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25.12.2001, 07:38 Uhr

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I am actually gathering technical information before starting a development project on Amiga.

In fact I am building a plugIn system and would like to know how do I make the plugins communicate with the system when they run separately?

is there any development package on Aminet that allow me to send a message (or object) to another application and receive a response in the form of a variable (or object).

Is there any kind of Remote Method Invocation on the Amiga ?

Platform: classic Amiga and later AmigaOne.

I would use C/C++ or maybe AmigaE (will have to learn this one)

N.B: please reply in english :look:

Thank you,


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25.12.2001, 12:52 Uhr

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Nice to see someone wanting to do some new stuff.
First think you would need is the Developer_CD_2.1 which include
all material neede for Amiga-Developing plus a fully functional
version auf StormC_V3.0. This will only do 68k-Apps but can be
upgradet to V4.0 which will do both 68k and PPC.
PlugIns could be realized as shared-libraries if you want differnt
application to use them. You could also use the LoadSeg()-function
in dos.library and then jump into the code. If you wont them to
run as an extra task you should use messageports for communication
and semaphores to safely share memory between tasks. Both belong
to exec.library since 1985. The best way to start is to have a look
at te RKRM section found on the CD. Do you mean remote control via
the internet ? I know nothing about networking-techniques but you
should have a closer look at the Aminet. C/C++ is the best way of
doing Amigaprogramming as all the documentation is written for C
and the compilers are the best out there.
Knowing more precily what you are planning would make answering your
question a lot easier. ;)

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