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Thomas Lorenz by eMail

FusionPPC: Only 380 of the needed 500 preorders recieved
Thomas Lorenz writes:
There are still many preorders missing. Here the latest news from the Fusion mailinglist:
From: Jim Drew
Subject: [FUSION]: PPC upgrade status
This is an official announcement from Microcode Solutions...
As many of you know, Microcode Solutions has been trying to establish a base market for its new emulations. We presented the public with a test marketting idea of pre-paying for a PowerPC emulation. We reached our base goal of 500 units (actually we reached nearly 700), and then we announced that we were now accepting the pre-payments. To date we have only 380 pre-payments (none of which have been processed), meaning that we are still short 120 units before we can commit to producing this product. It has been several months since we have been collecting actual pre-payments. We are spending an incredible amount of time and resources on this project (which is 1/1000th the revenue of our PC market), and we hope that we are not wasting our time by doing so. We ask that if you have not placed your order yet, please do so now. If we do not reach the 500 unit goal, we will not release the product, no matter how much we have completed so far... we will use some of the work for our PC version. x (ps) (Translation: unk)

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