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16.-17.10.21 • AmiWest • Sacramento (USA)

 Sunday, 17. Nov. 2002Comments / Date
FreeCD: Just Football (Amiga), Deimos (Windows)0
Back to the Roots: New games, a.o.t. Karate Kid 2 and scans0
Media: Self-destructing DVDs0
Event: ARC 2002 - Advance ticket sale started0
Emulator: WinUAE.chm V1.8 and Amiga Emulator FAQ updated0
Amiga: Amiga-Logo on Microsoft web site0
AGH: Voting form for Nov./Dec. 2002 Amiga Games Hit Parade online0
Icons: 60+ GameIcons for all genres by Frank0
Text viewer: EvenMore V0.600
PDA: Sharp-Zaurus Enterprise version in collaboration with IBM0
 Saturday, 16. Nov. 2002 
GoldED Studio AIX: service pack 30
Tool: Amiga Filterium version 1.140
Event: Amiga + Retro Computing 2002 - exhibitors list0
Event: APC&TCP and Amiga Future at the Amiga fair0
 Friday, 15. Nov. 2002 
Boing Attitude: Interview with John Harris0
Multimedia authoring system: New screen shots from Hollywood0
MorphOS in detail0
Copy of WoASE-speech of Alan Redhouse0
IOSPIRIT at the AMIGA- and Retrocomputing 20020
Benchmark-Tool: AmigaMARK LPA almost finished0
Amiga Future: New screenshots of Crossfire 20
 Thursday, 14. Nov. 2002 
Antivirus program: Mill version 0.790
AMIGAplus: Up-to-date Online0
Emulator: WinUAE version 0.8.22 R2 released0
Game: Tales of Tamar - New Amiga version 0.460
Offensive Elbox driver and consequences for Poseidon115. Nov. 01:01
UP ROUGH Releases "The Yard BBS Intro"0
Elbox: New driver for Spider USB 2.0 Hi-Speed card0
Elbox dispels rumours about usb.device0
AmigaZone present StAHG - The Standard Amiga Help Guide0
AmigaSource: Interview with Fleecy Moss0
 Wednesday, 13. Nov. 2002 
Kyocera PDA with Intent in Japan0
Remote control GUI for FroggerNG0
Mac: Demo version of Payback available for Mac0
GFX-Base: Some changes0
DTP: PageStream 4.1 - New help data files0
Events: Ottawa Amiga Show reports0
DeNIC: New DENIC name servers are showing effect0
TTEngine 5.0 released0
Game: New settings for Bots Quake2-Mods0
Matay: Prometheus RTL8029 driver update0
Sharp announces new Zaurus models0
 Tuesday, 12. Nov. 2002 
Australia: Synapse Computer closes - many special offers0
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 11.11.2002)0
ExtremeTech: Interview with Bill McEwen0
Amiga Quake2 Page with new design0
freeCD: Amiga Fonts0
 Monday, 11. Nov. 2002 
Astronomy: Modifications in Digital Almanac III0
Antivirus software: xvs.library Version 33.39112. Nov. 14:06
Emulator: WinUAE v0.8.22r2 announced0
Virus Help Denmark online again0
A.D.A. celebrates 1 year online with 10 new demos0
Flash: Swfplayer V1.2c (07-Nov-2002)0
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 Latest Top-News
Multimedia MIDI sequencer: BarsnPipes 1.0 for Amiga OS4.1 FE (17. Jun.)
Game announcement: 'CYBERSPHERE' for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS(x86) (14. Jun.) Simple HTML-Google News for vintage computers (14. Jun.)
Remake: Textadventure Hibernated 1 (Director's Cut) (13. Jun.)
Product announcement: 7-bit accelerator board Wicher 1220 for A1200 (12. Jun.)
Update to accelerator board project 'Buffee' (11. Jun.)
Italian print magazine: Passione Amiga, issue 2 (07. Jun.)
A-EON allegedly no longer has an AmigaOS 4 license (Update 2) (06. Jun.)
AmigaOS 3.2: Updated Native Developer Kit NDK 3.2 R2 (05. Jun.)
Hyperion: Ben Hermans temporarily relieved from director position (29. May.)
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