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Hakan Parting (E-Mail)

AmiComSys 2.4 und HL-Plugin 1.2 erschienen
Hakan Parting hat am 1. Juni 2003 Updates seiner Programme AmiComSys (Version 2.4) und HL-Plugin (Version 1.2) veröffentlicht. Lesen Sie im Folgenden die Änderungen an den neuen Versionen:

AmiComSys 2.4
  • BUGFIX: The "Kill gui" menu item had an empty key combination.
  • BUGFIX: When a modal message requester was opened only the main window was put to sleep. The entire application must be put to sleep so the user cannot do anything else in the program. In certain occasions this error would lead to a crash or an Enforcer hit.
  • NEW: Added requeststring function to the messagerequester class for use by plugins.
  • NEW: The reply text field and replybutton are no longer shown in reponse of a version and system info request.
  • BUGFIX: If you opened the Client Info window and then iconified the application and later deiconified it the main window and the client window had the same dimensions and position.
  • NEW: Changed the layout of the message requesters. It should now get a better dimension so you don't need to scroll. The sizegadget was also removed. If your requesters are snapshotable it is still there.
  • NEW: AmiComSys now asks if you want to display the file you just received.
  • NEW: If a plugin is inside the ACS main window it's menu is added the first time the plugin is active.
  • BUGFIX: Enforcer hit when you opened the Client Info of user without any comment and also when such a user connected.
  • BUGFIX: It will now not go online when you uniconify after you have killed the gui while your your status was set to offline.
  • BUGFIX If the comment, homepage and some other items on the personal info were set to an empty string they were not updated in the contact list until you reconnected.
  • NEW: Enhanced the error handling for the file transfer.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a race condition with the file transfer queue.
  • BUGFIX: File resume implemented (working with hxd, not HL Server).
  • NEW: Added "Kick selected user" and "bann selected user" to the Action menu.
  • NEW: Added "Delete"(file) and "MakeDir" to the Files window.
  • BUGFIX: Upload didn't work with all servers and files.
  • BUGFIX: The close button of a transfer window did't work. It just closed the user list connection.
  • BUGFIX: Forgot to close the transfer window when you got a "file already exists" error.
  • BUGFIX: Transfers the info written in the Bookmarks section in the "HL Plugin Servers" window when the connect button is pressed or when the window is closed. Before the old info was sent to the server when you had forgotten to press return in the text boxes you had modified.
  • BUGFIX: There was an error with the bookmark save routine (possible enforcer hit).
  • NEW: A connection to a server, tracker or file server will now not block HL Plugin while it is connecting. It's now possible to cancel a connection while it is connecting.
  • NEW: After a file download has finished the program now ask if you want to display it.

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