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MorphOS-Storage-Uploads until 17.02.2018 (18. Feb. 2018)
The following archives have been added to the MorphOS Storage until February 17th, 2018: Hatari_2.1.0.lha Emulation Atari ST emulator TheSecretOfMiddleCity_... Games/Demo Point & click adventure Naev_0.7.0.lh...

Point'n Click Adventure: The Secret of Middle City on AMIStore (24. Nov. 2015)
After a development of 15 years, recently the the point'n click adventure "The Secret of Middle City" has been finished and now is available on AMIstore for about 10 Euro. According to the maintainer, this is a "non-exclusive" licence for the distrib...

Point'n Click Adventure: The Secret of Middle City finished, new demo (18. Jun. 2015)
After 15 years, GDG Entertainment's Point'n Click Adventure "The Secret of Middle City" has been finished. The programmer guesses that about 2000 working hours were spent for graphics, programming and tests. "The final version of the game has been handed ...

Playable demo: Point'nClick adventure "The Secret of Middle City" (27. Feb. 2015)
For the first time, GDG Entertainment has released a playable demo of its point'nclick adventure "The Secret of Middle City". The game has been announced again and again for 15 years, but the current developer Gianluca "g0blin" Girelli is the first one wh...

Preview-Videos: Point'n Click-Adventure "The Secret of Middle City" (14. May. 2014)
"The Secret of Middle City" (TSMC) developed by the Italian team GDG Entertainment is a Point'n Click adventure written with Hollywood, which is supposed to be released for AmigaOS and Android. The programmer Gianluca "g0blin" Girelli has released some sc...

Game announcement: The Secret of Middle City (30. Jun. 2009)
The Italian software developers Imagimotion which have already written games for mobile devices and for Nintendo Wii currently are developing a new graphic adventure called "The Secret of Middle City". The game is completely written on Amigas with Hollywo...

Amiga Arena: Interview with Sascha Brandt (Ancor) (01. Jan. 2003)
Happy New Year! Olaf Köbnik of Amiga Arena wishes healthy and successful year 2003 for all! The "flame" will burn in 2003 also and the (Amiga-Arena) year starts with a little surprise. Interview with Sascha Brandt (Ancor) Remembering the demos and ...

"Middle City" preview and interview (08. Sep. 2000)
Juergen A. Theiner of has talked with the Italian programmers of the new adventure "Middle City" and created a preview with many screenshots. Here a small excerpt: "Middle City is a classical adventure in the vein of Monkey Island. The settin...

New adventure under development: "Middle City" (25. Jul. 2000)
This adventure, being developed by an Italian group, is about the secrets of the small town "Middle City", and the murder of Linda Patton which has to be investigated. The graphics of the screenshots show artistic skill, and look promising. A first playab...

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