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16.08.14 • Interface Kiel • Schwentinental (Germany)
12.09.-14.09.14 • XzentriX • Starnberger See (Germany)
20.09.14 • Saku 2014 • Tampere (Finland)
04.10.-05.10.14 • Classic Computing 2014 • Schönau (Germany)
10.10.-12.10.14 • Amiga-Meeting • Bad Bramstedt (Germany)
08.11.-09.11.14 • RETROpulsiv 4.0 • Augsburg (Germany)

mr.vince (E-Mail)

SPS Decoder Library 5.1
Using the SPS Decoder Library, emulators like WinUAE, FS-UAE, Steem, Hatari, Spectaculator, Caprice etc. can open IPF and Kryoflux CT RAW disk images.

Download: (191 KB)
Source: (276 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Rupert Hausberger (ANF)

MorphOS: GUI for E-UAE - rhLaunch 0.8
rhLaunch is a MUI-based graphical user-interface for the emulator E-UAE. Version 0.8 now also supports UAE configuration files. They can be created and edited in rhLaunch. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Aminet-Uploads until 21.06.2014
The following packages have been added to Aminet until June 21st, 2014:
gTranslator.lha          comm/misc  185K  MOS A google translator for your ...
NetSurf-m68k.lha         comm/www   7.7M  68k CSS capable web browser
Fussball-WM-2014.lha     docs/misc  10K       TurboCalc Spreadsheet WM-2014...
MCE.lha                  game/edit  1.1M  68k Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-MOS.lha              game/edit  1.3M  MOS Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-OS4.lha              game/edit  1.3M  OS4 Multi-game Character Editor
Whippo.lha               game/wb    33K   68k Move all bars in the right order
ACE-MorphOS.lha          misc/emu   1.2M  MOS Amstrad CPC/CPC+ Emulator
AmiArcadia.lha           misc/emu   3.5M  68k Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadia_OS4.lha       misc/emu   3.8M  OS4 Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadiaMOS.lha        misc/emu   3.8M  MOS Signetics-based machines emul...
rhLaunch-morphos.lha     misc/emu   108K  MOS rhLaunch - GUI for E-UAE
rhLaunch-source.lha      misc/emu   72K       rhLaunch - GUI for E-UAE (sou...      mods/demo  876K      PTK-TEKKNO-Rips        mods/demo  1.9M      RAF-MEGA-Rips (100%)       mods/demo  531K      TT-TECHNO-Rips      mods/demo  1.3M      TUC-TECHNO-Rips
opus-tools-0.19_a68k.lha mus/edit   316K  68k Opus Audio Tools
opus-tools-0.19_aros.lha mus/edit   415K  x86 Opus Audio Tools
P6110.lha                mus/misc   336K  68k The Player, fix for E6x commands
Spreedy_0.9.lha          text/edit  2.5M  MOS Spreedsheet editor
JoyPortTest.lha          util/misc  6K    68k Test your joystick/CD32 joypa...
ReportPlus.lha           util/misc  436K  68k Multipurpose utility
ReportPlusMOS.lha        util/misc  489K  MOS Multipurpose utility
ReportPlus-OS4.lha       util/misc  575K  OS4 Multipurpose utility
QuickStarterSP.lha       util/wb    4K        QuickStarter 1.8 spanish catalog
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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OS4Depot-Uploads until 21.06.2014
The following packages have been added to OS4Depot until June 21st, 2014:
amiarcadia.lha           emu/gam 5Mb   4.0 Signetics-based machines emulator
mce.lha                  gam/uti 1Mb   4.0 Multi-game Character Editor
weather.lha              net/mis 2kb   4.1 weather env vars for your titlebar
reportplus.lha           uti/mis 598kb 4.0 Multipurpose utility
ffshop.lha               vid/edi 157kb 4.0 Frames and video edit with ffmpeg.
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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AROS-Archives-Uploads until 21.06.2014
The following packages have been added to AROS-Archives until June 21st, 2014:     gam/mis 235kb Simple and stylistic 8 level sna...         gam/mis 724kb Simple worm-like game.
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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MorphOS-Files-Uploads until 21.06.2014
The following packages have been added to MorphOS-Files until June 21st, 2014:
IRSSI                    0.8.16  net/cha    782 Popular shell-based IRC cli...
gTranslator              2.0     uti/des    185 A screenbar module for lang...
ACE                      1.7     uti/emu   1225 Amstrad CPC family computer...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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WHDLoad: New packages until 21.06.2014
Using WHDLoad, you can install games, scene demos and intros from cracking groups on your harddisk that were not compatible with anything but floppy disks. The following installers have been added until June 21st, 2014:
  • 2014-06-20 new: Megademo (Royal Amiga Force) done by StingRay (Info, Image)
  • 2014-06-15 improved: Oil Imperium (reLINE) timimg, more adequate to original speed (Info)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Emulator: WinUAE 2.8.1
Now version 2.8.1 of the well-known Amiga emulator WinUAE is available.

  • 2.8.0 bugs fixed:
    • JIT on/off on the fly switching was unreliable
    • A500 reading write-only/non-existing registers method introduced in 2.8.0 was incorrectly also used in AGA modes
  • Updates:
    • Fast CPU mode audio DMA wait hack compatibility improved (workaround for programs that use CPU delay loops in audio code)
    • Some chipset emulation updates, Critical Mass / Parallax finally works
    • AROS ROM updated
  • New features:
    • Directory filesystem MorphOS compatible >4G file size DOS packet support
    • Paths panel relative path mode now supports relative paths that point outside of winuae root directory
  • Bug fixes:
    • Filter modes in DirectDraw crashed in some situations
    • Disk insert using GUI after emulation was started inserted disk in write protected state
    • Quickstart disk eject button was unreliable
    • Video recording with "Capture before filtering" unticked used wrong video size
    • "Toggle between mouse grabbed and un-grabbed" input event fixed
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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AROS-Exec (Forum)

AROS: AEROS for Odroid U2/U3 (beta version)
Pascal Papara has released another version of his Linux-hosted AROS-distribution AEROS, for the Odroid-models U2 and U3.

It is available in his App-Store (nr. 88) - this weekend it is for free, from next week on it will cost 7 Euro. On the next weekend a free version is announced which, similar to the version for the Raspberry Pi, will not include the lx-command. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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