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amifone^team Dogma (ANF)

HTML magazine: Dogma #12 (russian)
Today issue #12 of the Russian-language Amiga magazine Dogma has been released on Aminet, celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The design of the magazine has changed and become more readable, the number of articles has stepped to 50 and the site moved to a new domain.

In the current issue are the latest important news, interviews with Grzegorz Kraszewski, Mark Olsen, Thomas Frieden, reports of AmiParty 2012 and DiHalt 2012 , various memory expansions for the Amiga 600, new accelerators, tests of the AmigaOne X1000, exclusive interviews with ED^V-Nom and LVD^NedoPC, reviews of the latest updates of AmigaOS and MorphOS, the game Return To Castle Wolfenstein, classic card games and more.

Download: dogma12.lha (43 MB) (snx)

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20.Nov.2012 (Webseite)

Magazine: Commodore Free, Issue 65
"Commodore Free" is a free, English-language magazine on Commodore and Amiga computers which is available in different formats - among others as HTML-version and C64-Diskmag. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Amiga Future asking for feedback for their hundredth issue
Andreas Magerl writes: issue 99 has just been published, we're already working on the next one. As this will be Amiga Future 100, we'd like to hear from you: how and when did you learn about Amiga Future? Why are you reading it (or not reading it)? What did you always want to tell us, and what do you wish for in the future?

We created some space in the crypt, so Higgins can reply to all your letters in issue 100. We'd really appreciate if you could write him at, the sooner the better. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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