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17.08.24 • ZZAP! Live 2024 • Kenilworth (England)
15.09.24 • Passione Amiga Day 2024 • Spoleto (Italy)
17.08.24 • ZZAP! Live 2024 • Kenilwort (England)


Image converter: Lazzy Image Viewer v0.71 for Windows
In 2010, 'PascalVault' started to create a website that allows you to quickly convert old image formats into new ones. It was written in PHP but unfortunately "terribly slow", as he writes to us.

He is now in the process of porting the code to Pascal using the Lazarus IDE: with more formats, a "nice GUI" and some additional functions (filters, resizing, etc.). As he writes, there is still a lot to do, but the tool is already usable. With the recently released version, images can now also be loaded in Amiga format IFF/ILBM. If required and with the appropriate feedback, he would also include this format as a save option in the next version. (dr)

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Event: Commodore and Amiga Meeting (Belgium)
The "Belgian Amiga Club" is once again organising a "BAC Meeting" on 21 September in Antwerp. Admission is from 1 pm. In addition to workshops and lectures, a special focus this year will be on new hardware such as the A600GS and the A1222 Plus. Admission is free, even for users with their own computers. Catering will be provided. (dr)

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Game Construction Kit: Scorpion Engine 2024.1
The "Scorpion Engine" by Erik 'earok' Hogan enables the development of games. The engine itself is not open source, but all included demos and demo games are. The editor itself runs on Windows. Graphics are imported as PNG files, for level creation the editor Tiled is used. For sounds, music and animations Amiga formats (mod, 8svx, anim5) are used. Version 2024.1 was released today with numerous new features and updates.

Changes of version 2024.1
  • BETA support for the NeoGeo, including the NeoGeo CD.
  • ALPHA support for the Sega Pico educational console.
  • New support for Melee "hurt boxes", allowing fine grained control of where an animation is vunlerable to enemy Melee attack.
  • New "Attacker" class makes it easier to make enemies attack on a repeated cycle.
  • "Camera Box" map events can be used to easily set the bounds of a camera in an area of a level.
  • Significally reworked collision detection to be both smoother and a lot more accurate.
  • New "Pattern" movement type that allow drawing of smoothly curved patterns.
  • Bug fixes, minor features and performance enhancements across the board.
Scorpion Engine also now bundles RetroAnimator, an animation tool capable of making smooth and complex animations out of discrete image parts. RetroAnimator has been used for non-Scorpion titles like Metro Siege, and is now available for Scorpion-users.

Information and download links can be found under the title link. (nba)

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GUI for Greaseweazle Tools: FluxMyFluffyFloppy v5.0.6 for Windows
'FrankieTheFluff' has released version 5.0.6 of his graphical user interface FluxMyFluffyFloppy for the Greaseweazle Tools v1.18 (see also the video Setting up a Greaseweazle V4). Changes:
  • Requires Greaseweazle 1.18
  • New image format: NS Dos Northstar (nsi)
  • New disc formats: "hp.mmfm.9885", "hp.mmfm.9895"
  • New disc formats: "", "", "northstar.mfm.ds", "northstar.mfm.ds"
  • Convert: Added "--hard-sectors" converts input index marks into hard sectors
  • Updated "diskdefs.cfg" (2024-07-07)
  • Updated disc formats syntax: "mm1.os9.80dshd_32", "..._33", "..._36", "..._37"
  • Write/Convert: Small fixes with file extensions (.ipf, sorting)

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Adventure: Geo's Quest "In Search of Queen Lorraine" v2.1
Paul Golian began writing his graphic adventure Geo's Quest "In Search of Queen Lorraine" in 2000, interrupted work on it in 2002 and was only able to continue it last year when he retired ( reported). The now released version 2.1 (YouTube trailer) contains bug fixes, which should now prevent memory-related crashes. In addition, a manual in PDF format is now available for a desired price of 2 dollars, which contains a 56-page description and a walk through each room, a description of all inventory items and an introduction to each character in the game - or can also be used as a storybook. (dr)

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Linux: Kernel 6.10.0 for AmigaOne X1000/X5000
Parallel to the release of the Linux-Kernels 6.10, Christian 'xeno74' Zigotzky has finally compiled it for the AmigaOne X1000 and X5000 after numerous tests.

Download: linux-image-6.10.0-X1000_X5000.tar.gz (61 MB) (dr)

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Floppy disk images on PC and Mac: Greaseweazle Tools 1.18
Keir Fraser's "Greaseweazle" does - similar to Kryoflux - read the magnetic information on a floppy disk independently from the format used and saves as much information as possible to generate a so-called "Flux Level Image" in Supercard format (SCP), which enables reading and back-writing of copy-protected disks ( reported)

The adapter gets connected between a floppy disk drive - e.g. a standard 3.5" PC one - and a USB port of the PC or Mac. Version 1.18 of the Greaseweazle Tools provide the following changes:
  • Windows: Improved device detection, using USB-reported device strings
  • gw convert: --hard-sectors converts input index marks into hard sectors
  • hfev3: correctly export hard sectors as index marks
  • hp.mmfm: Codec for MMFM format used by HP 9885/9895/7902 drives
  • northstar: Codec for North Star hard-sectored FM and MFM disks

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MorphZone (forum)

MorphOS: E-mail client Iris 1.28
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek has released version 1.28 of his e-mail program Iris for MorphOS. Changes include improvements in the insertion of links and graphics as well as speed improvements in the synchronization of local folders and file selection operations. In addition, as with Wayfarer, the WebKit core has been updated to version 2.44.2.

Download: iris.lha (27 MB) (snx)

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Simon Neumann (ANF)

Alinea Computer is looking for Amiga game developers to support the Octodapter
Simon Neumann writes: "We are looking for game developers who would like to adapt their existing Amiga games or future developments to our new 10 player adapter called Octodapter.

The Octodapter provides 8 additional joystick ports via the Amiga's parallel port and will even support wireless joypads and joysticks in the final version.

Development documentation can be found on Aminet. Every developer who is willing to adapt their game to the adapter will receive a free Octodapter from us as a thank-you.

Interested developers should contact us at The release date of the adapter for customers has not yet been set, but autumn 2024 is the target date." (snx)

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Obligement: interview with developer Kari-Pekka Koljonen
A new interview with Kari-Pekka Koljonen has been published on the Obligement website, in which the Finnish developer talks about his experiences and projects and his involvement in the demoscene. Koljonen's best-known projects include the module player HippoPlayer and the artillery game TankX. The full interview can be found under the title link. (nba)

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Games database LemonAmiga back online after hacker attack
The comprehensive games database LemonAmiga was the victim of a hacker attack last Sunday ( reported). As of today, the website is back online and fully usable.

According to the operators of LemonAmiga, the hackers gained access to the entire database during the serious security incident. The administrators have taken immediate action to close the security gaps and implement additional protective measures. Users are asked to change their passwords and enable multi-factor authentication to secure their accounts. (nba)

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Arcade Attack: interview with Barry Leitch about Lotus 2
Barry Leitch is one of the world's longest-serving composers of video game music and has provided soundtracks and effects for a large number of games during his career. His best-known works include the classic racing games Lotus Turbo Esprit Challenge and Super Cars 2 for the Amiga and Horizon Chase 1 and 2, a recent retro-style racing game series for Playstation, Xbox, Switch and iPhone.

The Arcade Attack podcast previously published an interview (in English) with the musician in 2019 about his work on the classic Lotus 2 and has now republished it on YouTube with a playthrough of some Lotus 2 racetracks to accompany the talk. Barry provides exciting insights into his creative work and the process of developing his soundtracks. (nba)

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Demoscene: TRISTAR + TSA and DevLab-TSA makerspace archive has been launched
The members of the former demoscene group ‘TRISTAR’ have put an archive online that contains extensive material from the period 1987 to 2012, including demos (for C64, PC and Amiga), music and graphics documenting the creative history of the group. Also of historical interest are the collections of photos and videos of scene parties and reports as well as scroll texts from Tristar productions. Those interested can also find the productions of the following art group The Solaris Agency (T.S.A) under this link.

In addition, content from the joint makerspace ‘DevLab T.S.A’ is now available. This offers a platform for creative minds to realise their projects in a collaborative environment. Since 2021, the makerspace has been open to interested visitors on certain days to provide an insight into the ongoing projects and working methods. Further information and visiting times can be found on the subsite of DevLab T.S.A.. (nba)

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Darren 'dmcoles' Coles (ANF)

Programming: IDE Codecraft 1.15
Camilla Boemann's Codecraft is an integrated development environment (IDE). It was tested with SAS/C and E, but should also support other programming languages. The IDE is free of charge, but requires at least AmigaOS 3.2.2 as it is an extension of the program TextEdit.

The now released version 1.15 contains, among other things, additions by Darren Coles, so that there is now syntax highlighting for the E programming language. In addition to support for E-VO debugging, a register and memory browser as well as build configurations have been added and the search in files has been improved. Various bug fixes and a change of the key combination for compiling (now Amiga+B) complement the update. (snx)

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Games database LemonAmiga has been hacked
The games database and retro community "LemonAmiga" has apparently been hacked: both and its sister site are currently offline, with only a note from the operators indicating that they are currently analyzing the attack and working on securing their own systems.

According to reports in various forums, around 60 accounts of LemonAmiga users have apparently been taken over, mostly very old accounts that have not been actively used for many years. Initially, the hijacked user accounts were used to start arguments in the forum or to make the port of 'Doom' the highest rated Amiga classic in the games database. Shortly before the shutdown, the forums were simply flooded with link spam. (cg)

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Aminet uploads until 13.07.2024
The following files have been added until 13.07.2024 to Aminet:
HHH-KWR.adf              demo/sound 880K  68k Borschtsch - Kuchenwurm
HHH-SBM.adf              demo/sound 880K  68k Borschtsch - (Sp)BassMan
laffiks_fractal.lha      dev/amos   4K        Laffik's fractal set
CVBasic.lha              dev/cross  265K  68k BASIC compiler for Colecovision
evo.lha                  dev/e      694K  68k E-VO: Amiga E Evolution
FileSystemStressTest.lha disk/misc  19K   68k Stress tests disks and file s...
TankX.lha                game/2play 1.5M  68k 1-10 player tank combat (upda...
F1GP2024Carset.lha       game/data  9K        2024 Carset for F1GP
MCE.lha                  game/edit  4.1M  68k Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-OS4.lha              game/edit  4.8M  OS4 Multi-game Character Editor
AmiArcadia.lha           misc/emu   7.7M  68k Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiVms.lha               misc/emu   3.8M  68k Simulates OpenVMS commands            mods/crash 96K       All drums (Not a solo). 8 bit xm
ReportPlus.lha           util/misc  686K  68k Multipurpose utility
ReportPlus-OS4.lha       util/misc  866K  OS4 Multipurpose utility
isomount.lha             util/rexx  43K       Mounting ipf,dms,adf,hdf,iso

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OS4Depot uploads until 13.07.2024
The following files have been added until 13.07.2024 to OS4Depot:
mce.lha                  gam/uti 5Mb   4.0 Multi-game Character Editor
sdl2.lha                 lib/mis 7Mb   4.1 Simple DirectMedia Layer 2
reportplus.lha           uti/mis 866kb 4.0 Multipurpose utility

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AROS Archives uploads until 13.07.2024
The following files have been added until 13.07.2024 to AROS Archives:
gocr-kens-drawer.lha         gra/ico 2kb   Unofficial kens drawer for Gocr

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MorphOS-Storage uploads until 13.07.2024
The following files have been added until 13.07.2024 to MorphOS-Storage:
sunny_0.5.lha             Ambient/Utilities         A commodity to makes th...
ThunderSlash.lha          Games/Shoot2D             A nice shoot'em up by J...
Wayfarer_8.9.lha          MorphOS-update            Wayfarer is the latest ...

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Print magazine: "VD aktuell" 04
Press release: Summer fun with the retro gaming illustrated magazine on 64 full-color pages!

It's getting hot outside, time for some cool, easily digestible retro snacks! In the new issue of german VD aktuell, we take an intimate look at the relationship between Indiana Jones and Sophia Hapgood - are they really just colleagues? After a detour to the beach, we then head straight into space and reminisce about retro gaming classics. But we also take a look outside the box and talk about Planet of the Apes and a non-gaming phenomenon of the 1980s and 1990s: video libraries! As always, there's news in the retro news section, plus brief introductions to new games and new hardware. The video program for the Virtual Dimension and Fog Lake Production channels once again gives you a detailed preview of the next three months and our comic "Danger Dennis" enters its second round.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on it! (cg)

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