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15.08.20 • Interface XXVII • Kiel (Germany)
24.-25.10.20 • AmiWest • Sacramento (USA)
26.-27.06.21 • Amiga 35 • Hilversum/Amsterdam (Niederlande)

 Friday, 25. Oct. 2002Comments / Date
Magazine: CD³² Outside #5 published0
Event: WOASE - You are not going to believe this!0
Amiga Future: Workbench screenshots wanted0
Amiga Arena: Interview with Telemar Rosenberger (AMHuhn)0
Antivirus-programm: New PatchBrain V1.45 for VirusExecutor0
WarpSCUMM V0.2.0 for WarpOS and 68k published0
 Thursday, 24. Oct. 2002 
Event: Amiga + Retro Computing 2002 - Website now also in English0
Game: PuzzleBOBS - MorphOS-compatible0
DTP: PageStream Survey0
Meeting: With the Hack Train to the 19th Chaos Communication Congress0
Amiga Games Classifying: New Game Survey0
Game and Tool: Worm Wars V7.21a and Report+ V5.630
ADA: Update of the 20th of October, 20020
Video player: New MPEG Video Decoder Plugin for Frogger0
Game: Amiga Version of Payback Becomes a Better Value0
Compatibility List for USB Card Thylacine Renovated0
 Wednesday, 23. Oct. 2002 
Airsoft Softwair Homepage with new design0
SUBWAY production started0
Dave Haynie: DVD of the video "The Deathbed Vigil" in preparation0
NetBSD 1.6 published in September 2002 already0
 Tuesday, 22. Oct. 2002 
Data Base: MySql 4.0.4 für 680400
Pictures from Amiga Mini Show in Slovenia0
Issue #11 of "Jurassic Pack" released!0
 Monday, 21. Oct. 2002 
Magazine: Total Amiga Magazine finished - Unlucky 13? No Way!0
Amiforce: Engl., index change and new toolbars0
Pegasos Website of Thendic France completely revised0
Meeting: Report and pictures of the A-Expo by OSnews0
Encryption software: PGP Version 2.6.3in0
 Sunday, 20. Oct. 2002 
Event: Report from the Pegasos/MorphOS demonstration at the "BeGeistert"1031. Oct. 15:23
Magazine: AMIGAplus looking for emulator freaks0
T.o.T.: New LARP-Videos and Aminet-Demo0
Amiga Society: Little Book of Amiga Software expanded (Might and Magic III ...)0
Printers: Canon BJC6000 driver V1.0 for WB 3.5/3.9122. Oct. 01:40
AmigaDE: Jami - Java libraries especially for AmigaDE0
AROS: Snapshots are available again0
Kultpower: Top magazine charts and new reviews0
Magazine: Obligement N°350
Event: Pictures of visit to "BeGeistert" in Düsseldorf0
 Saturday, 19. Oct. 2002 
Event: video of Amiga Meeting Bad Bramstedt (Update)0
Event: first pictures of the Amiga Meeting0
Event: status report from the Amiga Meeting Nord0
AmigaTalk V2.1 uploaded to Aminet0
Amiga Arena: Hilt2 - HD version0
Event: additional information about the Pegasos presentation at the "BeGeistert"223. Oct. 10:22
Video converter update 2.2 beta0
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 Latest Top-News
Apollo team launched AROS-based operating system project (10. Aug.)
Commercial Workbench distribution: Amikit XE for Vampire (06. Aug.)
MorphOS celebrates 20 year anniversary (04. Aug.)
Desktop Publishing: RNO Publisher for all Amiga systems (30. Jul.)
Cloanto opposing registration of US trademark 'Amico' (27. Jul.)
Changes in Hyperion's Management (15. Jul.)
Jump'n Run: "Fred's Journey" now also available as a Boxed Edition (13. Jul.)
Individual Computers: New power supply units can be preordered (06. Jul.)
Individual Computers: Indivision AGA Mk3 can be pre-ordered (04. Jul.)
Company history: Commodore's involvement in a financial scandal in 1965 (01. Jul.)
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