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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: xvs.library v33.34 und VirusExecutor v22.21
Die Bibliothek zum Scannen von Viren ´xvs.library´ und das Programm VirusExecutor wurden von Jan Erik Olausen aktualisiert und stehen nun in Version 33.34 und 22.21 (VirusExecutor) zum Download bereit.

Die xvs.library sollte nun dank der Hilfe von Georg Hörmann (VirusZ) endgültig in der Lage sein, den Hitch-Hiker 5.00 zu bereinigen. Diese Library kann zusammen mit VirusExecutor, VirusChecker II oder VirusZ benutzt werden.

Hier die Original-Meldung:

A new update of the "xvs.library" has been released today. The code for removal of the virus "Hitch-Hiker 5.00" should be there now. We got a helping hand from a former antivirus programmer (Georg Hoermann, known from VirusZ & xvs.library). We know that there have been a lot of updates of the xvs.library in the last 14 days, but the Hitch-Hiker 5.00 virus was very tricky, and Georg Hoermann wrote this to me:

> - Quote start
It's never nice to see such ugly viruses, and the polymorphic code was definitely the "finest" I have seen so far. With the knowledge of several years, you can handle such a beast much easier, but Jan Erik will certainly learn a lot about those things when he continues with xvs.library.
> - Quote end

And I was the one that 'draged' the programming of the xvs.library over Jan Erik's head, when Alex van Niel did not have the time to update anymore. VHT-DK needed a programmer they could trust 100% with viruses, and there was only one, so I used all my 'charm' to talk Jan Erik into it. And I'm happy that we have Jan Erik to update the xvs.library....

Info about the new update of xvs.library:

Name: xvs.library v33.34
chive name: xvslibrary.lha
Archive size: 58.341 byteses
Release date: 6 September 2001
Programmer: Jan Erik Olausen

News for v33.33:

- Replaced the Hitch-Hiker 5.00 detection/removal code. Thanks to Georg Hörmann for writing a better code ;)

- Cleaned up some code. Got some tips from Georg. So the library is a bit smaller now...

- For developers: Added XVSLIST_DATAVIRUSES to xvsCreateVirusList() so that you can view data viruses as well.

Download shortcut:

Remember if you use VirusZ, VirusChecker, Safe and VirusExecutor you must update the xvs.library to have recog for the latest viruses.....

Also a new update of VirusExecutor, here is the news:

Name : VirusExecutor v22.21
Archive name: VirusExecutor.lha
Archive size : 285.082 bytes
Date: 6 September 2001
Programmer: Jan Erik Olausen

News in v2.21:

- Fixed font problem in the memory monitor.
- Fixed some gfx out of range when using VE on a Workbench screen with a display width < 645.
- Starting to write a disassemble function in the memory monitor. It don't know all the commands yet, but it will ;)
- You can now use the arrow keys or the numeric key pad to scroll in the monitor window.
- Added 'Show data virus' to the menu. Requires xvs.library v33.34+

Download shortcut:

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