games user charts wanted
The German print magazine Amiga Future publishes sales and user charts of games in every issue. Amiga users are wanted to send what their top 5 games are via email. Even though there is nothing to win this time, the editors board hopes that a lot of users will participate. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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13.Jan.2002 (ANF)

topcool: Interview-Steffen Häuser about Quake 2:68k-Version probably too slow
At the moment Quake2 is generated by Hyperion-Entertainment only for the PPC since the 68k computer has turned out to be too slow. In the interview with amiga-topcool Steffen Häuser gives away many more interesting details about porting the game which is registered in Germany. Steffen Häuser is working together with Hans-Jörg and Thomas Frieden on a port of Quake2 for AmigaOS.

Update 13.01.2002:
Daniel Orth: "Steffen Häuser has asked me to change the heading of the interview. He emphasized that the 68k version for QuakeII hasn't died yet. He won't exclude it explicitly, since a decision hasn't been made yet. In the interview he only said that a 68k version might be too slow. more...". (ps) (Translation: sr)

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Marco Lovera (E-Mail)

AmigaPage: "Amiga Passion"-Contest
The "Amiga Passion" competition was born to let you share in the AmigaPage life. The target of this competition is all the Amiga users to participate by sending one or more of your Workbench screenshots (max 3) to with "Concorso" for the subject.

Originally "Amiga Passion" expired on 31. December 2001, but a new expiration date was decided to be 31. January 2001. So there is another chance for everybody to win !!!

  • Position 1: Full version of EXTREME plus full version of PuzzleBOBS plus mouse pad.
  • Position 2: Full version of EXTREME plus a brooch
  • Position 3: Full version of EXTREME plus a poster.
Games contributed by DKGStore. Mouse pad, brooch, and poster contributed by AmigaPage.

The jury consists of Marco Lovera, Sandra Lovera, and Claudio Marro Filosa.

All of the screenshots sent in will be published on the following websites:

After the competion expired all shots will be moved to our "Computer Passion" section.

I invite you to participate in the "Amiga Passion" competition!

(Message text edited by mj) (ps)

[News message: 13. Jan. 2002, 02:13] [Comments: 0]
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