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02.05.15 • Ultimate RetroComputers Reken • Reken (Germany)
16.-17.05.15 • 5. Amiga-Treffen Ost • Halle (Germany)
27.06.15 • Amiga: 30 Years • Amsterdam (Netherlands)
25.-26.07.15 • 30th Anniversary Event • Mountain View (USA)
25.07.15 • LAN party Amiga Club Hamburg • Hamburg (Germany)
02.08.15 • Amiga 30 - Charity Dinner Event • Peterborough (UK)

AROS-Exec (Forum)

AROS: FFmpeg 2.6.1
Version 2.6.1 of the video converter FFmpeg was compiled for AROS.

Download: (17 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Crowd funding: Biography of Bitmap Brothers
Read-Only Memory, which published a biography of Sensible Software two years ago, is going to publish a similar book about the legendary British developer group: "The Bitmap Brothers" is financed by Kickstarter and will describe the history of the team which programmed classics like Speedball 2, The Chaos Engine or Xenon. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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15.Apr.2015 Change on the main page
For 14 years, the homepage of can be adapted to fit the needs of the users concerning presentation and number of the news. Now we moved this configuration options to a seperate subpage.

This site can be directly accessed in the menu using the link "Configure main page". There you can also find quick links which configure the presentation of the main page without using cookies.

It is planned to set the figure of the news shown on the main page to a reasonable stabdard. A survey in this respect will be carried out soon. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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MorphZone (Webseite)

MorphOS: KwaKwa 1.6 with GTalk-module
For his Instant Messenger KwaKwa, which supports the Gadu-Gadu-protocol, Filip 'widelec' Maryjański has released a GTalk-module. This Google service was canceled in February. The GTalk-module requires the CyaSSL.library. The Gadu-Gadu-module was updated as well.

kwakwa-1.6.lha (186 KB)
gg.module-1.0.lha (38 KB)
gtalk.module-1.1.lha (53 KB)
cyassl.library-0.1.lha (174 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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14.Apr.2015 (Webseite)

Podcast: Amicast 3 (English), Interview with Petro Tyschtschenko
The third issue of the English-language podcast Amicast fetures an interview with the former Commodore and Amiga manager Petro Tyschtschenko. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Linux: Kernel 4.0 for Sam440ep, Sam460ex and AmigaOne X1000
The Linux-Kernel 4.0 was adapted to all Sam4x0-boards and to the AmigaOne X1000. For the Sam440ep a tester urgently is needed. General reports to the news in version 4.0 you can find on the following websites: Download sites:
AmigaOne X1000
Sam440ep (Flex), Sam460ex (Lite) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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