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Stuart Walker by eMail

Wipeout 2097 can now be pre-ordered
Wipeout 2097 can now be pre-ordered from Blittersoft:

From:           Stuart Walker
Date:           Mon, 06 Sep 1999 19:01:26 +0000
Subject:        [digital-images-news] Wipeout 2097 Pre-Ordering


Wipeout 2097 can now be pre-ordered from for


Highly detailed 3d graphics
8 tracks with up to 15 ships racing concurrently
3 racing modes (time trial/arcade/challenge)
4 racing classes
5 ship models with different characteristics
8 weapons/extras
9 CD audio tracks + 16 bit sound fx
MPEG animations (no external player required)
Keyboard/Mouse/Joypad control (fully configurable)

AMIGA-specific features:

Runs in a window on the workbench (incl. resizing)
Supports triple buffering for max. performance
Increased maximal view distance during the race
Fogging effect
Mipmapping/trilinear filtering (if supported by hardware)
Gamma correction
Optional frame rate limitation


PowerPC 603e CPU (recommended: 604e CPU)
3D gfx card (minimal: CV3D, recommended: CVPPC/BVPPC or newer)
recommended: sound card
minimal 1 MB free HD space (recommended: 70 MB)
24 MB RAM (recommended: 32 MB RAM)
CD-ROM drive
OS 3.0 (recommended: OS 3.1)
CyberGraphX/Picasso96 software
WarpUp V4 software (included)
Warp3D V2 software (included)
recommended: AHI software

Kind Regards,

Stuart Walker
Digital Images

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