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Rare prototype: Commodore Amiga CD 1200
The CD 1200 not only should provide an external CD-ROM drive for the A1200, but also compatibility with Commodore's game console CD32. The drive would have been connected with a plug-in card for the trapdoor slot of the A1200 which among others had contained the CD32 chip "Akiko".

One of the rare prototypes for the CD1200 obviously was found in an old barn and was given to the Retro Computer Museum in Leicester ( reported). The staff member Andy Spencer has introduced the prototype in a Youtube interview with the "Centre for Computing History". (cg) (Translation: dr)

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AMOS author talks about his past fee
In the Facebook group "AMOS Professional" Francois Lionet, author of STOS/AMOS for Atari ST and Amiga, talked about the fee which he got for his package.

Francois Lionet's statement:
I did make good money... During STOS, around 60.000 ¤ / year ( I convert Francs to Euros directly, as today in France things cost the same in Euros than what they used to in Francs at that time)...

STOS and AMOS 1.3 raised that to around 100.000 on the first year and lower the next year with STOS sales declining... But my best year was AMOS Professional.... Initial sales were fantastic as many people were waiting for it in UK and rushed to buy it... Could not believe my eyes when I saw a check of more than 150.000¤... it payed for a large part of our house... and cool holidays! This is a lot of course, not enough to buy a Porsche! (would not have anyway)

Europress was very happy to see me each time I came to Manchester... My royalties were 15%, a simple multiplication will give you how much cash they made, so yeah they were happy! And me too each time I came to see them, Richard and all the team... (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Wireless joysticks for retro computers
On Gizhub, "t33bu" has published documents for making "make a wireless mouse/joystick for Amiga500 retro computer". This solution is based on the radio moduls of the XBee series and can be used with any Atari/Commodore compatible joystick. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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