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03.05.14 • AmiGBG 2014 • Gothenburg (Sweden)
03.05.-04.05.14 • Vintage Computer Festival Europe • Munich (Germany)
23.05.-25.05.14 • Alternatives Computer Meeting • Wolfsburg (Germany)
12.09.-14.09.14 • XzentriX • Starnberger See (Germany)

13.Mar.2014 (Forum)

A-EON Technology: Video of Cyrus-Plus-production
Under the title link, a 50 seconds lasting video was released which shows little scenes from the production of the Cyrus+ 2.1. According to it, the mainboard is equipped with more than one thousand components. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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11.Mar.2014 (Webseite)

PDF-Newsletter: "Best of MorphOS January/February 2014"
Best of MorphOS (PDF) is a short newsletter which summarizes the most important news around MorphOS on an A4-piece of paper. It is published by WArMUp (PDF), which is the "World Association of MorphOS Users". (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Text viewer: EvenMore 0.77 (10.3.14)
Chris Perver's EvenMore is a text viewer written with ECX in Amiga E. The changes of version 0.77, released on March 10th, are listed in the readme file (AmigaOS/MorphOS).

EvenMore.lha (500 KB)
EvenMore_MOS.lha (500 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

MorphOS: Spreedsheet editor Spreedy 0.4
"Spreedy" written by Carsten Siegner is a spreedsheet editor which is a simple but more powerful version of the editor included in the text processing software Scriba. The main focus is on the compatibility with programms like Excel and OpenOffice, which can also open Spreedy-files. Changes in version 0.4:
  • Import von Turbocalc documents
  • Import von CSV documents
  • Added a math formula parser
  • many bug fixes
Direct download: Spreedy_0.4.lha (248 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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