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21.09.2001, 17:26 Uhr

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Bernd hat mich gebeten, ein paar Tricks & Tipps zur jüngsten UAE-Version hier zu veröffentlichen.
Mache ich hiermit gerne.


Some tips to get more happy with WINUAE

suggestions Problems mailto

1. Use hardfiles as your main drive to avoid trouble

because Amiga use chars protectbits that windows not allow
you avoid trouble
Also typical Amigadrives have many files my 270MB used HD space
has 17000 files.This is too much for WIndows because windows need
to cache the dirs because FAT32 is slow.(Everyone who want delete the Windows from dos
dir without smartdrive see that this take severel Hours)
ALso the max of files is limitet on FAT32
So i use a main 270MB Hardfile and store pictures not important
programs usw. in filedisks so that not many files/dir exists
A good choose is make every Hardfile not larger than 300 MB
because booting on a 500 MB Hardfile take longer

Also a backup with hardfile is fast 270MB take 1 min with 1 Drive
0.5 Min with two drives.
!SO when trying a new prog you can easy make a backup of all
Of course transfering from / to hardfile can done by copying it
easy you not need install all Amiga stuff again

2. Get UAE working in every dir/drive without changing configs

For example uae is in c:\amiga the uae prog is in c:\amiga\winuae
and harfile is and dirs are in c:\amiga
Insert in kickstart path ..\kickstart
You see no c:\amiga exists in the name and it work correct
So you can easy copy UAE to every drive CD work also you want
and use it

3. UAE boot not because of picasso96 failure (mousetrails)

StartUAE and press both Mousebuttons when the mainwin is show
immideatly.In The early startup select boot without startupsequence
Now remove or move in devs:monitors the uaegfx file
Start UAE now the workbench comes.
Just select a AmigaMode Save and copy uaegfx to devs/monitors again
If this fail install picasso96 again
Dont forget then to copy in Winuaedir Amigaprograms the rtg.library
to libs:picasso96 if you reinstall picasso96 to remove the mousetrails
If you have Mousetrails too press
If you can reproduce this with AMinet Software mail me
how.If i can reproduce this Great.Its easy then to fix this
First-Aid is
Press F12 -ESC
This clear the JIT Cache and should help

4. A chipset Mode that UAE not display fail UAE
OS 3.1 Boot without startupsequence (from earstartupmenu)
Type Loadwb press cancel on the env warnings
start screenmodeselector and select standard pal Mode save It
Boot and then select your needed Mode
OS 3.5/3.9 copy a old screenmodeprefs Program from 3.1 to your HD
because the new work not this way

5. CD roms-removable Drives
run >nil: uaediskchange cd0:
let automatic detect cd0: Diskchanges.
(you can type in cli diskchange cd0: every cd change if you want)
Make sure you use the newest uaediskchange version because its
still in working progress
If you get rytmic workbench redraws try remove uaediskchange from
startup.On DirOpus the DriveIcon is not redraw it seems that it not
changed the cd correct but if you click on it all is correct
Manuell redraw help to fix the optic but not need to work

6. Unsmooth Mousemovements:
0.8.17r1 work by my not correct (timer run 20% faster)
Try disable Sound does it work ?

7. UAE large Boottime (memusage)

WINUAE need 60MB+z3+chip+fast+picasso96 Mem
The 0.8.17r1 use memory dynamic this mean you can select
512MB Z3 Mem and see no diffrent in Boot Time
But if you work longer on UAE it may get very slow
So its better that you calculate with the above formel
your ram need and make sure that it is under the pysical Limit
Windows make many trouble if it get out of ram
ALso try activate supend to disk Mode UAE and
Windows is then in 30sec ready to use

8. UAE show green Screen on Boot

Go to CPU Page and select JIT forcesettings and indirekt Mode
or disable it complete
Does it work now ?Mail Brian this
Wy ?Under some mystic happens jit cannot allocate
memory between 0x0 and 0x20000000 normaly all WIndows
have by 0x11000000 the free place

9. I get no picasso Screens larger than 1024 in 32bit

Use picasso96fix on startupsequence (before loadwb)

10. For what is the folder displaydrivers ?

This are the picasso96 uae drivers.Simple ignore the drawer
The newest picasso96 Installer have included the displaydrivers
that work correct

Tips for stable PC:

1. If you have a old HD (500MB) install A naked Win for testing use
Does the program work ?

2. (More)Overclock your PC by 10%. with the bus clock.If it work correct
your PC seem stable
In my PC Praxis i have the expirience that a PC then work stable
also on hot wheater

A problem on non UDMA HD is that PIO4 or SCSI have no
transfer error detection.So try to let your PC run on PIO3
a month or so.The speed loss is not measurable in praxis
because windows normally transfer small blocks.

3. You can install from the windowsinstaller sysmon.
With this you can see how many kb are transfer/sec
and how many mem a program use.So you see if the slowness
of the program is memory dependent.
Normaly the allocated mem should not more as 30 MB over
your pysical Mem.If so more mem increase Speed

4. I found out that large drives are better than drives with high UPM
A 9 GB 10000 Scsi Drive is slower
than a 40GB 7200 IDE drive if you use the same partitionsize

Und hier enden sie... :bounce:

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